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Wolfman Never Sleeps, The

original title: Furia del Hombre Lobo, La


  • Spanish Version
  • International Version
Release: Oct 06, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Spanish and the international version.

"La Furia del Hombre Lobo!" is the fourth of (by now) 12 movies starring Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky who suffers from the curse of the werewolf. This time, he returns from an expedition to the Himalaya - he was hurt by a yeti and is tainted with a pentagram and therefore also with the curse of the werewolf. When he finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he can't hold the curse back anymore and kills her along with her lover; shortly afterwards, he dies from an electric shock. Ilona, a professor who experiments with the human mind, brings him back to life in her castle. Waldemar is able to escape and tries to lift the curse with Karen, one of Ilona's assistants.
What's noticeable is the fact that "La Furia del Hombre Lobo" seems to directly tie on the 8th part of the series, "La Maldición de la bestia" (The Werewolf and the Yeti), which was shot later on. Since the movie was too short, two scenes were borrowed from "La Marca del Hombre-lobo". One of them shows Waldemar roaming through the catacombs; the other one shows the assassination of the peasant and his daughter. Furthermore, several scenes where shot with a double without Naschy's involvement. These scenes show slightly longer shots of the werewolf wandering through the streets; due to the fact that the double doesn't walk around in the typical "werewolf-style", the scenes seem to be a little misplaced. Apart from that, the movie is quite entertaining. The werewolf-topic this time is combined with a "mad scientist"-plot, offering some interesting curiosities, ranging from curious patients (that rather look like a hippie commune) to (subliminal) erotic.

Just as usual for many Spanish productions, there exist two different versions. One was made for the Spanish market (without any nudity) and one for the international market (with nudity).

The Spanish version was released by Alpha Video - unfortunately in a Pan&Scan format and with distorted colors. It should be mentioned, that the image was not only zoomed to 1.33:1 - in various dialogues, the corresponding part of the image was cut: what (in the widescreen version) normally is one take, in the Alpha Video becomes two seperate takes. The interesting part of the image thereby was cut away. Rarely, the image was also panned. The same DVD later on was re-released by Front Row Entertainment. The source of the international version for this report is a Swedish VHS-Tape. It has a widescreen format, but the image quality is worse that the Alpha Video version. Additionally, the tape has Swedish subtitles.

Scenes that are marked red are included in the Spanish version but not in the international version.
Scenes that are marked green are included in the international version but not in the Spanish version.
Scenes that are marked blue are alternative footage.

Spanish version: 83:04 min. (PAL)
International version: 83:29 min. (NTSC)

Comparison of the Images:

Spanish version (1.33:1 Pan & Scan):

International version (~1.82:1)


The camera pans over the landscape and then zooms to the car (underlaid with the following text read by a voice-over artist):

"When the heliotrope starts growing among rough rocks and the full moon shines at night in a certain area in the earth, a man turns into a wolf."

13 sec.


The opening credits are considerably longer. In between there are additional shots of the car and several images.

1:35 min.


After you see Waldemar standing at the window during the storm, the movie cuts to the sun in the sky.

4 sec.


After you see Waldemar's bite wound, the movie fades to a river.

5 sec.


Alternative scene: Karen stands up and walks to the grid. In the international version, her nightdress slipped away so you can see one of her breasts.

Spanish version: 10 sec.
International version : 9 sec.


After Ilona flayed Waldemar, she goes to him and unchains him. They kiss and Waldemar pulls her dress down. Cut. Waldemar comes across Ilona's "patients", grabs one of the girls and strokes her legs.

The Spanish version continues when Waldemar jumps out of the window.

1:12 min.


Alternative scene: Waldemar watches a girl changing clothes. In the Spanish version you only see her back, in the international version you can see her from the side.

Spanish version: 2 sec.
International version: 6 sec.


The same again: In the Spanish version, the girl is dressed, in the international version she isn't.

Spanish version: 4 sec.
International version: 4 sec.


The girl lies down on the bed and is attacked by Waldemar. In the Spanish version she's dressed with a nightdress, in the international version she's completely naked.

Spanish version: 10 sec.
International version: 11 sec.


Waldemar diverges from the bed. In the Spanish version, the girl wears a nightdress, in the international version she's completely naked.

Spanish version: 7 sec.
International version: 8 sec.


The policeman finds the girl. Again, in the Spanish version she wears a nightdress while in the international version she's completely naked. In both version he gives her something to drink. Before he does so, he in the international version covers her with the sheet; then, she passes out.

Spanish version: 15 sec.
International version: 13 sec.


Waldemar and Karen lie in the bed (both completely naked) and kiss.

Waldemar: "Karen, soon the moon will be fallen and within my agony. Only the silver bullets, but, we don't have any."
Karen: "I know. Why don't we look in Ilona's room? Who (?) can be loaded with silver bullets."
Waldemar: "We'll look for it."

They kiss again.

39 sec.