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  • US VHS
  • US DVD
Release: Jul 05, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD (released by Shriek Show) and a US bootleg VHS tape.

"La Marca del Hombre-lobo" is Paul Naschy's very first feature film - at this time he was still studying architecture. In the movie, Naschy acts as both the leading role; at the same time, it's the first movie of a series of werewolf movies and in each of these movies Naschy played the role of Waldemar Daninsky. The film clearly orients itself by classic Universal horror movies and "combines" the characters of the werewolf and Dracula (a similar thing happened in "Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo" where the werewolf runs into Dr. Jekyllin dem der Werwolf auf Dr. Jekyll trifft) even though the latter neither appears nor ever gets mentioned throughout the flick. Still, some countries (like Germany) decided to put Dracula's name in the title of the movie (the German title would translate to "Dr. Dracula's Vampires"). "La Marca del Hombre-lobo" additionally uses elements of Gothic-horror, while the lighting reminds one of Bava-movies. In 1971 the quasi-sequel "La Noche de Walpurgis" (directed by León Klimovsky) was released.
According to rumors, the original Spanish version was 133 minutes long. However, this version is nowhere to be found. Producer Enrique Eguiluz claims that all the known masters were destroyed during a fire in the Maxper Studios in Spain in 1970. The American version which is called "Frankenstein's Bloody Terror" was shortened and re-cut (runtime: 78 minutes) to fulfill the producers' wish for a Frankenstein film. For this reason, the movie got a new comic-opening which is only there to clarify that the Wolfsteins are a part of the Frankenstein-family.

The VHS begins with a text which is the origin of all the information we just gave you. Then follows the opening which is also shown on the DVD, followed by a note that says that the version one is about to watch is based on an old German VHS (probably the ITT-VHS). As a result, the movie has a German dubbing and English subtitles.

Both versions were cut differently and both include scenes that are missing in the other version. Most of these scenes do not really matter for the plot/interpretation of the movie. The most noticeable fact is that the US DVD edited out the very first werewolf-scene of Imar Wolfstein where kills a couple. Waldemar's werewolf-scene (where he kills 2 persons) and the fight between Imar and Waldemar towards the ending were belittled, too. It's possible that these scenes edited in order to receive a GP-Rating (All Ages Admitted/Parental Guidance Suggested - in 1972 it was replaced with the PG-Rating). A part of the missing scenes can be found in the DVD's bonus material, however, not the violent scenes.
As a result, the VHS has a slightly better cut of the movie, however, the image and sound quality are awful (as you can see in the comparison of the images). This is where the US DVD is definitively surperior: it has a great image quality, great sound and quite a few interesting things in the bonus material.

Just a little information about Dyanik Zurakowska's role: in the American version she's called Janice (the name we will use in this report). However, in the German version she's called Hyazinth while the subtitles call her Gretchen.

Short master damages (runtime under 1 second) were ignored for this report.

Scenes that are marked red are scenes that were included on the DVD but not so on the VHS. Whenever a scene is marked green it involves alternative material.

The first time designation refers to the US DVD and the second one to the VHS.

US DVD: 90:28 min. (NTSC)
VHS: 92:52 min. (PAL)

Comparison of the images:

US DVD 2.35:1

VHS 2.50:1


Alternative Opening.

The US DVD starts with the "Frankenstein's Bloody Terror" credits and offers a short animated sequence that explains that the Wolfsteins are a part of the Frankenstein family.

1:20 min.

The VHS begins with the German credits ("Die Vampire des Dr. Dracula") and shows several shots of the countryside.

2:08 min.


Brigmann and Weissmann talk a little longer about their kids.

Brigmann says that their son was one of the youngest to wrap up his study; additionally he graduated with honors - just as it is due for a judge. Weissmann asks Brigmann if he ever thought about their kids being together (they would probably make a wonderful couple).

9 sec.


Rudolph and Janice are shown a little earlier when they dance.

2 sec.


The two of them dance a little longer. Rudolph says that she has to face up to this fact.

