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The Burning

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The Pope’s Exorcist


original title: Ma wing jing


  • International Version
  • Taiwanese Version
Release: Sep 05, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international version, represented by a German VHS, and the taiwanese extended version, represented by a Video-CD by Scholar.

Surprisingly, the internatinal Version of this gory Eastern from Shaw Brothers was released uncut in Germany and several other countries like the UK and Japan. The international version is longer than all known versions from Hong Kong - the film's country of origin - which were cut by the goriest shots on VHS, Laserdisc and Video-CD. For the DVD release, the films was cut even more.

In Taiwan, a version was released which contains alternative footage during the decapitation scene about half way through the film. Here, the Taiwanese version is even more explicit than the international version. Occasionally, one can find the respective DVD version on

The run time information refer to the German VHS version.
The remaining run time difference results from the display of a logo during the opening credits of the German version, the different running speed of PAL and NTSC, and the respective rounding up and off of the runtime of certain scenes to full and half seconds.
Run time of the German VHS: 1:33:30 min. (1:31:47 min. excluding end credits)
Run time of the Taiwanese VCD: 1:37:24 min. (1:35:50 min. excluding end credits)

1 alternative shot = No time difference
International Version:

Taiwanese VCD:

No time difference

Decapitation of the police commander:

In the international version, the beheading is cut differently than in the Taiwanese one.
In the international version, one can only see shots of the two horsemen riding off and thus dragging the wires wound around the commander's head.
In the Taiwanese version, one can see a shot of the victim's head being torn off by the wires. The horsemen are only seen at the edge of the shot. Subsequently, a short shot of the horrified relatives follows.

International Version:

Taiwanese VCD:

No time difference