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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jul 02, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version (both on the US-DVD from Summit Entertainment)

- R-Rated: 109:23 min. in NTSC
- Unrated: 129:57 min. in NTSC

- 110 changed bits, including
* 57x alternative footage
* 9x changed audio
* 1 recut

- Difference: 1234 sec (= 20:34 min)

The movie

Sex Drive provides nothing new in content: virgin Ian gets to know a woman over the Internet and drives across the country to meet with her and, ideally, have sex with her. In for the ride are the (somewhat undercover) womanizer Lance and his best friend Felicia who is unaware of the purpose of their road trip.

Innovations are nowhere to be seen in the story and I bet that nobody expects them anyway. What counts are crude events on the trip, flavored with absurdity, dirty jokes and bizarre sideshow characters, especially David Koechner as stressed hitchhiker and Seth Green as Amish leader Ezekiel.

Of course the movie is a slap across the face for any highbrow film fan and the overall level is extremely low - but one really has to appreciate the consistency with which Sex Drive places one crude joke after another.

The longer version

You know the drill: A few deleted scenes and additional nude shots are crammed into a teeny comedy to sell it a second time as a profitable Unrated Version.

Fortunately, we are treated to a real Unrated this time, indicated by the enormous running time difference of over 20 minutes! From the very first minute we know that this won't be the usual kind of Unrated Version, since the movie starts with an introduction by the director and the producer making fun of the various conventions of Unrated Versions...only to present breasts and genitals in its purest form just a moment later. The movie itself then provides everything the viewer could ask for: numerous extensions of nude shots and sex scenes as well as whole new footage, cruder dialogue, audio changes containing fouler language as well as random fart noises or simply naked women and genitals pasted into the movie just for the hell of it. Outtakes are used in the movie itself as well.

Especially because of the last part this movie might not be something for everybody. Sure it is a nice idea but it doesn't really benefit the movie itself. According to the filmmakers, the Theatrical Version should be watched beforehand.

Time data is provided as follows:
R-Rated in NTSC (Unrated in NTSC)
00:00 (00:00-02:06)

Die Unrated starts with an introduction from the director and the producer standing in front of a studio background, making fun of genre conventions and warning the viewer about this version of the movie. The spoken dialogue is amateurish on purpose.

Anders: "Hello, my name is Sean Anders. Screenwriter and director of Sex Drive."
Morris approaches from the bottom of the screen and Anders says: "Hi, John. I didn't see you there. This is John Morris."
Morris: "Screenwriter and producer of Sex Drive. Welcome to the unrated..."
Anders: "Uncircumcised..."
Morris: "...edition of..."
Both, not really synchronal: "...Sex Drive!"
Anders: "How many times has this happened to you?"
Morris: "You purchase an unrated DVD to view with your friends. Only with your friends..."
Anders: "Only to find that you got the same old movie with a few extra curse words, and maybe an additional tit or two."
Morris: "What a jip."
Anders: "And how..."
Morris: "Not this time."
Anders: "That's right, John. On this unrated DVD we promise you,"
Both point at the viewer: "...the viewer, a genuinely wacky, zany and unrated viewing experience."
These words appear also on screen.
Morris: "We promise..."
Anders: "Plus, we promise more tits. Bare tits like these..."
He points to the left where a naked woman is standing - her breasts are shown in a close up along with the text "Tits!".
Anders: "These tits are good."
Morris: "Plus, more cock, like this."
A black penis is presented, along with the word "Cock!".
Anders: "That's good cock, John. That's right, John, and that's not all, we promise lots of additional scenes, takes and other bullshit that will make the movie way too long."
Morris: "And this means a lower standard of film making for you,"
Both point at the camera again: "...the viewer."
Morris: "So, if you've never seen Sex Drive before, please, for real, do not watch this version first. Watch the real theatrical version and then come back and watch this one."
Anders: "Why?"
Morris: "Because this version of the movie is going to suck!"
Lance talks to the naked woman: "Sorry, but I couldn't help but notice you. I have this exact same tribal tattoo. Mine's one my... It's on my back. But actually I have a town car outside if you wanna go see..."
Both laugh an walk off.

125,9 sec

03:37 (05:43-05:57)

Rex tells Ian to get up a bit longer.

Ian: "All right."
Rex: "No, now, homo."
Ian: "Just give me a minute."
Rex: "No, no, no, no. Now, sissy."
Ian: "Just..."
Rex: "No, now, chode-stroker. Now, ball bag."

14 sec

Alternative footage
03:47-03:50 (06:07-06:17)

Alternative shot of Rex. Then only in the Unrated a shot of Ian in the bed and Rex attacking.

TV: "Hey, sorry, Big D. Just go back to sleep. You, get up."