You see the masked man (Waldemar Daninsky) driving to the party with his car.

Then we see a few scenes of the party.

34 sec.


A missing shot of the events at the party.

9 sec.


Janice bids adieu to her father a little longer. The latter then goes to Weissmann.

Janice: "See you half an hour."

The scene at the store begins a little earlier.

18 sec.


Alternative scene:

The scene where the 2 old ladies have a talk is a little different for both versions.


Old woman on the right: "I've heard about that Daninsky person. He's very strange, yet very respected."
Old woman on the left: "It's a fact. Out he appears very respectable and yet the more I hear his carryings are disgrateful."
Old woman on the right: "What about the uncountable sums of money he looses? A million francs a year. He lost his inheritance, he (moged?) his house for sale and who wonder."

16 sec.


The old woman on the right says that the other one should look at the cheeky boy trying to hit on the girl - it's gruesome. She says that this is his manner which makes him succeed in everything. Then she adds that if she isn't careful, the countess will be his.

10 sec.


Janice is shown a little earlier inside the church.

4 sec.


Rudolph opens the door and the two of them enter. The next scene starts a little earlier.

2 sec.


The car ride begins a little earlier.

Janice: "Rudolph, why are you acting like this? Have I done anything wrong?"
Rudolph: "You're such a little girl, I thought you were grown up, but you're not."

8 sec.


At the end of the scene, teh car ride is a little longer, too.

Rudolph: "Yes, but it has to be done by somebody who's actually in love with it and would be willing to die for it."
Janice: "That's beautiful. Love conquers all or so they say."
Rudolph: "Yes, so then Imar Wolfstein has really been killed."

15 sec.


The carriage is shown a little earlier.

5 sec.


The gipsy swears a little longer and then thrwos some morerocks. His wife - Nascha - appears.

Nascha: "The curse of hell on you."

The two of them walk away towards their carriage.

The next scene begins a little earlier.

17 sec.


The carriage drives around a little longer.

Then we see Brigmann and Weissmann who restlessly walk up and down the hallway.

15 sec.


The gipsy walks back in the castle. The next scene starts a little earlier.

5 sec.


The scene where Janice and Rudolph come back home starts a little earlier.

2 sec.


A little more dialogue after we were informed about the events of the ride.

Janice: "But I'm not that easyly scared. It was gorgeous. Just gorgeous."
Rudolph: "May I have a drink please, sir. The storm made me kinda nervous."
Brigmann: "Yes, I'll make it. You have any here?"
Weissmann: "I do."
Brigmann: "Hurry Janice."
Janice: "It'll only take a second."

19 sec.


Nascha and her husband are shown a little earlier when they walk to the crypt.

13 sec.


Nascha looks at the dagger a little longer; after that the two of them anxiously look into the coffin.

15 sec.


After the gipsy sweeped over the coffin with his hand there's a cut to Nascha.

1 sec.


After the werewolf's POV there's a longer missing scene:
We see the full moon. In the background you can hear some wolves howling.

A couple is sitting at the campfire and drinks some coffee.

Anita says Samuel's name and he mumbles. Anita then says that she doesn't feel comfortable there. She says that only idiots like them would spend the night out there, especially when it's full moon. Irionically she adds that this was a "great idea".
Samuel replies that they have to bring the cigarettes to Jule and that this is the shortest way to get there. Then he says that it is a great campground and that he can't understand what her problem is.
Anita reminds him that he also knowsw what they were told in Badiawasta.
Samuel answers that she can't seriously believe in such a nonsense like werewolfs. However, if anyone should appear at their campground, his "old friend" (a revolver) will welcome him. To him, these are all fairytales. After offering her a sip of his drink he asks her if they couldn't spend a nice evening there.
Anita replies that they don't have time for this because ura already waits for them.
Samuel says that Ura can wait because he can't do anything without them.

The two of them kiss and then follows a love scene.

