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Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Amiga Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jul 15, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

This very popular Run'and'Gund action platforming game developed by DATA EAST can probably be compared to Contra. You play two mercenaries who have to shoot themselves through the levels in order to save their family mambers. The game is a sequel to the game HEAVY BARREL which was shown from the bird's eye perspective and thus rather played like Commando or IKARI. The original arcade version was very successful and thus ported to numerous platforms. Besides versions with reduced graphics on the C64, Atari ST, or Sega Genesis there was a gread Amiga version which is closest to the original version and also includes great sound. During a closer comparison we noticed that towards the end of the game there's a small alteration of a character flipping the bird. Of course it is debatable whether or not this was done due to censorship, yet, since the versions without the middle finger came out later we believe that it is appropriate to make a report about it. See for yourself:
The aim of the game is to free all six family members from the enemy. On the end screen you can see the mercenaries with their saved parents or siblings looking at the horizon. Depending on how good you did during the game, some of the family members might be missing. Instead you can see shooting stars in the sky for every deceased person. At max you can save six persons. One of the soldiers flips the horizon the bird. This small gesture is only included in the Amiga Version but not in the Amiga Version but not in the Arcade or C64 Version. However, this can only be seen if you finish the game with player 2, since he is the mercenary on the right side of the image.
Arcade / C64 VersionAmiga Version

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