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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 17, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Version (both on the US-DVD from Sony Pictures)

- R-Rated: 107:47 min. without ending credits (111:55 min. with ending credits) in NTSC
- Unrated: 113:13 min without ending credits (117:21 min with ending credits) in NTSC

- 11 changed scenes
- Difference: 325,9 sec (5:26 min)

The film

Dale (Seth Rogen) has just been provided with a new brand of weed called "Pineapple Express" by his Dealer Saul (James Franco), and chaos ensues almost instantly: After witnessing a murder he accidentally leaves the remains of a joint at the crime scene. The assassin is a drug lord and recognizes the weed. From Sauls pal Red (Danny R. McBride) does he find out that Saul was the only dealer in town who has been provided with the weed.
So now the duo has to escape from said drug lord and his henchmen and also manages to start an actual gang war.

Another movie from Judd Apatows workshop - Seth Rogen and James Franco together in front of the camera for the first time since the cult serial, and they sure seem to enjoy themselves.
Those who enjoyed Superbad or Knocked Up should be having a good time here as well. One should, however, be somewhat interested in the "stoner comedies" genre. But also the action fans get their share in the second half of the movie.

The Unrated Version as one would expect it to be. This is an R-Rated comedy, so the censored parts are not all that spectacular. To be frank, there is not one change that seems to be worth censoring, only new dialogues and story parts have been added. There are some violent sequences at the end, but those are in the R-Rated as well.

Whether or not the new scenes make this a better movie, everyone has to decide on his own.

Time index in the following order:
R-Rated in NTSC speed (Unrated in NTSC speed)
20:17 (20:17-20:35)

Saul tries longer to plan some activities with a not really interested Dale.

Dale: "I think I should probably just get going..."
Saul: "Oh, that sucks.
Dale: "Yeah."
Saul: "That's cool, man. What are you doing this weekend? Because, you know, my bubbe's got season tickets to the opera...and she can't make it, so...wanna go see Phantom?"
Dale: "Of the Opera?"
Saul: "Yeah."
Dale: "I can't this weekend, but you know what? Here..."

(Then he says, just like in the R-Rated, that he will return for more weed in a few days.)

17,8 sec

Alternative footage
27:33-27:36 (27:51-28:07)

More dialogue between Saul and Dale after Saul has said that Ted is "crazy about murdering".

Dale: "Jesus, man. Well, how much money do you have?"
Saul: "I have like the 75 that you gave me."
Dale: "That's it?"
Saul: "Well, how much do you have?"
Dale: "Three bucks."
Saul: "What the fuck are you getting on my case for? I have more than you."
Dale: "Well, that's my 75 technically. So I have $78 and you have nothing."
Saul: "I don't know..."

Alternative shot of Dale in the R-Rated: "Well, that's not good. Where are we gonna go?"
Then to the shot of Saul that occurred earlier in the Unrated (see last picture there).

Unrated 12,8 sec longer

30:56 (31:27-32:23)

More discussion between Red and his tormentors after Saul has hung up.

Matheson: "Where is he?"
Red: "I don't know."
Budlofsky: "Why'd he mention a casino?"
Red: "I don't know. You make me call my good friend, send him into a booby trap. And lie to him..."
Matheson: "Is Saul Asian?"
Red: "...making me a shitty person."
Matheson: "Is he Asian?"
Red. "He's not Asian."
Budlofsky: "You're lying."
Red: "I'm not lying. I'm not lying."
Budlofsky: "You're lying."
Matheson: "Did you hear slot machines?"
Red: "Man, I don't know where he is."
Budlofsky: "You tell me where he is. Tell me. In 45 minutes, I gotta go have dinner with my wife. I got a reservation."
Matheson: "Forty-five minutes? That's a dinner reservation you gonna miss, motherfucker."
Budlofsky: "That's a reservation I'll make."
Matheson: "I don't think so."
Budlofsky: "Because if he doesn't start to... Look, can you do this one solo?"
Matheson: "No, I can't do this solo. Are you crazy?"
Budlofsky: "What are you talking about? What?"
Matheson: "What, you trying to abandon me? This is teamwork. This is a partnership. We are in this together."
Budlofsky: "You want me to stay?"
Matheson: "Yes."
Budlofsky: "Fine, I'll stay."
Matheson: "Thank you."
Budlofsky: "You happy now?"
Matheson: "Yes."
Red: "There's no way that we could pause for a guys go home and then tomorrow we could just like, continue?"
They all sit there for one moment.

56,2 sec

Alternative footage
42:45-42:47 (44:12-44:50)

More dialogue between Dale and Red while Red starts to phone.

Red: "Sit on my couch, my chillastic couch, and chill out."
Dale: "I'm chilling right here."
Red: "Don't listen to what I'm saying. This is private. This is my wife."
Dale: "I'm listening."
Red: "I'm not trying to be enemies."
Dale: "I don't wanna be. I wanna be friends."
Red: "Well, then good."
Dale: "I wanna be best friends."
Red: "Come here. Shake my fucking hand."
Dale: "Shake my hand. Okay."
Red: "See, we can be friends."
Dale: "I'm feeling it."
Red: "You feel that? We can be best friends."
Dale: "I'm looking through you, man."
Red: "I'm looking through you too and I see I need to paint the spot on the wall behind you. Transparent. I see your intentions."
Dale: "I see your intestines and intentions."
Red: "What'd I have for dinner last night?"
Dale: "Cake."
Red: "I'll be right back. Make this phone call."