The camera pans to the werewolf who watches them and slowly enters the house. The two of them see him and startle. Samuel grabs his gun and fires a shot at the werewolf. However, the shot is not effective. At first, the werewolf lunges at Samuel; then he attacks Anita.

Actually, this is quite an important scene because Waldemar refers to these events during the following conversation with his housekeeper.

2:53 min.


Waldemar waits at the tree. Janice drives up with her car and then walks towards him.

13 sec.


Alternative footage.


Waldemar and Rudolph are shown earlier when they wander through the woods.

8 sec.


The 2 hunters have a little talk. One of them tells the other one to follow him and that he doesn't have to be scared.

6 sec.


Waldemar and Rudolph are shown a little longer. Then follwos a cut to the 2 hunters and the dogs.

7 sec.


The two hunters are shown a little earlier.

9 sec.


The dogs are shown in an alternative take.

3 sec.


Rudolph slumps down on the tree. Then follows a short cut to Imar Wolfstein.

5 sec.


Waldemar bends over Imar and pulls him up a little.

Cut. Waldemar (obviously wounded) schlepps through the church.

When Rudolph enters the room Waldemar lies in his bed.

Rudolph: "Waldemar, it's me Rudolph."
Waldemar: "Come here."
Waldemar stands up.
Waldemar: "You are the only one, who knows what happend, Rudolph. You got to help me."
Rudolph: "Yes."

The VHS continues when Waldemar stands in front of the mirror.

1:00 min.


The dialogue between Rudolph and Janice is a little longer.

[Rudolph: "Just put him out of your mind."]

Janice: "I can't and you know I can't. I say that because you are jealous. I don't wanna see you again ever. I despise you. How could we have ever been in love."

Janice walks to the car and drives off.

22 sec.


Waldemar is shown a little earlier. The US DVD continues when he walks through the room.

4 sec.


Waldemar loads his revolver. He hears some steps outside and puts his coat on.

The VHS continues when Rudolph appears.

21 sec.


Waldemar tries to open the chains a little longer. Then we see the lake. The following shot where Waldemar continues to struggle with the chains begins a little earlier.

9 sec.


Waldemar walkss through the woods.

6 sec.


Waldemar makes havoc of the furnishing. Every now and again the scene cuts to the burning man.

The US DVD continues when Waldemar stands in front of the door.

20 sec.


Rudolph walks to Waldemar and helps him enterign the house.

The following scene where the two of them enter the room starts a little earlier.

16 sec.


Rudolph and Waldemar want to leave the house. Suddenly, Magda - the maid - appears.

She asks them why they leave so early since it's not quite the normal time to leave the house.
Waldemar replies that he has to make a journey for a while. He says that it's possible that he will never return because he's very sick. Then he thanks her for all her altruism and her loyalty; then he says "God bless you."
Magda asks the lord to protect Waldemar.
Rudolph then says that Waldemar left her quite enough money for her to live a good life. Then he tells her to go back to the town, as this is the best thing she could do.

The two of them leave the house.

The next scene where Rudolph and Janice have a talk starts a little earlier.

1:00 min.


Rudolph enters the property. Waldemar already waits for him.

8 sec.


Cut to Waldemar waiting. Janice walks through dark hallways.

21 sec.


The crisis committee is in session. NOTE: the following passage is a translation of the German dialogue.

"This really is a bedeviled situation."
"True, but we are modern human beings I think."
A maid brings them something to drink.
"Thank you."
"Well, I'm a 20th-century-man and I don't believe in old wives' tales."
"That's the right description. The ranger's murder was the doing of..."
"We know what you want to say. The doing of a personal enemy."
"Otto was very hot-tempered and hat lots of personal enemies."
"But this wouldn't be a reason for killing his daughter as well."
"We know that wolves bite but I have never heard about one of the beasts battering a door in. This would really be something new."

Cut to Janice, Rudolph and Waldemar who walk through a hallway.

41 sec.


The scene where Waldemar talks about the library begins a little earlier.

2 sec.


Brigmann gazes after hsi daughter a little longer.

7 sec.


