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Steven Seagal Triple Feature (Uncut) from

Girl Blood Sport

Enter the Fat Dragon

Split Second

Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits

On Deadly Ground


  • BBFC 15
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 23, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened British VHS (BBFC 15) and the uncut German DVD (FSK 18), both released by Warner.

Steven Seagal's directing debut was released with a BBFC 15 rating - even the theatrical release was shortened. Even though more than a minute of violence was cut out, the BBFC 15 version still includes a lot of brutal and bloody scenes. Still, we would not recommend this version. The UK DVD has been cut as well.

Runtime of the UK VHS (without credits): 1:31:49
Runtime of the German DVD (without credits): 1:32:58

14 Cuts = 66.8 sec. (without black screen and logo)
Time designation: UK VHS / German DVD

At the beginning of the movie, the German DVD shows a black screen a little longer.
3.48 sec.

On the UK VHS, the Warner Bros. Logo is shown slightly longer.
+1.2 sec.

The Bar Fight

Forrest Taft tosses the other guy's head against the jukebox. Then, the guy falls to the ground.
1.12 sec.

Subsequently, the colored man runs towards Forrest. The latter kicks his offender in the balls - he falls to the ground as well. The first few frames of the next sequence were cut out as well.
2.68 sec.

Forrest twists the floorman's arm. This is shown from 2 different perspectives. The floorman's buddy attacks Forrest who again fights off his offender by a kick in the private parts.
3.24 sec.

Of course, you don't see the man going down tiwsted in pain.
0.96 sec.

The next man seized by the arm and thrown through a window.
6.64 sec.

The Torture

After Otto broke Hugh's second finger, you can see the latter scream a little longer. MacGruder approaches him but Hugh says that he should go to hell. Then, MacGruder gets a pipe cutter and gives it to Otto. After that, MacGruber serches for the disc in the kitchen. There's a short sequence of blood running down Hugh's pants. After a second cut to MacGruber you again see Hugh. Otto tortures him with the pipe cutter - he puts it to Hugh's leg. Hugh screams in pain.
32.92 sec.

The Fight inside the Cabin

Forrest shoots the guy in the stomach and in the legs with his shootgun.
0.56 sec.

Forrest hits Otto with the club made of ivory.
1.16 sec.

Inside the Refinery

After Forrest called for the guard, you don't see the guy looking through the door's window just before Forrest shoots him.
1.28 sec.

Forrest twists his opponent's arm and throws him at a concrete pier. Then he breaks his arm and kicks him in the face with his foot. After that, he kicks him in the nuts and tosses him around some more. Then, the UK tape continues.
5.28 sec.

After Liles drove in the tank, you don't see the gasoline flowin towards the fire. Then follows a shot of Liles trying to get out of the car.
2.92 sec.

You don't see the two guys who are on fire.
2.32 sec.

Forrest hit a guy's (who lies on the ground) head with an iron bar. (The following was shot in slow motion:) Another man who runs towards Forrest also gets hit on the head with the iron bar. He falls to the ground.
5.16 sec.

After Forrest rammed the knife in the guy's face, you on the German DVD aslo see him smashing the guy's head against the wall.
0.56 sec.