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Gremlins 2

original title: Gremlins 2: The New Batch


  • Channel5 (UK)
  • BBFC 12 DVD
Release: Jan 19, 2013 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Joe Dante realised that, most of the time, sequels can't match their predecessors, so he didn't even try to surpass "Gremlins" with the second installment. It became more of a parody on Gremlins and other movies as well as the mass medium TV. And that is exactly the charme of "Gremlins 2: The New Batch", which could be called "a different interpretation" of the topic, too. The movie does not try to take the same line as the previous one and does not submit to the rules of a sequel - which is why some do not appreciate it so well, as they had expected a real sequel.

The movie is never being shown uncensored in the UK's afternoon TV-programmes.

The cut broadcast from 6th September 2012 on Channel5 at 5:40 pm has been compared to the uncut UK-DVD.
There are 52.72 seconds missing with 8 cuts in total.

The cuts make the movie less terrifying for children and other impressionable people. They also don't come up as easily with the idea of imitating scenes from the movie. Additionally, alcohol is not being depicted as vital for one character's survival. Only two real censorings seem to have been made.

Microwave Margie is not shown calling the Gremlins monsters and saving her booze afterwards. The Channel5 version still shows her having the bottle in her hand as she escapes, though.

1.44 seconds



Microwave Marge is shown again, bottle in her hand, calling the Gremlins monsters. Unfortunately, this means a helpful tip for children was cut out, too.

Microwave Marge: Good heavens! Do you see what these monsters are doing? They're throwing metal utensils into the microwave! You can't do that!

5.84 seconds


George the Gremlin is only shown turning on the microwave oven in the DVD-version. The Channel5 broadcast continues with the last picture.

11.44 seconds


The Channel5 version shows the Gremlins-test card just before the Gremlins get out the film roll.

No time difference



Batgremlin gives Murray a flesh wound.

1.28 seconds


A Gremlin finds acid that is not to be thrown into people's faces.

14.08 seconds


Daffy DDS comes a little closer in the DVD-version to Billy.

8.36 seconds


Mohawk is shown longer before Gizmo lights the match.

10.28 seconds


As the credits roll there is a programme announcement in the Channel5 version.

No time difference



The extended credits have been cut. Daffy Duck's appearances therefore ended up on the cutting room floor.

ca. 162.8 seconds (not counted in)



The production logos after the end credits are missing, too, of course.

18.48 seconds (not counted in, either)