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Season 11 UK-Box / Region 2 / PAL (equals the upcoming Vol. 10 in the US)

Enter the Fat Dragon

The Last House On The Left

Nazi Undead

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Family Guy

9.14 Tiegs for Two


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Dec 26, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version.

- 8 alterations, including one instance of audio censorship, three with alternative footage and one blur effect
- Difference in running time: 45,7 sec

Looks like FOX wants to fly high with the Family Guy releases in the UK. While the recently released US box "Vol. 9" at least contains the last episodes of S8 plus the first ones of S9 (available as S10 in the UK since May 2011! / the comparisons are already online), S11 (aka Vol. 10 in the US) is available since November 2011 in the UK. This DVD box contains the remaining episodes of S9. Unfortunately, this DVD release doesn't contain any audio commentaries like the previous releases did. It might be, but that's just an assumption of mine, that the commentaries haven't been recorded so far because the release of the US counterpart "Vol. 10" isn't yet in sight. The episodes themselves are completely uncensored, as usual.

The eleventh episode on the box, 9x14 ("Tiegs for Two"), features a few new scenes which have that special censoring smell. For example, Peter is somewhat racist towards the Asian dry cleaner and Brian's "big" one-night-stand also comments on sex. Both scenes are not that bad, though. Worth mentioning is the application of a blur effect, when Brian uses his middle finger for an obscene gesture.
Alternative Footage

The scene in the house, in which Lois tells Peter to say sorry to Mr. Washee-Washee, features slightly different animations at the beginning and the ends completely different.
Only in the TV Version, Peter talks to him on the phone, that is why the phone is then in the background. On DVD, he only tells Lois a racist joke.

Lois' part in bold is missing in the TV Version: "I am not finding another dry cleaner. He knows the way I like my clothes and he is very skilled. Now we are going to invite him over for dinner..."
The scene then ends differently:

TV Version

Peter says "All right, fine", takes the phone and says: "Hi, Mr. Washee-Washee, it's Peter Griffin. Um, my wife wants to invite you over for dinner."
Mr. Washee-Washee: "What you having?"
Peter: "Number 32?"
Mr. Washee-Washee: "Ooh!"

DVD Version

Peter agrees: "All right, but I don't want him scooping out our house looking for other things to steal. So when he gets here, I'm gonna blindfold him with this dental floss."
He fetches some dental floss, which obviously suffices to blindfold an Asian person. He laughs towards the audience and hums "Racial slur."

DVD Version 1,3 sec

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

Peter goes on: "Take one step closer, and I'll kill the shirt myself!"
Mr. Washee-Washee: "You bluff."
Peter flexes, causing the shirt to stretch more.
Mr. Washee-Washee surrenders: "No, don't hurt shirt!"

Due to continuity reasons, the following body animations are slightly different (no pictures).

DVD Version 7,1 sec longer

Audio Censoring

Stewie says: "Oh, what the fuck!"

picture for orientation


Bettina is in the same Bar and approaches Brian, after Denise has left.

Bettina: "Hey! Oh, my God! Two nights in a row!"
Brian: "Oh, hi, Bettina."
Bettina: "Thanks for the sex last night. But just so you know, you didn't really get in."

8,4 sec

Alternative Footage

In both versions, Quagmire says "All right, let's see what you guys have done to make yourselves look like douchebags.", but the TV Version shows it from further away.

The DVD Version then also contains a Mayor West appearance:

Quagmire: "Mayor West, come up here."
Adam West approaches with bald head, topless and a lot of tattoos.
Quagmire: "All right, good. Looks good. All right, I'm a hot chick in a club. What do you say to me?"
Adam West: "You're not attractive, but I'll do you as a favor."
He laughs: "Lucky for you!"

DVD Version 12,1 sec longer


When Brian comes in, Quagmire says "Hey, Paw, you're late..."

The following frames differ only marginally.

DVD Version 1,7 sec longer


Brian's middle finger can only be seen on the DVD Version, as it was blurred on TV.

TV VersionDVD Version


Cheryl Tiegs says: "Brian, you've been using me."
Quagmire: "You're right, Cheryl, he's just a user."
Cheryl: "And you, Glenn, I was always waiting for you to grow up, but you are still that unicycle street performer with a dream in his eye and a parrot on his shoulder."
Quagmire: "The parrot's still alive, you know? Those fucking things live forever."

14,9 sec