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original title: Rosso Sangue


  • Original Version
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Release: Dec 12, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD released by Astro and the Belgian Extended Version.

The Belgian and the French VHS-Versions are often called extended versions, since they supposedly include all the dialogues - some of them are missing in many other versions. Especially interesting for collectors is a scene of a homeless man and a few bikers which is completely included in these VHS-versions. Surprisingly, it seems that the Belgian VHS tape that was used for this version is missing out on one plot scene.

The German DVD as well as the Belgian VHS both include a few film tears (each with a runtime of roughly 3 seconds or less) - these are not individually mentioned in this report. Scenes that are marked italic are those that can only be seen on the Astro DVD.

Thanks go to Videomike1 who provided the Astro DVD for this report!
The scene of the old homeless guy and the bikers begins in the middle of the scene in the Original Version. In the Belgian Version, the scene is completely included: The old man staggers around, all alone. Then, some bikers arrive and circle around him for a while. The beginning of that scene is included in the Original Version, but it follows way later than in the Belgian Version(at minute 22.03).
20 sec

Subsequent to the scene just mentioned, the Original Version shows an additional shot of the devices in the hospital. However, this seems to be sort of the "Astro-style" (see the following "cuts").
+ 2 sec

Again, there's an additional shot of the devices. This scene is included in the middle of a reversing panning shot of the doctors. The Belgian Version shows this panning shot without any interruptions.
+ 3 sec

+ 3 sec

And once again...
+ 2 sec

The undead is now shown a little longer lying on the stretcher. However, the missing sequences of that shot are shown about 30 seconds later in the Original Version - in the middle of a completely different scene (!).
No difference in time.

The conversation with the woman on the phone is a little longer in the Original Version. All the others enthusiastically watch the soccer game. The Belgian Version continues when you see the boy on the sofa. However, the beginning of this shot of the boy on the sofa is a little longer in the Original Version. The scene is probably missing due to a film tear.
+ 68 sec

In the Belgian version there's an additional shot of the girl running away from the undead.
13 sec