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Release: Dec 22, 2010 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The French-Canaddian-US co-production Splice, advertised as scary movie which technically doesn't want to be one, has been released in two different versions. In the US, UK and Canada, Version #1 (here: US Version) was released. France and Germany got Version #2 (here: German Version). the releases of the other parts of the world are unknown. But if it's a release by Warner, it's likely that it contains the US Version.

The differences are almost marginal. Lots of the differences are cuts with a length of a few seconds, which actually doesn't make any difference at all. Only two dialog passages removed in the US Version plus the only really important cut at the end are actually worth being mentioned, the rest is trivial. Cuts below a half second aren't mentioned, except the cut has been made at quite an interesting pasage. For instance, it's pretty interesting that, when the German Version contains one more scene, the scenes before and after that are 5 frames longer in the US Version.

Splice is about 2 geneticists, who possess first achievements in merging genetic material of different animals and plants for a pharmaceutical company and who aren't being supported for the next logical step (mixing it with human DNA) by the company they work for. Sligthly annoyed about spending the time with the chemical analysis of preliminary results from now on, they decide to mix the DNA from animals and humans secretly.

Unfortunately, Splice failed at the box office. The main reason for that is the bad promotion. Being advertised as a horror movie in the trailers, these expectations were dashed by the end result. Only a coupe of scenes are really suspenseful and even that seems to be forced. Further parts of the movie are a journey of discovery for the leading actors and the audience. Horror only shows up in the last 10 min and even here the producers didn't come up with the conventions. Splice is rather a character study and an intimate play with a couple of actors. Here the movie is sometimes exaggerated, Dren has just too many trick in petto. Obscure characteristics of the plot, which usually don't fit in a mainstream horror flick, force it into a very special corner, where especially leading actress Sarah Polley feels home. If you got no problem with that, you can enjoy an interesting movie in which the monster doesn't turn into a beast after the first act.
German Version: 4:41 | US Version: 4:22
"Fred" has a heartbeat after the electro shocks. The German Version contains a shot of Elsa while she's saying that. The US Version instead contains a black screen and her statement is audible. That's why the German Version is longer here.
German Version: 5.5 sec

German Version: 7:41 | US Version: 7:24
Joan Chorot from Newstead Pharmaceuticals in the German Version before Elsa and Clive report about the newest achievements in their office.
German Version: 3 sec

German Version 7:57 | US Version: 7:37
The German Version sticks longer with the presentation when Elsa and Clive present the archievements to Fred. The US Version contains an extended shot of the conference room instead.
German Version: 0.5 sec | US Version: 2 sec

German Version: 9:16 | US Version: 9:01
Elsa and Clive would like to get permission for tests with human DNA. But Newstead Pharmaceuticals wants to begin with phase 2, the chemical analysis of the current results. Elsa is angry about that, William Barlow explains it and a short part of that dialog is missing in the US Version
William: "Elsa, we all know, that can't happen right now. The moral outrage will be completely out of control. I mean, regulators, politicans, they'll tear us to pieces. Maybe you hadn't started so much controversy in the press."
Clive: "What does that mean?"

Here the German Version illustrates that Clive seems to be helpless much better while Elsa is much more decisive.
German Version: 4.5 sec

German Version: 15:01 | US Version: 14:56
The German Version contains an extended shot of Elsa when she's watching the cells in the uterus.
3 sec

German Version: 15:13 | US Version: 15:06
Extended shot of the uterus before the cell division in the German Version.
4.5 sec

German Version: 17:50 | US Version: 17:45
Extended shot of Elsa in the US Version when she talks to Clive about a child a new appartment. The German Version contains an extended following shot of Clive instead. The dialog itself remains unchanged but parts of it are from the off in the German Version.
German Version: 1 sec | US Version: 3.5 sec

German Version 24:10 | US Version: 24:23
When Dren scrambles in the lab, the German Version contains three extended shots: the shot from Elsa's POV under the protective suit, the frightened Elsa when she recognizes Dren at the ceiling and finally an additional shot of Clive rushing in the room.
German Version: 1.5 sec + 0.5 sec + 1.5 sec

