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1.12 (Please Let Me Love You And) It Won't Be Wrong


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Sep 17, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 57 differences, including 2 scenes with altered audio & 6 scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 182.5 sec (= 3:02 min)

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 12 ("(Please Let Me Love You And) It Won't Be Wrong") is roughly 3 minutes longer. Mostly, there are the usual trims to enhance the episode's flow. There is a minor interest regardin the character development, yet, for the most part the missing sequences are irrelevant. During the flick about the hippy community, there are (as expected) more sequences that include nudity.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
At the beginning, the TV Version includes a recap that we will not talk about any further. This addition explains the additional difference in time.

01:35 / 00:41-00:45

Two additional shots of the ongoings in the hippie commune.

3.3 sec

Alternative Scene / Zoom
02:07-02:13 / 01:17-01:23

When Hillman talks to Charles about the commune, the TV Version cuts to a closer shot and is zoomed during the following shot – both had been done to cover up naked breasts.

No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

Alternative Scene
02:16-02:18 / 01:26-01:28

Again, there is more harmless alternative footage.

No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

Alternative Scene
02:21-02:24 / 01:31-01:34


No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

02:39-02:41 / 01:49-01:51

The „problematic“ image is in the background and fuzzy – still it seems to have been worth a different image section...

No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

03:16 / 02:26-02:31

The tracking shot of the city is slightly longer and Charmain enters the office slightly earlier.

4.8 sec

04:23 / 03:38-03:48

The girl talks a little longer: "But last year, my mom made us leave and move here to Tujunga. And she got really uptight, too, so we fought, like, all the time."

10.4 sec

Alternative Scene
05:43-05:45 / 05:08-05:10

On the Blu-ray, Sadie takes up her hands during the same shot. During the TV Version, we see the following shot of Charles a little longer.

No difference in time

08:46 / 08:11-08:14

Sam enters the room a little longer.

2.3 sec

09:29 / 08:56-08:57

Then he enters his apartment.

1.2 sec

12:14 / 11:42-11:48

A longer dialog, that can also be heard during the following shot of Brian which is included in both versions.

(Sam: "And you're not a detective. Remember?)"
Brian: "Wrong side of the bed?"
Sam: "Try no bed, try two hours of sleep on a couch I bought because I hate myself."
(Brian: "Okay, well...")

5.3 sec

13:03 / 12:37-12:41

An additional shot of the commune; the following scene is shown a little earlier.

3.6 sec

13:08 / 12:46-12:47

Hillman is shown slightly earlier.

1 sec

13:12 / 12:51-12:56

Sadie repeats herself while smiling: "I really did. I wanted to be a nun."

5.3 sec

13:18 / 13:02-13:24

Again, she talks a little longer.
Sadie: "So I dropped out of Spring Hill, the Catholic college, and I went and moved in with Charlene."
Hillman: "Charlene's your sister, you said?"
Sadie: "Half-sister. But she didn't want me there, but she let me stay anyway. That's what the whole world was like for me then, like it was just letting me stay. (I wanted to make someone happy.)"

22 sec

14:33 / 14:39-14:44

Two more scenes of the hippies.

5 sec

14:41 / 14:52-15:05

Roy adds: "Being around those guys as a kid, bikers, they were it. I knew what I wanted my whole life. Ride free, man. If Jesse James were alive today, that's what he'd be doing."

13 sec

15:34 / 15:58-16:03

After Sadie changed the topic, we can see Hillman at first, before she pulls him to the side.

5.1 sec

15:37 / 16:05-16:07

The first shot in the police office is shown slightly longer.

2.5 sec

15:47 / 16:17-16:20

The barkeeper puts the pen on the paper in an additional shot before Brian comes in.

3.4 sec

16:10 / 16:43-16:45

The barkeeper explains things a little more explicit: "Well, I don't remember anybody getting their teeth kicked in or (arrested)"

1.6 sec

16:27-16:29 / 17:02

It is unfamiliar to have it the other way around: A shot is shown slightly longer in the TV Version: Brian's sentence thus was postponed on the audio.

