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Release: Nov 22, 2014 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

10 years after Banlieu 13 (District 13), a remake called Brick Mansions was made in the US. The story is similar, the biggest difference is the alternate location. Instead of Paris, the story is set in Detroit now. Even some of the action scenes are 100% equal. Also worth mentioning is that David Belle is playing his character from the original. Nevertheless, action fans will find the remake quite entertaining, and even a little more in the Extended Cut.

Both version severly differ. The Extended Cut contains an entirely new soundtrack for instance, David Belle has a different voice - at least that is the case in the English audio track - but he always has a French accent. A lot of the single scenes are recut and often have an alternate order. Some story details are altered as well. For instance, Damien has time to find a new girlfriend. But there are also lots of swear words in the Extended Cut, especially a number of "Fucks", that are missing in the Theatrical Version. And of course, violence is added to the Extended Cut probably removed from the Theatrical Version in order to get the PG-13 rating.

Since the differences are far-reaching and often only mini cuts with a length of a few seconds or less, the comparison has been devided into single sections elaborating the most important differences. Even though there often are alternate scenes in the Theatrical Version, the Extended Cut is usually longer. The violence cuts are mentioned solitarily though.

All in all, the Extended Cut is approx. 9.5 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version. The comparison has been made with the US Blu-ray.


0:00 More logos in the Theatrical Version. Theatrical Version +28 sec

Extended Cut 0:19 / Theatrical Version 0:45
The news footage at the beginning is longer in the Extended Cut and also alternate. Only the Theatrical Version contains footage of the Brick Mansions inhabitants that will also be in the much longer title sequence of the Extended Cut.
Extended Cut +29 sec

Extended Cut: 1:27 / Theatrical Version 1:25
When the Mayor presents his plans how to turn the ghettos in Brick Mansions into a destrict for the rich to the investors, there are several recuts. The only one relevant is an addition in the Extended Cut during which one of the people mentions the project will start just in time for the Mayor election. The Theatrical Version is longer though.
Theatrical Version +3.5 sec

Titel Sequence

Extended Cut 2:02 / Theatrical Version 2:23

The Extended Cut contains an exclusive title sequence consisting of a lot of footage of Brick Mansions and its inhabitants.
Extended Cut +142 sec

The Hunt for Lino

Extended Cut 4:25 / Theatrical Version 2:23
When K2 is talking to the two gangsters in front of Lino's house, it is being mentioned that Tremaine's block is "better" than the one of other gangsters.Extended Cut 104.5 sec / Theatrical Version: 88 sec

The shot of K2 ramming a pen into a guy's neck is bloodier and longer in the Extended Cut. Extended Cut +0.5 sec

The head shot by Rayzah is bloodier and more detailed as well. Extended Cut 1.5 sec / Theatrical Version: 1 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

Subsequently, the two of the on the ground for an extended period. Extended Cut +1 sec

Extended shot of K2 and Rayzah on their way to Lino in the Extended Cut. Extended Cut 41 sec / Theatrical Version: 31.5 sec

The entire Parcour chase across the houses and over the rooftops is basically equal. Only 3 little scenes differ: each time when K2 is ordering his soldier not to let Lino slip away plus an "Oh, shit!" when Lino is gone. Extended Cut: 243 sec / Theatrical Version: 240 sec

Damien and the Greek

Extended Cut 11:00 / Theatrical Version 8:26

The Theatrical Version only contains the title of the picture, the Extended Cut shows the skyline of Detroit. Theatrical Version +4 sec

Extended Cut 11:06 / Theatrical Version 8:36

The Theatrical Version now shows Damien drinking Whiskey at his apartment, looking at his wall with all the criminals and their connections on it. In the Extended Cut, this scene comes right after the scene with George, the Greek - between other scenes in Damien's apartment and the wall of suspects. Interestingly enough, he strikes the Greek from his list before he gets arrested in the Theatrical Version. The Extended Cut makes much more sense because he strikes the Greek afterwards.

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Also interesting is that Damien has company in the Theatrical Version. At least a girl is walking across the living room. Later, the scene is also in the Extended Cut but he Damien does not have company there.

Theatrical Version +37 sec (for now)

Extended Cut 11:06 / Theatrical Version 9:13

The scene with George, the Greek at the restaurant is longer and significantly different. When George has ended K2's call, he asks a sleazy goon how he got the number in the Theatrical Version. The goon apologizes. In the Extended Cut on the other hand, the goon is picking his nose which makes George upset. As a result, George gives him a slap on the wrist.