The R-Rated contains a short alternative shot of Dale with the phone.

Unrated 36,4 sec longer

54:10 (56:13-56:26)

Budlofsky and Matheson in the car.

Matheson: "I just want you to know, I always got your back. And I'm glad we're partners."
Budlofsky pokes and fumbles in his mouth, obviously annoyed by the previous discussion in Reds house.

13,3 sec

Alternative footage
55:15-55:16 (57:31-57:48)

More dialogue before Matheson and Budlofsky go into the house.

Budlofsky: "Where's your gun?"
Matheson: "I don't need it. Kill motherfuckers with my hands."
Budlofsky, after rolling his eyes: "Get out your goddamn gun. You're making me uncomfortable."
He walks to the door.

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.

Unrated 15,3 sec longer

Alternative footage
55:45 (58:17-58:29)

Budlofsky and Matheson in the kitchen.

Budlofsky finds the fork that Angie had rammed into Sauls shoulder, saying: "I found a bloody fork. It's fucking freaky, man. They could still be here. Did you check the rest of the house?"
Matheson: "I'm about to check that bathroom, I know that much."
(Just before that he has grabbed right into the food.)

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.

Unrated 12,3 sec longer

Alternative footage
56:25-56:26 (59:09-59:55)

Inside the house we see Ted introducing various weed creations.

Ted: "Okay, you call this Mocha Milkshake. This one here, English Breeze. Charge $40 for these."
Employee: "Forty?"
Ted: "Yeah. This one, Da Vinci's Brush. Call this one Bumble Bush. And this here: Spanish Trampoline."
Employee: "Crazy with them names, ain't you, T? What the fuck is...? What is it, Spanish...?
Ted: "Spanish Trampoline. Used to call it Spanish Mudflaps but Troy likes to trampoline so Spanish Trampoline. Almost the same number of syllables."
Employee: "How much?"
Ted: "Forty-five for these last three."
Employee: "All right."
Ted: "And leave me the best stash!"
Employee: "All right. It's Pineapple Express. Get your ass up."
Ted: "Yup, of course."
The guy grabs a few portions of weed and leaves.
Ted sits right next to carol.
Her first line we hear over a closeup of Ted.

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.

Unrated 44,7 sec longer

Alternative footage
57:34-57:39 (61:03-61:39)

An absurd incident occurs as Ted declares war on Cheung.

We see Teds son on the other phone: "What?
Cheung: "Hello?"
Ted: "Troy?"
Troy: "Dad! Get off the phone. I told you I'm gonna call some hot bitches later and this is the time."
Ted: "I got you your own line so you would stay off mine. Get off the phone."
Troy, while we see the smiling Asian: "Don't talk to me like that. I'm not a little kid, I'm a man! And from this point forward, I'm not taking any of your fucking shit. I love you, Dad, but the dynamic in our relationship is about to change."
Ted, yelling the second part of the sentence: "Troy, do me a favor and get off the fucking phone!"
Troy hangs up: "Shit."
Cheung: "So you have a son. Sounds like a very nice boy."

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.
Then an alternative shot of Cheung, saying "Bring it on!" and getting yelled at by Ted.

Unrated 31,8 sec longer

66:35 (70:35-71:27)

As Dale frees himself from the police car we are treated to another new scene.
Angies parents are talking to her about what a poor choice she made when choosing Dale as a boyfriend.


First we see a TV in the room and the parents are talking to a visibly annoyed Angie.
Father: "I haven't used a gun since Nam."
Mother: "Angie, you have exhibited poor decision-making skills.
Angie: "Oh, this is my fault."
Mother: "And we have hosted violence in our home because of it."
Angie: ""Hosted violence"?"
Father: "He's a bad guy."
Mother: "You don't see that you have stooped way, way below...of what you are worthy of."
Father: "You lowered your expectations of men years ago...but this guy is so far beneath you. You deserve much better."
Mother: "Open your heart to someone who deserves you. Or don't have a boyfriend at all for a while."
Father: "We're stuck in this room."
Angie: "I love him."
Father: "It's not your decision.
Mother: "Love him? You don't know what love is."
Angie: "I'm gonna date him."
Father: "We're going to the police."
Mother: "That's what I said."
Father: "I know."
Angie: "He said not to go to the police. You should listen. He's a lawyer."
Father: "You come with us. He can't possibly work in law."
Angie: "I'm not going anywhere."
Father: "We're leaving. You stay in the room."
Angie: "Fine, go. Fine, go."
Mother: "And we don't need the shampoos. Why did...?"
They leave the room.

52 sec

Alternative footage
106:09-106:10 (111:01-111:36)

The subject of murder is discussed only in the Unrated.

Saul: "I just feel different about everything."
Dale: "Me too, man. Everything."
Saul: "Like, I never wanna kill anybody else again."
Dale: "Ever."
Red: "That's something you pretty can just kind of dip your toes into. We kind of dipped our toes into murder."
Dale: "I killed six guys, I think. How many guys did you...?" We each shot like, several people."
Saul: "A lot. Some people get a taste for it but I don't."
Red: "I shot someone who was already dead so that doesn't count as a murder."
Dale: "But apparently you hit him with your car, I'm told. That... You killed him."
Red: "Okay, so I did murder somebody."
Saul: "You murdered, man."
Red: "Not a big deal. That's cool."
Dale: "That's cool. Whatever. Kill or be killed."

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.

Unrated 33,3 sec longer