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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.19 Storm Over Ryloth


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 27, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (aired on German television) and the Director's Cut (included in the DVD box-set released by Warner Home Video).

Runtime TV = 20:57
Runtime DC = 23:15

Under the control of Wat Tambor the Separatists are able to take over the Twi'lek's home planet Ryloth. The Republic dispatch Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu to help the Twi'leks.
Skywalker's squadron is supposed to break the embargo around the planet in order to be able to let the ground troops land on the planet.
During the attack on the space ships Ahsoka leads his own squadron for the first time.

Most of the Director's Cut's additional scenes concern Ahsoka's first leading position.
TV: 00:00
DC: 00:00
The TV version starts with the "Clone Wars"-logo while the DC at first shows a black screen.
0.92 sec

TV: 01:01
DC: 01:02

Before they arrive at Ryloth you see the spaceship in hyperspace. Admiral Yularen enters the control room and hears that they will soon leave hyperspace. He gives the order to get combat-ready.

13.44 sec

TV: 01:16
DC: 01:30

R7 beeps and Ahsoka responds that she's not nervous. Anakin joins them and tries to encourage his padawan to be ready to take charge for the first time. However, he's not really good at it and rather makes Ahsoka more nervous by saying that her men are all ready and willing to risk their lives.
Skywalker leaves the hangar and Ahsoka mumbles to herself - she hopes that she won't disappoint them.

27.08 sec

TV: 01:44
DC: 02:26

The squadron leaves the track. Then you see a shot of Ahsoka.

1.64 sec

TV: 01:53
DC: 02:36

In the TV version Mar Tuuk directly tells to send the troops out. In the DC he at first addresses the droid.

2.44 sec

TV: 01:56
DC: 02:42

Subsequent to this order the droid leaves the screen and Mar Tuuk is shown slightly longer. Te beginning of the next scene (the troops get ready) was shortened as well.

1 sec

TV: 02:00
DC: 02:47

When the droid troops fly off the scene is slightly longer.

0.88 sec

TV: 02:10
DC: 02:58

Admiral Yularen tells Ahsoka over the radio that they can start. In both versions she thanks him. Then Ahsoka talks to R7 and Axe (whom she tells to stick close to her; he's supposed to wait for her signal - he affirms it).

11.52 sec

TV: 02:21
DC: 03:20

When the two enemy squadrons clash you hear an additional radio message of Ahsoka (she tells her squadron to get ready to fight). Then she shoots two of the enemy spaceships.

14.56 sec

TV: 03:01
DC: 04:15

Before the droid announces that Ahsoka's squadron heads for the flagship you see the Separatists' spaceships.

1.48 sec

TV: 03:45
DC: 05:00

Since Ahsoka doesn't react to Yularen's order, Yularen asks Anakin if he told her how to reject commands.

2.56 sec

TV: 03:49
DC: 05:07

Ahsoka tells her men to stay in formation.

2.96 sec

TV: 04:00
DC: 05:21

Back in the control room Yularen says that the enemies come in superior numbers. The TV version continues when he says that they're approaching them.

1.52 sec

TV: 04:32
DC: 05:54

The admiral asks where the squadron is and Ahsoka responds that they're almost there. Ahsoka's sentence was cut out for the TV version.

1.88 sec

TV: 05:57
DC: 07:20
After the escape the black screen is 2 frames longer.
0.08 sec

TV: 09:26
DC: 10:50

Ahsoka looks at Anakin a little longer after asking him what they're supposed to accomplish.

1.16 sec

TV: 12:55
DC: 14:20

Rex asks Skywalker to leave a few enemy ships over. Anakin laughs and says that this is no problem.

3.6 sec

TV: 13:12
DC: 14:41
Anakin enters his spaceship and after Rex' instruction to go back to work the TV version fades out to the commercial break. When the TV version continues you see a few more frames of the Defender.
TV: 2.2 sec

TV: 18:29
DC: 19:56

Soon-to-be Darth Vader is shown a little earlier inside the escape capsule. Ahsoka's radio message in the DC begins with the words "Sky Guy".

0.64 sec

TV: 20:53
DC: 22:20

The credits were almost completely cut out. You only see George Lucas' name and the Lucasfilm logo. The circle around Captain Rex is not shown as well.

TV: 4.36 sec
DC: 54.56 sec