Extended Cut +19.5 sec


Extended Cut 12:28 / Theatrical Version 10:16

At the beginning, Tremaine is longer upset. He is cutting chilli for an extended period before he turns to K2 who has to admit that he had lost 20 kilos of heroine.

Theatrical Version +14 sec

Tremaine shoots Smiley. The Extended Cut shows the actual hit.

Extended CutTheatrical Version

Only in the Extended Cut, he then gets carried away.

Extended Cut +2.5 sec

The End of the Greek

Extended Cut 15:10 / Theatrical Version 13:09

George threatens to kill the sleazy goon if he kept picking his nose.

Extended Cut +5 sec

A cop in the surveillance car in front of the door also says he cound not see anything.

Extended Cut + 1.5 sec

Damien's conversation with the Greek is slightly alternate.

The goon picking his nose (at least in the Extended Cut) who is supposed to take the fall gets shot by the Greek. The scene is longer in the Theatrical Version because he is watching the fishes. Only the Extended Cut shows the actual hit in the chest though.

Theatrical Version + 3.5 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

The Extended Cut shows him wounded on the ground for a longer period while the Theatrical Version shows the women instead.

Extended CutTheatrical Version

More graphic footage of George going through the windshield in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut +0.5 sec

At the end of the scene, the Extended Cut contains the skyline of Detroit.

Extended Cut +5 sec

Extended Cut 22:31 / Theatrical Version 20:00

Now the scene with Damien in his apartment. A part of it was already in the Theatrical Version, between the scene with Greek and Tremaine. The Theatrical Version contains an extended shot of Damien in the shower. The Extended Cut on the other hand shows the scene with the suspects and clues to the gangs. Damien now strikes the Greek. There is no girl in the background.

Extended Cut +31 sec (compared to the Theatrical Version a bit shorter)

Lola Gets Abducted

Extended Cut: 23:42 / Theatrical Version 20:40
The abduction of Lino's girlfriend Lola by K2 and Rayzah contains recut in the Diner scene but nothing relevant. basically no difference

Extended Cut 25:04 / Theatrical Version 22:02

When Damien visits his dad at the retirement home, he is flirting with a nurse.
Extended Cut +51.5 sec

His dad would be si happy if he had a girlfriend which ends in a longer conversation in the Extended Cut. The Theatrical Version is more about the Greek.
Extended Cut +42 sec

Extended Cut 28:09 / Theatrical Version 23:34

Extended shot of Lino threatening Tremaine. Tremaine starts swearing when his entire goon squad do not drop their weapons.

Extended Cut + 2 sec

When Lino and Lola are fleeing with Tremaine as hostage in his car, the scene of them stealing the car and K2 going to the cops after the chase is a bit longer.

Extended Cut + 30 sec

At the border stattion, when Tremaine leaves with Lola and Lino is behind bars, Tremaine also says he was just taking advantage of the broken system of Brick Mansions and it was impossible to change Brick Mansions because it was what it was, no matter what Lino tried.

Extended Cut + 14 sec

New Assignment for Damien

Extended Cut 37:40 / Theatrical Version 32:20

When Damien is at the Mayor's office, someone from the US Army is also present. Only in the Extended Cut, he introduces himself as someone from the "Division of Development and Warfare".

Small additions when Tremaine sees the bomb and Damien gets to know about Lino.

Extended Cut + 14 sec

Damien and Lino

Extended Cut 40:49 / Theatrical Version 35:13

When Damien takes over the prisoner transport, something is missing at the beginning: the driver gets in and after he got thrown out of the van, he and his colleague are being picked up by other cops. A small conversation between Lino and Damien in the middle of the scene is missing as well.

Extended Cut + 19 sec

When the two of them are on their way to Brick Mansions by van, there are smaller additions in the Extended Cut. For instance, a cop ordering other cops not to pursuit the van. Matches the scene mentioned above which illustrates that the cops are familiar with Damien's plan.

Extended Cut + 6 sec

When Lino then cuts and runs, Damien is threatened longer before he also kicks his butt in the Theatrical Version.

Extended Cut + 4 sec

Extended Cut 48:47 / Theatrical Version 42:43

Additional footage in the Extended Cut: the Mayor, the US Army and the cop at the office. They learn that Damien has successfully arrived at Brick Mansions.

