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Future Kill

original title: Night of the Alien


  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 18, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparsion of the BBFC 18-version of Media Releasing with the Unrated DVD of Subversive Cinema.

The movie Future Kill won most of his level of awareness because of two reasons: The cast of two main actors from ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Edwin Neal and Marylin Burns as well as for the film posters which were created by H.R. Giger. Rumors are spread why Giger worked for a production like this. Some sources claim he was bound by contract, others say it was a friendly turn for the director and Giger was pretty angry when he saw the posters for the first time because he did not know about what kind of story the movie contains. Either way the movie has a small but loyal fanbase in the US.

An interessting fact is the censorship which occured in many countries. The uncut version received the feared X-rating (today NC-17), so the rental company decided to to cut the movie to receive a R-rating. This version was released via VHS and has been sent into the world. While the movie was slightly cut in the US, the European versions had to be cut heavier. As the US rental group Vestron used to publish a r-rated and unrated version, this time nothing seemed to happen. Nowhere a special tape can be found. With the Limited Collector’s Edition of Subversive finally an unrated version was published in 2006.

Usual to German praxis, as well as the english version, the movie was ‘mutilated’ a lot more for about 2 ½ minutes. The english version is examined in this review.

The runtime refers to the cut version.
Additional runtime differences result from different speed between PAL and NTSC
BBFC18:1:17:27 Min. (1:14:29 Min. w/o credits)
Lauflänge der Unrated DVD: 1:23:21 Min. (1:20:12 Min. w/o credits)

7 cut scenes = 2 min. 40 sec.

The logo from the english version is missing in this DVD version.

This is the reason why the BBFC18 versions is a bit longer, exactly for:
6,5 Sec.

The titleshots are different because of the deceptive english alternative title.
BBFC 18:


no time difference

The 'Frat Boys' encounter the mutants.

Clint's death is missing in the english version: Splatter rams his armblades into his jaw; Clint spills out blood. Afterwards there are two shots of Splatter who lifts up Clint and grins at him in a diabolic way and Clint, twisted with pain, and a severe flow of blood from his stabbing wounds. Additionally Clint rolls his eyes.6 Sec.

Splatter and the street girl:

After the woman is scared because of what she has found in Splatter’s pants, the rest of the scene is completely missing. Splatter grabs her head and pulls her on his loins. He asks her maliciously if she has something against a modern man with ‘deplaced body parts’ because of nuclear circumstances and adds that she will find enough where she can put on her mouth. The girl rears up and is pushed away by Splatter.
She crawls back to a wall; Splatter follows her. He grabs her on her throat, lifts her up and and furls her into a piece of the corrugated iron wall. He dents this coil and while he asks if she is not in the mood anymore he dents the coil more and more. Blood spurs out of the upper part of the coil.
Apparently the girl is death and Splatter leaves her alone.
50,5 Sec.

Splatter interrogates Julie’s Friend:

Splatter assumes her to lie and rips off her top, her boobs are shown in a close-up.
She tells him in fear that others told he has killed Eddie. Splatter responses Eddie was weak and changed hisself while he strokes down her body with his claw. He just stops at her Back: She begs him to release her; he responses that will do so if she tells him where the others are, he touches her bum. She repeats she doesn’t know whereas Splatter responses she is a liar and touches her private parts with his claw.
There is a short back and forth with the accusations; Splatter looses the lust to discuss and kills her with his claw. Afterwards he looks at her blood smeared face.
37 Sec.

Showdown / Splatter’s death:

Dorothy rams the trident in a close-up in the open belly wound. She curls the trident into the wound and pulls it out with a scream whereas Splatter’s guts are leaving his body aswell. Dorothy happily goes back.
3,5 Sec.

Splatter is shown in the inside of the chamber; bloods flows from his nose and mouth, he looks around in panic and gasps. The others are shown in front of the door in another shot.
6 Sec.

Splatter’s painful death is missing in the english version. Out of every body opening blood flows and one can see Splatter on the ground, the others observe the happening on a monitor. When Splatter’s left eye bursts and a lot of fluid spurs out even Steven has to turn away. Splatter finally dies and sinks to the ground. The english version continues with the last shot of Splatter on the ground.
40,5 Sec.

After leaving the building:

Steve breaks the last Goon from Splatter’s gang the neck with a distinct crack and in slow-motion. The victim goes to the ground.
16,5 Sec.