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Family Guy: Season 16

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Family Guy

16.20 Are You There God? It's Me, Peter


  • TV-Version
  • DVD-Version
Release: Jan 31, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Bittersweet5 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV version and the DVD version, the second represented by the US DVD set "Season 16".

- 4 differing places, incl. 2 censors of sound
- difference: 22.9 sec

Same procedure as every year: The next DVD set of Family Guy available since December 2018 in the USA contains all episodes of Season 16. Here, too, the episodes are in an extended or simply uncensored version compared to the original TV broadcasts. A sticker on the plastic foil reveals this again. On the DVD set itself there are no further hints.

Episode 20 ("Are You There God? It's Me, Peter") offers a short additional scene, in which the segment with the highly pregnant cat is still completed. Also, a "Jesus!" meant as a curse was cut. On top of that, there are two censors of sound at the end of the season.

As always, care must be taken with the German release with the same name "Season 16", which has been available since August 2018 - in the box-set are actually only the episodes from Season 14.
Audio censorship

The sentence of the alien was voiced in a new more harmless way.

TV-Version: "I'll stick with this pile of crap I already have."
DVD-Version: "I'll stick with this pile of shit I already have."

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Basically also a censorship of sound, but in the form of a slightly shortened animation in the middle: A "Jesus!" (meant as a curse) from God had to vanish.

0.2 sec


After the attacking cat, the last animation in the Griffins-House of the TV-Version is half a second longer - not illustrated.

In the DVD-Version you can see the just announced stay at the doctor.
Peter: "Oh, Sophie. Still scratching. Uh. She got my chin. Uh. She got my hand. Still love you, though, Sophie. Can't wait to meet your beautiful kittens. The miracle of life."
The receptionist calls out: "42-year-old male who's failing to bond with his family?"
Peter: "That's me."
Dame: "You can't bring the cat."
Peter: "That's fine."
He then throws the box into a garbage can next to the door of the treatment room.

DVD-Version 22.7 sec longer

Audio censorship

Peter says without the beeping sound: "This guy's putting a tray on a fuckin' burger!"

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