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  • US Theatrical Version
  • International Theatrical Version
Release: Jun 05, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US Theatrical Version and the International Theatrical Version. Both versions are included in the BBFC 15 - 5-Disc-Complete Edition released by Warner.

The differences:

4 alternate scenes = 5 seconds +IKF
2 additional scenes in the US Theatrical Version = 8.5 seconds

When talking about a confusing amount of different versions of movies, there's no way around Ridley Scotts Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner. There exist 5 official different versions. The original version, which is also called the workprint version, was shown theatrically to a test audience in 1982. The response by the audience was not too good, which was why the producers decided to recut the movie and then showed it to another test audience. This time, the criticism was much better. However, some were bothered by the violence, so they decided to leave that out for the nationwide release of the movie. The violence was cut out and the second official version was ready which was then shown in theatres all over the USA in 1982. For the international release the creators decided to release the complete version of the flick which then also included all the violence that was cut out of the US version. However, this version was not only intended for the international market but was also released on VHS and laserdisc in the USA - with more copies than the US Theatrical Version. In 1989, movie restaurateur Michael Arick found one of the workprint versions by accident. Without the knowledge of Ridley Scott, Arick showed this version on several festivals between 1990 and 1991, as well as a few theatres. Because of an unexpected interest of the audience, Warner Brothers asked for a Director's Cut version because they hoped for further commercial success. They talked to Ridley Scott and soon Michael Arick went to work to create/rush out the Director's Cut (which was by no means flawless) which was released theatrically in 1992. Ridley Scott named several reasons to why this is not his final version, however, it came a little closer to his original intentions when making the movie. Actually, the alterations are not that noticeable. All voice over comments were taken out and the ending was cut out, which is why it is shorter than the US Theatrical Version that it was based on. This is also why all the violence is absent from the Director's Cut, too. There is only one short sequence in the Director's Cut that was not included in the US Theatrical Version. In 2007 - the movie's 25th anniversary - they released the final version which was called "Final Cut" and actually is the version which Ridley Scott desired for years. Besides a few new and extended scenes, there is also new music and better special effects as well as a surperior sound quality.
82 min
In the US Theatrical Version Batty moves his thumbs to Dr. Tyrell's eyes. In the International Theatrical Version he presses his thumbs into them and blood runs down his hands.
DC: 1 sec
ITV: 3.5 sec

US Theatrical VersionInternational Theatrical Version

82 min
While Batty pushes Tyrell's eyes in, the International Theatrical Version cuts to Sebastian who has to watch the murder. In return, the US Theatrical Version shows Batty a little longer.
1.5 sec

82 min
In the US Theatrical Version now follows a shot of an owl. Then the camera fades to Batty who pushes Tyrell's eyes in off-screen, followed by a shot of Sebastian who watches the murder. The International Theatrical Version instead shows a bloodier version of this incident. After a few shots of batty you see him pulling his eyes back ouf of the bloody eye sockets.
US Theatrical Version: 8 sec
International Theatrical Version: 5 sec

US Theatrical VersionInternational Theatrical Version

89 min
Deckard is shown longer with his head between Pris' legs. She shoves her fingers in his nostrils and pulls his nose upwards. In the US Theatrical Version she instead hits his head for a third time.
US Theatrical Version: 2 sec
International Theatrical Version: 6 sec

US Theatrical VersionInternational Theatrical Version

89 min
In the International Theatrical Version, the scene where Pris twists on the floor is shown longer. Subsequently the movie cuts to Deckard who aims his gun at her and pulls the trigger.
4 sec

95 min
Batty shoves a nail through his hand and then follows a cut to his face while he screams in pain.
4.5 sec