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Jackass: Number Two


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 17, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
A comparison between the theatrical version (R-rated, represented by the US fullscreen DVD by Paramount) and the unrated US DVD by Paramount

The second Jackass movie, too, had to be censored in some places in order to get an R-rating. Actually, all the cuts concern scenes where in some form or other something is done with genitalia or where genitalia are shown (more clearly); because of this, the grossness factor of the unrated version is definetly higher. As with the predecessor's unrated version, its safe to say that those additions were made for the "hardcore jackass fan", who can't get enough crudity. Of course, everyone should judge for themselves.

The most important changes

* A complete scene, where a leech is attached to Dave England's testicle, is missing
* The scene where they drink a horse's semen is uncensored; in the theatrical version there is a black bar in front of the mouth
* There is a different sized image section when they are shaving their pubes, which means that in the unrated version there are more scenes where the genital area can be seen more clearly

The rest of the changes are unimportant, some shots with questionable content were just shortened for the R-rating, as it is usual in America, but there is no really new footage to be seen in their places.

Runtimes refer to the theatrical version

- Unrated: 93:28 min. including end credits NTSC

- R-rated / theatrical version: 91:53 min. incl. end credits NTSC

* 12 cuts / changes due to censorship
* 4 alternative scenes / cuts
* 2 unimportant scene additions in the R-rated version

- cut length: 95 sec. (=1:35 min.)

Butt Chug


During the "beer enema" you see in the beginning a little longer how Steve-O sticks the tube up his colon.

2.3 sec


The shot lasts a little longer without offering mentionable additions.

1.6 sec


Steve-O can be seen a while longer excreting the beer.

1 sec

Unimportant scene additions (R-rated version)

The unspectacular frontal shot of Steve-O is 12 frames longer in the R-rated version.

+0.5 sec

How To Milk A Horse

The long shot of the mare is a little longer without showing explicit details.

3.2 sec


The shot of the milking in progress was shortened by a few unimportant frames.

0.7 sec


Also, the following shot is a little longer in the unrated version, Knoxville is grinning into the camera.

0.9 sec



1 sec

Censorship / Unimportant Scene Addition (R-rated version)

While in the R-rated version the shot of Knoxville & Sergio is a little longer, there is an unnecessary shot of the horse's member in the unrated version.

Difference: Unrated version is 1.1 sec longer


Now, here is the censorship that has been well known since the theatrical release: when Chris Pontius is drinking the horse's semen, his mouth is covered by a black bar saying "Censored" from the moment on he puts the cup to his lips until he finishes drinking (all together only 2 sec).
You can also see the difference between the unrated widescreen DVD and the fullscreen theatrical version DVD on these images.

no time difference

R-rated Version:

Unrated Version:

The Leech Healer

Alternative Footage/ Cut

In the R-rated version, you first see the man saying "They are having disorders like which treated by the leech application...", then there's a shot of the leeches accompanied by the following line from off screen: "...detoxification of the blood, we apply leech for them."

In the unrated version, the shot of the leeches comes first while the first part of the sentence comes from off screen and starting with "detoxification..." there is a long shot of the guys.

This was cut differently, because the scene continues after the line with a long shot of the treatment of Dave England's testicles, while in the R-rated version there follows a similar frontal shot of the crew where Steve-O's action is seen immediately.

no time difference

R-rated Version:

Unrated Version:


Now, the longer cut: Before Steve-O gets a leech put on his eye you can see in the unrated version how Dave England mistreats his testicle with a leech.

First, you see him in a long shot, saying: "That sounds good. Let's put one on Dave's nut." The man answers: "I donīt advise to apply leeches on testicles. If you have to apply, you can apply yourself." After Steve-O picks up the box containing the leeches, there's a close up of him attaching a leech to Dave's testicle. The man tells them: "Leech cannot suck blood from that body part, if that is not impure", then you see the further treatment.
Dave screams like crazy, the others laugh & Knoxville tells him repeatedly: "You gotta leave it on!". Dave can't take it anymore and asks repeatedly to remove the leeches and Steve-O finally obliges. After a short shot of his face, twisted with pain, Knoxville hits him in the stomach. Also, the words "fuck" and "shit" are uttered relentlessly in this scene.

80 sec

Alternative Footage

Now it's getting a little complicated: While Steve-O says "And now for the grand finale, the leech monocle" in the unrated version and the scene continues in one piece, they shot a nearly identical scene for the theatrical version, in which Steve-O says "If leeches are that great at healing, letīs see what they can do for my eyeball" instead. The scenes have been exchanged, since without the testicle scene, there is no reason to announce a "finale".

When the box is passed to Johnny in the R-rated version, there are two short, new scenes inserted (compare cut 54:21-54:28), after that, the R-rated version continues with the end of the shot that began in the unrated version in this place; Knoxville now already holds the leeches in his hand.

no time difference

AlternativeFootage / Cut

In the unrated version, the same shot is used when the leeches are passed to Knoxville. In the theatrical version, the line "Leech cannot suck blood from that body part, if that is not impure" is inserted first, which could be heard during the testicle scene, then there is alternative footage of a close up of Knoxville receiving the leeches.

Difference: +4 sec

Old Man Balls

Alternative Footage

Here, the theatrical version features an additional and more harmless side view shot, when the dog is attacking Knoxville's fake testicles. In the unrated version, the shot that follows in the theatrical version is remarkably longer in return (see the following cut).

+2.4 sec


In the unrated version, the dog chews a lot longer on Knoxville's fake testicles, who was artificially aged with make up.

9.6 sec

Terror Taxi


When the guys shave their pubes to donate them to Ehreb McGehey's fake beard, a pretty close close up was chosen for the fullscreen R-rated DVD so that the genitalia are outside of the image frame. In other places, a completely different shot is used; for example, in the unrated, exclusively Steve-O's genital area can be seen and in the theatrical version only his torso. The close up of Preston is also only to be found in the unrated version.

no time difference

Unrated VersionTheatrical Version