+ 1.5 sec

16:40 / 17:13-17:14

Back to the norm: The Blu-ray is sligthly longer.

1.3 sec

16:48 / 17:22-17:24


1.2 sec

21:21 / 21:57-21:58

Charles is shown slightly longer.

0.9 sec

21:23 / 22:00-22:03

Charles (off-screen): "Submit to the love, my man, and be here now."

3.4 sec

23:30 / 24:10-24:13

Ed hangs the phone up.

2.4 sec

23:36 / 24:19

A few additional frames.

0.7 sec

23:42 / 24:25-24:26


1 sec

23:46 / 24:30-24:32

Ditto when ed gets closer to his superior's office.

2.2 sec

24:02 / 24:48-24:54

Ed comments on his souvenir: "Some crazy old vintage. I don't know. We got a case of this stuff on a trip a few years back."

5.8 sec

24:08 / 25:00-25:06

Ed: "It's early, but this stuff's too good for your coffee."

5.5 sec

24:33 / 25:31-25:32

Captain Dunne enters the room a little longer.

1.2 sec

24:40 / 25:39-25:44

Captain Dunne: "It's the morning, Lieutenant."

5.1 sec

26:16 / 27:20-27:21

Walt is shown slightly earlier.

0.9 sec

Censored Audio
26:25 / 27:30

On Blu-ray Sam shouts "Jesus!", on TV it's "Damn it!"

26:39 / 27:44-27:48

Walt: "(I can't wait...) for just someone to come around. (All I've done is wait.)"

4.6 sec

26:48 / 27:57-27:58

Walt is shown slightly longer.

0.8 sec

26:52 / 28:03-28:05

Opal: "(Listen to yourself, okay?) You're just tired. (We know that you have been waiting.)"

2.8 sec

27:20 / 28:33-28:40

Sam enters his office and sits down.

6.7 sec

27:30 / 28:50-28:52

Sam is shown a little longer before we see the file on the table.

2 sec

27:44 / 29:06-29:11

Sam goes to the door a little earlier.

4.5 sec

29:18 / 30:44-30:52

Sam: "Well, should we sit?"
Ken: "Not sure yet."
Sam: "Yeah, maybe not."

8.1 sec

29:22 / 30:56-30:58

The medium long shot starts slightly earlier.

2.4 sec

Alternative Scene
29:45-29:47 / 31:21-31:23

Alternative shot of grace due to censored audio. Only on Blu-ray she says "Jesus!"

No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

29:59 / 31:35-31:38

During a longer shot of Grace, Ken says: "Sorry about that. But (come on, Sam.)"

2.4 sec

Alternative Scene
30:02-30:05 / 31:41-31:44

Again, an alternative take due to more harsh language: On Blu-ray Ken says " fucked my wife", while on TV it's "'ve slept with my wife".

No difference in time

TV VersionBlu-ray

30:09 / 31:48-31:50

Sam: "Don't worry, I'm not relying on your goodwill."

2.4 sec

30:31 / 32:12-32:15

On the Blu-ray, Sam says "It's a house on the riverside" onscreen in a medium long shot. On TV, the sentence can be heard during the previous sequence.

3 sec

30:47 / 32:31-32:32

Grace is shown slightly longer.

1.2 sec

31:43 / 33:28-33:30

The shot begins a little earlier before Sam reaches out his hand.

1.7 sec

31:50 / 33:37-33:43

Sam is shown longer; he gets his lighter out.

5.4 sec

32:11 / 34:04-34:10

Roy: "(I like to find out, you know?) And there are times I can. Like now is one of those times."

6.3 sec

32:53 / 34:52-34:56

It takes a little longer until Charles arrives at Sadie.

4.7 sec

36:54 / 38:56-38:57

Brian's notepad is shown slightly longer.

1 sec

Censored Audio
38:12 / 40:15

During Ken's flashback, the word "Fuck" was muted.

38:22 / 40:25-40:28

Ken is shown slightly longer.

2.4 sec