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original title: Braindead


  • Unrated US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 18, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared is the Lionsgate DVD from the US (Unrated) with the German DVD from Laser Paradise (Uncut).

Everybody's familiar with Peter Jackson's ultimate funsplatter film I suppose. So let's go straight to the Unrated. Even though this version is not rated, the DVD is cut. Most of the missing scenes are plot scenes but nevertheless some cuts were made for censorship. Till today no Uncut version has been released in the US. It's one of a few countries (besides Germany) were the film was censored.

US Version (Unrated) = 97:06 Min. (NTSC)

German Version (Uncut) = 99:18 Min. (PAL)

Difference (NTSC/PAL difference considered) = 6:25,5 Min.
00:00 Only the US Version includs the TRIMARK logo. + 12,5 Sec.

Instead the German Version includes the opening credits with the flag and the queen on the horse.
21 Sec.

01:41 The discussion between the hunter, his assistant and the savage is longer in the German Version.
17,6 Sec.

17:43 At the zoo: Paquita and Lionel are shown, then the scene where the father wants to take a picture of his son who's head is in a wall to take pictures. Suddenly Lionel's mother pushes him away and puts her own head in. The father takes the picture and the wall disappears. The father seems to be very confused.
10,8 Sec.

19:24 The scene in Lionel's house where his mother's talking about Paquita in a very unfriendly way, is shortened in the US Version.
23,7 Sec.

27:47 After lunch: Lionel accompanies Mr. Mathson to the front door. He hears a noise and asks Lionel if his mother's doing well. He replies that everything's fine and gets rid off him. Then he runs into the kitchen and looks horrified. His mother's in front of the fridge and stuffes herself with a lot of meat. He comes closer and says to her in a very serious way that he won't let anyone take her away. Lionel promises to her and looks very sorrowful.
33,1 Sec.

30:39 The scene where the nurse tries to solace Lionel is longer in the German Version. She gives him a hug as well.
15,1 Sec.

30:48 Shot of Paquita packing her suitcase.
3 Sec.

35:01 Before the vet passes the bottle with the tranquilizer to Lionel, he wants a reward. Lionel gets a bunch of notes out of his coat, the vet takes them thankfully.
21,7 Sec.

41:25 In the church: Uncle Lee enters the church and takes a seat behind Paquita. He tells her that he's Lionel's uncle and that he regretted his sister's death. Then he tries to hit on her, thereby he uses his breath spray. Paquita insults in him in Spanish, gets up and goes to a forward row.
61,5 Sec.

44:38 At the cemetary: the rockers make fun of Lionel. This scene is longer in the German Version.
19,3 Sec.

55:24 In the basement: After Lionel has thrown the zombie baby against the wall, the US version misses the scene that shows the baby's head banging on the floor and the consequential unconciousness. Meanwhile the baby tries to crawl up Lionel's body, but the baby's inhibited by its umbilical wrapped up a nail. Lionel wakes up and crawls back pretty fast.
20,6 Sec.

61:43 At the party: Shot of the door to basement which is jiggled. A drunken guest notices the jiggling door, wambles over there and opens the door. Suddenly Zombie Void appears in front of him and gives the irritated guy a clout.
18 Sec.

62:13 Zombie Void tries to mix with the guests. Lionel sees him but he's restrained by the woman that tries to hit on him.
6,9 Sec.

62:44 We see a couple making out on a couch. Suddenly a guy with glasses darts at them. Void wants to celebrate his "feast" but Lionel grabs a bottle and hits his head. Void turns around while he's spitting foam. Lionel pushes a a bottle of whiskey into his mouth and makes him drunk till he falls in his arms.
23 Sec.

64:01 After Paquita's breaking loose of the zombie priest, she runs up the stairs. The door's opened and Void attacks her. Both of them fall down the stairs.
4,8 Sec.

72:19 A guy with glasses (the one shown at 62:44) escapes in the kitchen and mentions that two of his best friends were gay.
9,1 Sec.

80:16 Lionel hangs from the ceiling, head over heels. Paquita grabs a plant tub and smashes a zombie's head with it (a shot of the scene with Lionel and Paquita is used for the next cut in the US Version).
6,1 Sec.

80:20 Paquita looks around (in the US Version followed by the short scene mentioned above).
3,9 Sec.

80:54 While Lionel's still hanging from the ceiling, the zombie priest and the zombie nurse come closer to him. The "loving" couple fall into each others arms, the nurse gets stabbed by a rake which is stuck in the priest's body. She wants to kiss him but the nurse's head folds back. Lionel gives the priest a clout that makes both zombies falling down. The nurse's head folds to the front again and they have sex on the floor.
20,2 Sec.

82:45 Paquita takes care of her injured friend, the split Void is after them. His torso's between his legs, those legs are after them and try to kick them. Each of them grab one leg and tear him apart. After that they beat up a couple of zombies with the legs.
20,7 Sec.

84:16 Here the German Version's longer. Lionel kills a zombie with his mower outside. Then ha attacks the nurse and the priest who are still getting laid. The next scene shows Paquita in the kitchen, she sticks a disembodied hand in a blender.
18,1 Sec.

86:59 Paquita sticks an arm in the blender. The hand makes the peace sign. Paquita turns around to her injured friend. In the meantime the "light bulb" zombie is shown.
7,3 Sec.