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Release: May 06, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Gosh, was I thrilled action hit at its finest, with radical blood effects which encounters difficulties with the local censorship.
Then an unrated version on DVD and Blu-Ray was announced in the US – with something more than 4 minutes longer running time than the rated R version.
So precious little, one could assume that the action sequences in the US as well couldn’t get away with cuts and the interested fan, if he wants to see the spectacle in its bloody glory, must grab the unrated version.
Then the disk arrived and on the back cover an express promise says: „More explosive action not seen in theaters“ – my pantihose became moist…..

Dream on!

And here again a very bold example how the seal „unrated“ is misused or could be misunderstood.
Cutted violence in the rated R version ? None at all. All the nice gore effects are included. If it is the cannibal scene, the shot to the head at the beginning, the tough hard combats or the car chase at the end – all the same.
Inserted are exstensions of the storyline one could have better done without. They have no evidence relevant for the plot or for a better understanding and they do not strengthen any characters at all. Unnecessary is the only word what cross my mind.
Alternative takes here and there only for a smooth transition from one scene to another. Has nothing to do with censorship.
Single frames which were lost by insert cuts are disregarded. Only “important” differences are evaluated and documented here.

Conclusion: the unrated and the theatrical version are both released on one disc – therefore no bad buy. And it’s also a bargain – the heck with it.
But you don’t need it!
The timer values refer to the unrated version.
8:45 Min.
Sinclair locks her eye-cam into position and gets the order to start recording. At this point there is one more angle where Richter welcomes his guest and a short dialog between Sinclair and her boss.
Michaelson: „Sinclair…. he is the greatest slavetrader in the city. I want him alive!”
Sinclair: “You call it!”
( 5 sec. )

9:13 Min.
Right between the sequence where the two cops boarding the ship and the close up of the trunk, filled with gold bars, a short scene is cut out: Richter gives his associates a guided tour through the ship showing them some prisoners locked in the storage room. In detail:
Richter: „Welcome to my boat. My room on this fucking Island for the last 25 years. I’ts a fulltime job trying to provend this falling apart. Come, over here!”
He opens a hatchway on deck presenting his guests the room below, some prisoners looking up facing them.
Richter: „The best you can find. Straight from the ghetto. Cheap and clean!”
He laughs and slams the hatch.

And then there are two short shots of Sinclair and Michaelson, which are inserted later on in the rated R version.

( 26 Sek. )

9:44 Min.
Angle of the gold bars, the trunk is rotated. Here the rated R version already ends. In the unrated version the customer still asks "Happy?", Richter spits out saying "Very!" -both close ups.
Alternatively the two shots of Sinclair and Michaelson are inserted here in the rated R version
Alternative image material:

Unrated:Rated R:

that causes no running time differences

9:50 Min.
The girl in the bathtub can be seen a bit longer – I pass on one frame, could have miscounted.
( 5 SF )

Alternative image material:
10:23 Min.
After Michaelson has shot the black bitch, in the rated R version there is a counter cut on the cop plus another shot of Sinclair approaching (1,5 sec.)
However in the unrated version there is a closer take of Sinclair in an alleyway, before Richter threatenes Michaelson he slightly turn around (3 sec.)
The net difference: ( 1,5 sec. )
Alternative image material:

Unrated:Rated R:

10:28 Min.
The close-up of the approaching Sinclair runs minimally longer in the unrated version
( 8 SF )

13:24 Min.
Before the contaminated are detected by the razzia there is one shot on the approaching police. The label “Urban Containment Facility, Whitechapel, London" is faded in the unrated version.
( 2,5 sec. )

15:50 Min.
When Chief Nelson asks Canaris whether he worries more about the people or about the Pound Notes, a counter cut onto the minister is missing.
( 2 sec. )

15:58 Min.
The Prime Minister invites Nelson in his office. In the rated R version follows a short counter cut onto Nelson ( 1 sec. )
In the unrated version, the shot where they go to the office runs a little longer. ( 3 sec. )
The net difference: ( 2 sec. )
Alternative image material

Unrated:Rated R:

17:56 Min.
Nelson knows the best man for this job. In the cross fading of the unrated version there is one only black frame and a frontal tracking shot over Sinclair ( 6 sec. )
In the rated R version the gate’s shutting down takes a bit longer plus an alternative counter cut on Sinclair ( 4 sec. )
The net difference: ( 2 sec. )
Alternative image material

Unrated:Rated R:

18:05 Min.
Again a minimal difference between the two versions: the take of Sinclair waiting for differs in brightness. I pass on 1 frame because there is no running time difference.