Extended Cut + 22 sec

Extended Cut 49:09 / Theatrical Version 42:43

Tremaine talks to Lola. The Extended Cut contains an additional scene and alternate footage.
In the Extended Cut, Tremaine first complains about his Mustang has been handled and she explains he had done everything wrong when tuning the car. It appears she knows cars. Then we get to know more about Lola. Not only does she know cars and work at the Diner, but she also wants to become a lawyer.

Extended Cut + 70 sec

Further small cuts when Tremaine is leaving. Right before he shoots the TV, K2 threatens a buddy with the gun because he had disturbed him while playing a video game.

Extended Cut + 9 sec

Lino's conversation with Damien during which they finally become best buds is cut differently and also slightly longer in the Extended Cut. There are no relevant differences though.

Extended Cut + 15 sec

Rayzah unpacks her torture gear for Lola. She is really after Lino's girlfriend.

Extended Cut + 3 sec

Extended shot of her taking off the jacket and playing with the scalpel.

Extended Cut + 1.5 sec

Lola chokes her with her leg.

Extended Cut + 5 sec

In return, Rayzah licks her cheek.

Extended Cut + 3 sec

Negotiations with Tremaine

Extended Cut 57:02 / Theatrical Version 48:48

When Damien and Lino are visiting Tremaine, the Extended Cut contains additional footage not really worth mentioning. Lino gets pushed, a little Bob Marley reference by Tremaine, Lola longer on the rooftop, Traimaine longer cooking, longer ransom negotiations with the cop on the phone.

Extended Cut + 16 sec

At the end of the scene with Lola on the rooftop, there is a substancial longer scene. Lola and Rayzah are bitching longer. Especially Rayzah is aggressive and intentionally spills her beer on Lola. Nonetheless, Rayzah promises Lola to give her a nice little treatment with her torture gear.

Extended Cut + 55 sec

Showdown with Tremaine

Extended Cut 64:59 / Theatrical Version 55:35

When K2 is taking Damien and Lino down to the basement, he threatens them if they tried make a run for it. The powerful watchdog is insecure what to do in case they actually tried because he could not just take them out.

Extended Cut + 12 sec

Lino simulates a panic attack to make the guard nervous. The scene is much longer in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut + 13 sec

The two of them are on the run and getting shot at from all sides. In the blaze of gunfire, some of the baddies get killed by "friendly fire".

Extended Cut + 2 sec

Tremaine sees them outside and informs K2.

Extended Cut + 8 sec

When Lino and Damien are getting in the car, one of Tremaine's minions fires at the Mustang. Only in the Extended Cut, Tremaine sees that and shoots the guy for that sacrilege.

Extended Cut + 8 sec

During the following chase, there are minor extended scenes in the Extended Cut. For instance K2 dropping the F-bomb, one of the drivers making "hmm" when there is a turn in the road, the sniper reloads and a "WTF?" by Tremaine.

Extended Cut + 12 sec

Alternate order of the scene when Tremaine is chasing Lino and Damien after the bomb got defused. But basically, the scene remains the scene.

Extended Cut + 7 sec

Alternate shots every now and then when there is another F-bomb in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut + 4 sec

When Lino tries to convince Damien that the code tht defuses the bomb is fake and the dispute about it has been recut (the flashback of the stolen truck for instance is at the beginning in one version while it is at the end of the fight in the other version). Some scenes have been added as well. Besides several fight moves here and there (no censorship!), Lola is longer on the run and Tremaine reaches for his revolver.

Extended Cut + 50 sec


Extended Cut: 89:46 / Theatrical Version 78:18 Two subtle differences during the confrontation with the Mayor. The TV report is distorted in the Theatrical Version, it is not in the Extended Cut. basically no length difference

Extended Cut: 95:30 / Theatrical Version 85:00
In the Theatrical Version, Damien is driving across the ghetto for an extended period. He is on his way to Lino in his harmonical suburban ghetto. K2 is gardening and schools are open again. Damien, Lino and Lola meet in front of Lino's house. Best Buddies for Life! Election poster of Tremaine are in the background.
Theatrical Version +72 sec

Extended Cut: 94:51 / Theatrical Version 84:33
Damien pays his dad another visit at the retirement home. In the Extended Cut, he brings his new girlfirnd - the nurse from before. In the Theatrical Version, he does not bring anyone.
EX +12 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

Extended Cut: 95:30 / Theatrical Version 85:00
The dedication to deceased Paul Walker is different.
Theatrical Version +8 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

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