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original title: Long quan


  • Japanese Version
  • Standard Version
Release: Jun 29, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Japanese Version (taken from the 2014 Japanese Blu-ray) and the Standard Version (taken from the German Blu-ray by Splendid)

- 6 cuts
- Total cut length: 557.1 sec (= 9:17 min)

The old Japanese Blu-ray of this early Jackie Chan flick contained the alleged Japanese Version in ist bonus section. It lacked the intro fight but offered its own intro sequence instead. Unfortunately, this version was only a reconstruction based on the Fortune Star master of the regular version so it could not be said whether it really was identical to the original Japanese Version.

The Japanese reissue Blu-ray published on December 24, 2014, however, features a real HD picture taken from a Japanese film reel and gives further insight: there are even more scenes missing in the Japanese Version. This means that the new release despite its great pictures is not without flaws, especially for foreign viewers because it features hardcoded Japanese subtitles at the side and does not contain an English audio track or subtitles.
Besides the different intro sequence showing the fight of Jackie’s master, about seven more minutes are missing. A complete storyline about the kidnapping of one of Jackie’s fellows is missing – first a long scene sequence showing it, later several short references to it in the showdown.

By the way: HERE are a few uncompressed screenshotsof the Japanese HD master (and some of the Fortune Star master as a comprarison).

Running time designations are formatted like this
Japanese Blu-ray Reissue / German Blu-ray (standard version)
Logos / Credits

The additional German company logos have not been counted to the running time difference.
The Lo Wie Motion Picture logo can be seen in both versions, then the Japanese title overlay can be seen before the intro sequence (which is actually from the end of the movie) with its own credits and the Japanese theme song.
The waving flags can be seen in both versions, only the standard version shows the practice fight of Jackie’s master.
For details please refer to the movie comparison for the old Japanese Blu-ray.

Regular Version 140,1 sec longer

64:18 / 67:28-73:11

The Japanese Version fades to black after the shot of Quen mourning and lacks the following scene sequence.

James Tien and his colleagues stop one of the clan’s members and attack him. After some beating they ask him about the location of the chubby one.
Next scene, the two are in front of a house of the bad guys. After a brief and rather irrelevant shot of the two guards talking, then Tien and his companion take them down and surprise the guy they are looking for inside. The next fight is being done by Tien’s colleague alone. Tien holds him back, saying that they should interrogate and not kill the guy.
A scene with Quen follows. He wants to bring the chubby guy to justice and asks his caughter for his cane. However, when the door to the cell is being opened, they find the chubby guy murdered. Quen’s questions about the murderer remain unanswered.
Then the rival master Fei can be seen, demanding revenge for the chubby guy’s death. Jackie is sceptical and is even called out as a possible suspect. Again, he is promised the recipe for the medicine and thereby forced to cooperate.
Regular Version 341,9 sec (= 5:42 min) longer

70:50 / 79:43-79:59
Fei is asking for the chubby one, Quen has no answer. Jackie is told to make sure everything is alright.

15,9 sec

71:06 / 80:15-80:33

Jackie says that he is only doing his job and asks for the chubby one. Tien says that they will not release him so Jackie threatens Tien.

18 sec

71:19 / 80:46-81:04

The both go towards Jackie longer and discuss the release of the chubby one a bit longer.

17,9 sec

76:22 / 86:07-86:30

James Tien and his colleague boast about their treacherous activities – here they say that it was them who killed the chubby one. Jackie asks for the reason, after all he was with them. The answer is that sometimes small sacrifices are needed for a greater good, at least they were able to come close to Quen and try to kill him like this.

22,9 sec