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Jackass: The Movie


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 16, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
Finally, the guys from Jackass were allowed to unfurl a little more than it was possible in their enormously successful show on MTV, where the network regularly showed them their limits. Here, they overshot all the more. The additional nude, vomit and feces scenes were too much for an R-rating in the end.

There are probably basically two types of Jackass fans. Those, who adore everything they get presented and who cannot get enough crudity, and those, who are mainly amused by the absurd situations that the show constructs sometimes, but do not need a close up shot of vomit every other minute.

For this group, the unrated version might be less interesting, since it only offers additional gross scenes. Ryan Dunns' appearance with the toy car stuck in his butt, for example, is already unbelievably funny in the theatrical release, but the epilogue, where the car is excreted, is unnecessary.

Opinions on this may differ.

The unrated version features 3:30 minutes of footage more in 18 scenes.
In the unrated version, the whole scene with Dave England and the muscle stimulators between his legs is a single shot. In the R-rated version, a short bit in the beginning is missing, as are most of the power surges through a cut in the middle part. This is substituted in the R-rated version by a shot of Johnny Knoxville and a pan to Dave England's face, shortly before he rips off one of the stimulators.
In the R-rated version, you see one power surge in a long shot and hear one off camera.
In the unrated version, Dave England gets shocked 5 times in a long shot.
The unrated is 10.5 seconds longer here.

Chris Pontius takes his testicles out of his pants. Knoxville, who is supposed to stick the stimulators to him, can't contain himself with laughter, but gets the job done in the end.
24.5 seconds

The cameraman's reaction to England getting out of the car with crapped pants is cut differently. In the R-rated version you see Knoxville laughing first, then the cameraman who is sick. In the unrated version, it begins with a longer shot of the poor cameraman, then one of Knoxville and then again one of the cameraman.
The unrated version is 5 seconds longer here.

In the R-rated version, you see England with his crapped pants only for a few seconds - the middle part of a longer shot, and how he's trying to catch some of the feces with a paper bag. In the unrated version, you see how he pulls down his pants, uses the paper bag like in the R-rated version and throws it away while grinning.

The unrated version is 10 seconds longer here, with two cuts.

A cameraman throwing up is cut differently and longer in the unrated version. In the R-rated version, you can see a longer shot of the hurling man and then a time jump to the second time vomiting, which is identical with what you see in the unrated version. In the unrated version, the camera is changed before and the first vomiting is shown askance, then Knoxville is shown pointing at the vomit, which is then seen in a close up. Then the laughing cameraman is shown before the second throwing up.

The unrated version is 9 seconds longer here.

After the camera looks down into the toilet, it pulls back and pans to another customer in the store.
9 seconds

Steve-O is eating more of the stuff at the Japanese restaurant and throws up on his plate before quitting.
48 seconds

Steve-O fires another bottle rocket from his butt. Then he tries to tie a rocket to Pontius' taped up penis. But he's shaking his penis so Steve-O can't grab it.
23 seconds

Steve-O pulls the string that is tied to Pontius' penis repeatedly.
10.5 seconds

Before the guy pees on his ice cream, he opens his pants. In the R-rated version he just pulls them down.
2 seconds

He gags a little longer and Knoxville laughs some more.
4 seconds

Some gagging, again.
1 second

Again, he's gagging a little longer. Also, the guy who kicks him to the floor runs at him for a longer time.
5.5 seconds

He throws up longer. Then he sticks his hand into the vomit, takes a chunk and puts it in his mouth. In the R-rated version, only the middle part with throwing up once is shown.
The unrated version is 23.5 seconds longer here.

Close up of the condom that's being shoved up Ryan Dunne's butt.
2 seconds

Everybody around Ryan is laughing for a longer time before they go to the doctor.
9 seconds

The condom is excreted on the toilet and thrown at the floor.
40 seconds