Only rated R version:
21:47 Min.
A guard shoots in the air
( 1 sec. )

25:18 Min.
An insert cut of MD Talbot. For this, the previous and following takes in the rated R version last a little longer.
The net difference: ( 1,5 sec. )

27:34 Min.
In the armored car. Two additional shots on Carpenter and Norton
( 4 sec. )

28:43 Min.
Sinclair turnst he pages of the file, and MD Talbot speaks to her:
„You know that MD Kane is the best man in this field. His papers on the virus research was a quiet reading when I was in medical school. Basicly he told me everything I know about this.”
Then she answers: “This file was closed……”, whereas this sentence is already again in the rated R version, however layed over an alternative shot. Furthermore, her turning the pages, is shorter in the rated R version and there only a short wordless insert on Talbot takes place
The net difference: ( 11 sec. )
Alternative image material

Unrated:Rated R:

30:24 Min.
Another side take of the armored car
( 6 sec. )

31:28 Min.
Stirling is obviously afraid to Stepp inside the house. Sinclair speaks to him:
„Stirling, what do you know about the line of fire?“ Stirling: “I’m a bloodhound, not combat servant, it’s all we need.” Sinclair explains to him: “Line of fire is the way through the target wich the bullet travelled very fast. So it’s the last place where you wanna be on a firefight. If anything happens, you get behind me clear. Understood?” Stirling nods in agreement. But also Carpenter wants to say something – but I don’t get it. Has something to do with blowing one’s brain...
On the other hand in the rated R version there is only the first take of Stirling without any dialog.
The net difference: ( 21 sec. )

33:34 Min.
The group walks longer through a hospital floor.
( 7 sec. )

46:02 Min.
Sinclairs questioning by the chained Sol, is interrupted by an intermediate sequence in the unrated version. Norton and Stirling walk through the streets, then Norton tries to get in contact with Sinclair:
„Norton to Sinclair, do you copy? Norton to Sinclair, come in!”
Stirling interferes: “Sooner or later you’re gonna have to consider the possibility …. they’re dead! I’m sorry, but we still have a job to do. With or without Major Sinclair!”
Norton doesn’t like it, but: „Yeah, right now, my job is you. If anything happens to you…we’re fucked!”
The tracking shot during the questioning in return is much more fluently because there is no interruption
( 33 sec. )

63:33 Min.
Another take of the leaving train
( 4 sec. )

65:54 Min.
Two additional takes where the group go deeper into the vault.
( 8 sec. )

66:32 Min.
Once again one take lasts longer in the unrated version
( 2 sec. )

69:52 Min.
The tied group is lead into the castle. Here we miss a short intermediate sequence with dialog. Falco welcomes Cally at the door: „The damned daughter returns...“, hits her face, looks at the group carrying on: „…and brought some friends.“ Sinclair explains: „We came over the wall. We want to see Kane!“
( 17,5 sec. )

76:04 Min.
Directly after the Prime Minister unpacks his weapon three shots are missing: running soldiers, the bridge is lifted up
( 9 sec. )

76:24 Min.
Again three shots of London: the upset people in front of the bridge and the barrier
( 4,5 sec. )

76:43 Min.
And once again two shots of London
( 4,5 sec. )

81:14 Min.
The jailbreak where a sentinel is overpowered – can be seen in the shadows on the wall
( 5 sec. )

81:22 Min.
Cally shows the armory to the guys. Two takes
( 3 sec. )

83:09 Min.
Norton, Stirling and Cally are beating up some more men in the kitchen of the castle – cutted quick and therefor only some images. It is just not so spectacular…
( 24,5 sec. )

Only in the rated R version:
At 80:29 Min.
Only in the rated R version Norton tears up the gate before he kills the archer
( 2 Sec.. )

86:21 Min.
An additional close-up of Falco
( 1,5 sec. )

98:05 Min.
A short dialog, when the car stops in front of the chopper and before Sinclair gets off the car.
Stirling: „What the fuck is going on, Sinclair?”
Sinclair: “You won’t make cure!”
( 7 sec. )

100:00 Min.
Stirling throws insults at Sinclair “A lot of good people dying for this!” , plus counter cuts on Canaris and Sinclair
( 4,5 sec. )