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Release: Jun 12, 2008 - Author: John Cena - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
The cut PG 13 version was compared to the uncut Unrated version

The first film with WWE superstar John Cena had to be sightly censored for the theatrical release in the US. Additionally to the cut theatrical version, an unrated DVD that features both versions of the film was released for the home cinema market.

8 cuts = 22 sec
John grabs one of the terrorists, puts the gun at his chest and fires several times. You see exit wounds at his back. Immediately after that, a terrorist attacks John with a knife: he uses him as shield while other terrorists fire at him. You see the bullets hit the body.
ca. 8 sec

alternate material
After John hits one of the terrorists with the burning woodstick, another terrorist attacks him.

He first gets slapped and then John pushes his knee in his face.

John ducks away, whirls him through the air and then breaks his neck with a kick.
ca. 1 Sec

Rome shoots his accomplice. Missing is how he hits the ground.
ca. 1 Sec

alternate material
Morgan shoots the cop who’s talking to Rome.

PG 13:
One sees the shocked face of the cop sitting in the car.

One sees the cop falling to the ground.
No time dfference

There’s an additional shot from the side in the scene where Rome shoots at the fleeing cop.
ca. 0,5 Sec

Another side shot of the fleeing cop was added.
ca. 0,5 Sec

Morgan slowly tumbles to the floor after John stabs the knife into his stomach.
ca. 9 Sec

Rome fires some more at his accomplice.
ca. 2,5 Sec