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Bionic Commando

original title: Top Secret: Hitler no Fukkatsu


Censored Version
Rating: USK 12
Region: USA/Europe

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Sep 13, 2011 - Author: LordAnubis - Translator: Sebbe
Bionic Commando (original title: Top Secret: Hitler no Fukkatsu) is a Japanese action game by Capcom which was published in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the following year some transformations for several home computers (ported by Software Creations and distributed by Go!) were published. The game is known for the fact that its main character can't jump. It was censored in the USA and therefore it was renamed Bionic Commando.

The Story
The Albatros Federation finally wants to produce the Albatros, a legendary secret weapon of the Nazis. But for that the leader Generalissimo Killt needs the help of the only person who knows how to complete the Albatros correctly: Adolf Hitler. He needs to bring him to life again. The Empire sends Super Joe, a bionic elite soldier to stop the plans of the neo-Nazis.

Following change of name and alterations were made in the game:

Adolf Hitler turns into "Master-D"
Nazis turns into "The Badds"
Crooked cross turns into "Eagle symbol"

The game itself was pretty controversial for the following reasons:
Depiction of National Socialist symbols (especially crooked crosses)
Obscenities and excessive violence towards the main enemy (Master-D/Adolf Hitler)
Master-D/Hitler used the rude insult "Damn fool"
Master-D's/Hitler's head exploded after defeating him
Probably also for the depiction of the Nazis regardless of the Holocaust


Compared was the Japanese version with the US version. The US version's equal to the European version. The game was released in Germany in 2005 (Xbox) again as a part of the compilation Capcom Classic Games.
The US cover was censored: Hitler in the background was altered.

The menu is different:

The symbol on Hitler's diary was changed to an eagle:

The flags in the intro were altered, the pedestal too:

If you completed a level you can fly with your blue helicopter to the next object. But there are also driving trucks full of soldiers on the map. If you encounter such a truck there's an "enemy" warning and it changes to a bird's eye perspective level which you have to go through (from the bottom up). At the end there's a running commander giving orders, who's missing in the game "Bionic Commando".

In nearly every level you can see crooked crosses, either on flags or on buildings.