German Version: 25:56 | US Version: 26:10
When Dren threatens Clive with the sting, the German Version contains an extended shot. That's why the viewer can see the stingt more distinctly. The following of Clive draaging Elsa away is also longer.
German Version: 1 sec

German Version: 26:03 | US Version: 26:17
Extended shot of Clive, who's armed with a tube, when he leaves the lab.
German Version: 2.5 sec

German Version: 29:35 | US Version: 29:55
Extended shot of the lab technicans in the German Version when Dren's screaming is audible in the ventilation.
German Version: 1 sec

German Version: 29:37 | US Version: 29:57
Clive thinks slightly longer in the German Version before he turns up the volume so that Dren can't be heart.
German Version: 2 sec

German Version: 67:52 | US Version: 69:47
Extended shot of Elsa entering the barn after she argued with Clive.
German Version: 3.5 sec

German Version: 67:57 | US Version: 69:49
Extended shot of Alsa running around in the barn, looking for Dren.
US Version: 1.5 sec

DF: 78:14 | US Version: 80:34
Extended shot of Elsa being shocked and standing at the door after she caught Clive sleeping with Ben. Furthermore there's an additional shot of Clive.

German Version: 78:19 | US Version: 80:36
Slightly different shot of Clive in either of the versions when Elsa runs away.
German Version: 2 sec | US Version: 1.5 sec

German Version: 78:55 | US Version: 81:12
Clive arrives at his house after the incident. Both versions contain different footage of him walking up the stairs and shortly hesitating at the doorstep.
German Version: 20 sec | US Version: 18 sec

German VersionUS Version

German Version: 79:47 | US Version: 82:04

Short dialog in the German Version after Clive took off his jacket and tried to explain why he had sex with Dren.

Clive: "I know I'm sorry isn't worth much ..."
Elsa: "I'm sorry? I'm sorry means nothing. It doesn't take anything away."

The US Version contains shorter, alternate shots. Both of them remain silent for a moment but Elsa looks really angry.

German Version: 13.5 sec | US Version: 6.5 sec

German VersionUS Version

German Version: 80:07 | US Version: 82:17
The rest of the argue is identical. Nevertheless the German Version contains an extended shot of Clive plus Elsa from the off. The US Version cuts to Elsa instead and is all in all longer.
German Version: 2.5 sec | US Version: 4.5 sec

German VersionUS Version

German Version: 80:13 | US Version: 82:25
The US Version sticks slightly longer with Elsa's face.
US Version: 1 sec

German Version: 82:24 | US Version: 84:42
So does the German Version later on.
German Version: 1.5 sec

German Version: 86:59 | US Version: 89:28
While William struggles with Elsa and Clive for an extended period in the German Version, the US Version contains a shot of Dren's grave and the moving ground. In the German Version, Dren appears out of nowhere.
German Version: 4 sec | US Version: 11 sec

German VersionUS Version

German Version: 88:22 | US Version: 91:01
Extended shot of Elsa and Clive running in the woods after Clive's brother Gavin was taken away.
German Version: 8.5 sec

German Version: 91:10 | US Version: 93:47
Extended shot of Elsa running away from Dren.
German Version: 5 sec

The scene of Clive waking up again appears at 91:16 in the German Version but at 94:47, the rape has already started.

German Version: 91:21 | US Version: 93:47
Extended shot of Clive looking for Elsa after he got up.
German Version: 6 sec

German Version: 92:24 | US Version: 94:53
Now the scene of Clive waking up. The end of it is longer in the US Version.
US Version: 4 sec

German Version: 92:24 | US Version: 94:57
Clive strays in the woods and finds his brother Gavin who's pretty battered. As a result of that, Clive needs to throw up. Gavin still twitches but it's obvious that he's going to die any second. The US Version lacks this scene so that one can only assume that Gavin is dead. He just doesn't show up anymore after he got taken by Dren.
German Version: 49.5 sec

German Version: 93:14 | US Version: 94:57
Extended shot of Dren raping Elsa in the US Version.
US 2.5 sec

German Version: 94:25 | US Version: 96:23
Slightly extended shot of Dren in the German Version before he poisens Clive.
German Version: 0.5 sec