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Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version, provided by the German DVD from Universum , and the Unrated version, represented by the US-DVD from 20th Century Fox.

The movie:

"Turistas" basically yells for comparison to Eli Roth's much discussed and disputed "Hostel". Interestingly Roth was originally set to direct but declined due to his work on "Hostel". John Stockwell, who proved his understanding of filming half-naked pretty women on beaches with "Into The Blue" and "Blue Crush", took over Roth's part.
Again we can observe a group of typical American backpackers on vacation far away from home (this time in warm Brazil in contrast to "Hostel") which they want to spend primarily with sex and alcohol. This distinguishes the first half of the film. However there's no triffling with the locals and soon the protagonists find themselves on the run, hunted by some murderous psychopaths. As opposed to torture for cash ("Hostel") the villians' motivation this time is organ trade. So much for parallels in content. The execution of "Turistas" can score with credible character development, a coherent suspense set-up and very beautiful nature shots. Unfortunately the concept wouldn't work out again and the movie flopped at American box office.

The Unrated version:

Contrary to popular rip-off methods which suggest the consumer the need to buy several DVD's to "see it all" the US-DVD fortunately comes as a flipper with the R-Rated version on one side and the unrated version on the other. Nowadays especially bloody movies come with an additional unrated release, this should be known. And just as commonly it occurs that the unrated version contains only little more explicit material but focuses on unspectacular story extensions or some harmless scenes with sexual background. The first half of "Turistas" gives that impression as well because almost all of the new included scenes are either pretty irrelevant or add some erotic and sexual dialogue to the movie without making it any more explicit than the R-Rated release.
But after that it kicks off because similar to the eye scene in "Hostel" the viewer will most certainly remember one sequence with increased gore factor: the exentaration scene in which one of the women gets her internal organs removed, lasting several minutes. Here, the unrated version offers several alternate and more explicit shots which will excite the gore lovers. Aside from that sequence it is important to point out that "Turistas" ranges below the late mainstream violence level (which has been raised thanks to "Saw III, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" etc.). But as mentioned before the movie has other strenghts as well.

Time details refer to the German DVD (R-Rated version in PAL), cut lenghts are accordningly in PAL as well. - Unrated DVD: 95:49min with end credits (91:17min without end credits) in NTSC

- R-Rated DVD: 89:48min with end credits (85:27 without end credits) in PAL

- 21 cuts, 12 shots with alternate material
- added cut time: 136,2 sec (=2:16 min) in PAL [+7sec additional logos at the beginning of the German DVD]

Since I didn't have the DVD at hand quotes from the German R-Rated version are translated back into English and may differ from the original dialogue. - the translator

German DVD shows an additional logo of SquareOne.
+7,1 sec

Liam says "Guess we're bonded for life now, eh? Near-death experience" followed by another shot of Bea and Amy where Liam says "Great story to tell the grandkids." off screen.
5,8 sec

Alternate material;
Unrated: Alex tells the driver another job alternative; "Pick bananas or something", the next shot starts minimal earlier (Pru looks up at him).
R-Rated: Alex turns his head to the side, looks at Pru and mumbles "Hi!" in a low voice.
Unrated is 1,2 sec longer


After Pru confirms Finn's speculation regarding their whereabouts with "It's on my maps" she now continues with "Which means we've been headed north the whole time" off screen. The shot of both of them also starts a little earlier and Finn says: "Idiots, the pair of us."
3,2 sec

The both of them give a more detailed description of the kind of women they have been expecting at their original destination, Floripa.
First Liam finishes "[...] where even the ugly girls look like Giselle." on screen (same shot in R- and Unrated), then Finn states off screen in an alternate shot of Alex and Pru "And they're all smart, fun, alcoholic nymphomaniacs...". Then there's a cut back to him saying "with a soft spot for charming if slightly grubby foreign tourists?"
5,7 sec

There's a longer shot of Pru changing cleverly, the others cheer and applaude ("Oh, that was good!") to that.
Furthermore the following shot of Pru was replaced by a different shot which is almost unnoticeable for the average eye.
3,9 sec

The R-Rated has a slightly longer shot of Alex with the two girls and Liam's line is already spoken off screen. In exchange the beginning of the following shot of Liam and Finn is missing. Here Finn gets another beer by the Brazilian girl and pats her butt (almost unnoticeable).
4 sec

After Finn got up an unspectacular shot of Alex tauntingly asking "Hey, where are you going?" is missing.
1,7 sec

Here's a whole scene missing: Finn makes out with Arolea. She takes off his shirt and gets rid of her bikini followed by the towel around her waist. After Finn puts her up to more she loses the panties. Finn says "God bless Brazil" and after a voracious "Come on" the R-Rated sets back in with Alex and Pru dancing.
47,4 sec

This shot sets in a bit earlier so there's half a second more footage of poking the eye out.
0,5 sec

The end of that shot was shortened as well in the R-Rated version (0,8sec). The following shot starts minimal earlier (0,3sec).
0,5 sec

Again slightly shortened, this time it's a bird's eye view.
0,5 sec

The R-Rated has a three second shot of the three of them, Alex starts to dive down. The Unrated shows only the last second of that followed by some nice underwater shots. In between there's an intercut to Kiko and Bea.
Unrated is 7,8 sec longer


The diving is longer and a transition effect is used while the R-Rated sets in a few frames later without transition.
2,2 sec

1,7 sec

After some harmless shots of the operation there's an additional scene in the Unrated: one of the doctor's henchmen sneaks up on a wild hog with his crossbow. As he aims for it the Indian henchman behind him shoots first with a rifle. The hog runs away, the henchman with the crossbow appals und bitches at the Indian in his national language.
35,5 sec

Alternate material: The unrated shows a clearly more explicit shot from above, the R-Rated shows the intrusion practically from the perspective of the doc's belly.
no time difference


Alternate material: the R-Rated shows the doc sowing, in the unrated he's about to cut.
no time difference


Alternate material: The R-Rated shows only two shots here, a long shot of the doc and his assistant and another from "belly view" how he reaches into the opened stomach.
The unrated has a close-up of the cutting, intercuts to Amy's face, the doc, then returns to the cutting from another angle and concludes in a slightly more bloody shot from "belly view".
no time difference


Alternate material: R-Rated shows the doc, unrated comes with a bloody close-up.
no time difference


Alternate material: Here the R-Rated remains in "belly view" while the unrated cuts to a bloody close-up. Furthermore in the R-Rated the following shot stes in a few meaningless frames earlier.
no time difference


The unrated extends the end of the shot a little.
1 sec

Alternate material: R-Rated only shows the hands, then the camera pans up to the assistant's face followed by a cut to the doc's face. The unrated shows the opened stomach and the camera pans up to the doc's face right away..
Unrated is 2,1 sec longer


Alternate material: Again R-Rated shows "belly view" while unrated comes with a closer shot.
Unrated is 0,9 sec longer


In the unrated this shot begins minimal earlier.
0,6 sec

Two more stabs are indicated (with some imagination a knife is visible) Since this scene takes place in the dark one pretty much sees nothing. The reason for this cut must have been the audio track with two additional stabbing sounds.
2,4 sec

Alternate material: unrated is closer in both shots.
Furthermore the kiss whimpering Finn receives from the assistant is missing. R-Rated sets back in when the assistant applies the syringe.
9,9 sec


Senseless: the unrated misses two shots of the guy with the crossbow (two seconds later there's an almost identical shot in the R-Rated).
+2,3 sec