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  • US DVD
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 24, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US DVD released by Raro Video and the uncut 8mm version (extended version).

Silvia is able to flee from being raped in a secluded forest and photographer Claudio houses her. Soon it becomes clear that Claudio has a sadomasochistic releationship with his model Daniela. This results in more and more extreme scenes. Sivlia falls in love with Claudio who keeps her prisoner in a room. Leda - another model - seems to run away from her past and starts a relationship with a mysterious black man.

Just as you might guess from the summary, Alberto Cavallone's movie is a rather cryptic one. It is not easy to get into the plot, especially since it is full of symbolism as well as rather extreme scenes. For a long time it was not easy to find "Blue Movie", however, in 2014 it was released on DVD by Raro Video, albeit in a censored/cut version. Originally, the studio also planned to release the movie on Blu-Ray, however, due to the master material they decided to solely go for a DVD release. Additionally, there is an 8mm version of hte movie which includes a few additional scenes - among them some hardcore material. Apart from a few jumpcuts, most of the missing scenes are included in the DVD's bonus material. Regarding this fact it is a sad thing that Raro did not go for a composite version.

The extended version is 6:40 minutes longer than the US DVD.


US DVD: 84:08 min.
Extended Version: 90:47 min.

A man walks through the woods.

Extended Version: 39 sec.



Silvia and Claudio are shown entering the room a little earlier.

Extended Version: 6 sec.



Silvia is shown longer standing at the sink.

Subsequently we can see Claudio by now fully undressed walking to Daniela a little earlier.

Extended Version: 8 sec.


Claudio is shown longer. Subsequently we immediately see Daniela using her tongue for sexual pleasure.

Extended Version: 16 sec.


The scene goes on. Silvia is pushed on a branch. She starts to scream.

Extended Version: 23 sec.



Silvia is shown on the bed again. Then we can see Leda a little earlier.

Extended Version: 7 sec.


Daniela licks off a few more crumbles. While doing so, she touches Claudio's penis.

Extended Version: 51 sec.


Claudio climaxes.

Extended Version: 16 sec.



Leda is shown a little earlier.

Extended Version: 1 sec.


The oral sex scene between Leda and the black man is much longer. Claudio watches them.

Extended Version: 3:21 Min.


Silvia sits down on the bottle and fills it with her urine.

Extended Version: 21 sec.



The black guy says that he will no longer sell himself. Then we can see the chessboard and another shot of the man.

Extended Version: 11 sec.