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Phantasmagoria 2

original title: Phantasmagoria 2 - A Puzzle of Flesh


Censored version
Rating: BBFC 18
Region: UK

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK 18
Region: Germany

Release: Oct 11, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Gladion
The second installment of the Phantasmagoria-series didn't escape unscathed in Great Britain. Two parts were cut and censored. Compared version at hand was the German one, which is not entirely uncut plot-wise, but which contains all the violent scenes.

Also, the British version shows alternative footage in a few scenes.

Warning, this report contains huge SPOILERS! If you haven't played the game, but intend to do so in the future, you may not want to read on from here.
For your information: Before starting the uncensored version of the game, "Phantasmagoria 2" offers the option to play a version with less violence and sex. In the UK version the follwing two scenes are based on this censored version but have been cut in two scenes additionaly. This comparison only shows this two extra cuts.

Bob's Death

During Bob's murder - which is shown in little bits and pieces as a flashback as Curtis walks through the crime scene - practically all the graphic violence is missing: Both the bloody punch and how Bob's hand is being drilled. Compared to the completely uncut version, the scenes during which Bob's mouth is stapled shut and his belly cut open are missing, too. Neither does the British version feature how the murderer puts the bloody stapler away and how he grabs the knife. As said, everything is missing here.

The other shots (Curtis taking looking around at the crime scene, the reporters taking photos etc.) are partly a few frames longer in the British version in return. Partially, the scenes of Bob's murder can be heard from off-screen.

Therese' Death

First of all, this scene is also based on the already cut "Less Intense"-version. Additionally, the scene fades out after Therese' tied-up hands are shown. The following is missing: The shot of her legs fidgeting. Subsequently, the murderer strikes and you see blood squirting onto the floor as the image fades out already.
In the completely uncensored version, this is much more brutal, of course. With a little ball in her mouth, Therese is being thrown against the wall (and tied up). After the strike with the axe, Therese twitches and is then electrocuted by the murderer with a torn-off cable put into her own blood. Therese twitches a little more and then loses the ball, which drops into the blood.

This scene is also very brutal in the British version: After the fade-out, there are still the sounds of the murderer striking with the axe and the blood squirting onto the floor, which serves as a nice shock, as you would at first assume the scene was over.

All in all hardly sensible censorings, as many at least as brutal scenes have been left in. Among others the "eye in the mouth"-scene and Bob's head being smashed with a sledgehammer.