Cut to the lake. After that we see Janice again.

6 sec.


Janice writes a letter.

8 sec.


Janice and Rudolph wait a the train station.

Rudolph says that he should already be there. He can't stop thinking about the fact that his only cure is a person who loves him. After all there are also the silver bullets. He thinks that it would be the best idea to just say that she's engaged to Waldemar so that they don't have to make long statements. After all, the man must be more than 80 years old.

30 sec.


Dr. Janos Mikhelov and Wandessa Mikhelov are shown a little longer.

3 sec.


We see the lake.

5 sec.


Brigmann and Weissmann talk while playing billiard.

Brigmann says that the police still has no clue, not even the slightest trace of the ranger's murderer.
Weissmann replies that if he thinks about the whole situation, everybody seems to have changed; everyone is scared, nervous, and startled. As soon as it gets dark, everybody locks the door.
Brigmann says that this atmosphere reminds him of bad days during the 1920's.
Weissmann asks him if he hints at the cases of murder from back then.
Brigmann replis that God should save both their kids.

24 sec.


Dr. Janos walks along a hallway with his wife-

Dr. Janos: "When?"
Wandessa: "Tomorrow night."

Then the two of them split up and walk separate ways.

23 sec.


Brigmann gazes after his daughter a little longer and then walks away.

13 sec.


Janice is shown a little longer inside her bed. Then you can hear Dr. Janos' voice.

Dr. Janos: "I command! Come!"

Janice wants to get out of bed.

Brigmann is inside his workroom. Weismann joins him.

Weissmann: "Brigmann, I woke up from a terrible nightmare. Something about Janice and Rudolph. I went to talk to him, but his room was empty. He was not anywhere in the house. On his desk I found this letter."
Weissmann hands the letter to Brigmann.
Brigmann: "He's calling me and must go to her. I can't resist. I belong entirely to her. He summons me to come to the castle of the Wolfsteins. God help me."
Weissmann: "Let's get hold of (wolfa?). The only one who can handle this are the police."
Brigmann: "On the contrary i feel the police are helpless in dealing with demonic spirits. And I got proof that's what it is. Wait here."
Brigmann leaves the room.

The scene with Brigmann and Weissmann follows a little later in the VHS version (for this, see next cut).

1:05 min.


Now we see the scene with Brigmann and Weissmann, however, on teh VHS it's al ittle longer. The dialogue is exactly the same. Then Weissmann goes to the desk and picks up the letter.

Brigmann goes to this daugther's room, takes a look around, and then picks something out of her bedside cabinet.

1:11 min.


The fight between the two werewolfs is a little logner. Waldemar grabs Imar goes for his throat.

7 sec.


Waldemar still chokes Imar; then he throws him away, only to grab him again.

The US DVD continues when waldemar chokes Imar again.

9 sec.


Brigmann and Weissmann are shown distinctly earlier when they walk along the hallway. Additionally you can hear wolf-snarls.

9 sec.


The three of them walk along the hallway and then go up the stairs.

34 sec.


Dr. Janos grabs janice from under his coat and runs away. Brigmann, Weissmann, and Rudolph can only watch him. The US DVD continues when Dr. Janos grabs Janice again.

The US DVD's cut of this scene is a little bumby.

9 sec.


Dr. Janos and Janice walk through the woods.

7 sec.


Dr. Janos and Janice abscond from Waldemar.

Cut to Brigmann and Weissmann.

Weissmann asks Brigmann if he's listening. The latter replies that he should know it and tells him to follow him.

9 sec.


Dr. Janos and Janice abscond from Waldemar a little longer.

Rudolph walks through the woods. He calls for his father (Weissmann) and the latter wants to know where he has been all this time. Rudolph tells Weissmann to follow him.

The three of them run through the woods.

Rudolph asks if they're able to go on and Weissmann replies that they do so.

27 sec.


The US DVD ends with a title card that says "The End".

7 sec.

The VHS instead shows the four of them running into the woods. Then follows a title card that says "Ende".

28 sec.

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