Unrated: "Hey, Big D, sorry. Go back to sleep. You're golden. You, get your ass up. What're you doing under there, huh? What're you doing? You're firing off your skin pistol? Come on, get up."

Unrated 7,3 sec longer

03:57 (06:24)

The shot of Rex starts earlier in the R-Rated.

+ 0,2 sec

Alternative footage
03:59 (06:26-06:30)

In exchange, the Unrated is longer in the end and Rex says: "Your little brother's sleeping not ten feet away. Jesus Christ!"

In the TV the following shot starts half a second earlier.

Unrated 4,2 sec longer


Alternative footage
04:27-04:29 (06:58-07:01)

Alternative shot with alternative line.

KF: "Yeah, Ian, get up. You're being rude."
Unrated: "Yeah, Ian, come on. You're being rude."

Unrated 1,8 sec longer


Alternative footage
05:52 (08:24-08:30)

Longer shot of Ian in the car in the R-Rated after he said that he's not gay.

In the Unrated, Rex continues to taunt him.

Rex: "Dad thinks you're gay."
Ian: "What?"
Rex: "You're breaking the old man's heart."
Ian: "No, I'm not. I told him I'm not."

Unrated 5,6 sec longer

06:08 (08:46-08:56)

In the Unrated, Rex elaborates on the question whether Ian likes cock or balls better..

"You like them both, don't you? It's like, sometimes like, Tuesdays you want the big, old fucking shiny-ass cock, and Wednesdays and Thursdays you're on to the balls."

10,3 sec

06:09 (08:57-09:29)

In the Unrated, Ian is seen longer and Rex elaborates further.

Rex: "You can't choose, can you? That's a tough one. You love it and you're obsessed with it.
Ian: "No, you are. You keep talking about it."
Rex: "Why're you smiling at me? I'm serious. Don't fucking smile at me. You know I'll knock you out of this goddamn earth. What does it taste like? Like, right when you take your mouth off and it's like kind of like you can almost see your reflection in that fucking cock. Smack you in the face with it a little bit. You don't like that?"
Ian starts: "I don't eat..."
Rex: "Just cut. Just like, shiny fucking stiff, hot vascular mushroom head. Yeah, yeah."

31,7 sec

06:51 (10:11-10:26)

Rex sends some more comments Ians way - the first sentence is heard in the R-Rated too.

"Hey, Ian, try not to come home any gayer than you are now. Seriously, though. You're a fag. Hey, don't look at me like that. I'll punch you in the goddamn throat."

14,6 sec

Alternative footage
07:23-07:28 (10:58-11:03)

While the R-Rated show a bra and a bellybutton, the Unrated shoves a pair of breasts in the viewers face for five solid seconds.

no time difference


Alternative footage
07:36-07:41 (11:11-11:16)

In the R-Rated, a woman in a dress walks around in the background while in the Unrated it is another and also stark naked woman.

no time difference


09:32 (13:07-13:12)

Another naked woman walks through the frame.

5 sec

11:49 (15:29-15:32)

Lance talks about his theory that girls do not prefer the nice guy: "Do you get it? 'Cause I mean, it feels like I'm teaching you to walk sometimes."

3,4 sec

12:49 (16:32-16:36)

The girl is seen longer asking Andy and Randy whether they wanna help the children in Ecuador and the reaction is as follows:

"Not really."
"We don't have any money."
"No jobs."

3,8 sec

Alternative footage
13:11-13:12 (16:58-17:03)

Andy and Randy are asking more things.

"What color bra are you wearing?"
"Is your mom hot, too?"
"Are you into me?"
"Where do you live?"
"What color car do you have?"

In the R-Rated only the following two questions are heard:

"Where do you live?"
"Is your mom hot, too?"

Unrated 4,1 sec longer

Alternative footage
14:00-14:05 (17:51-17:56)

There have not been any Unrated-related changes for far too long, so a random naked woman walks through the frame as Ian talks to Becca.

no time difference


Alternative footage
14:35-14:50 (18:26-19:12)

Longer camera movement before we see Lance approaching.
He walks up to two naked girls in the pool and says: "Laura, Cindy, this shit is totally gratuitous. I love it."
As he walks off we see Andy and Randy emerge from the water.
Lance goes into the house and greets other girls, of whom one is making out with some old dude.

The R-Rated shows shorter shots of him entering the house.

Unrated 30,8 sec longer

Alternative footage
15:14-15:17 (19:36-19:39)

A naked woman working out has been pasted into the movie.

no time difference


15:37 (19:59)

Lindsay is seen earlier in the Unrated.

0,2 sec

Alternative footage
15:38-15:42 (20:00-20:09)

Lance utters a different line.

TV: "You know what else about our boy Ian here?"
Unrated: "Fucking A your mom likes Ian. Look at him. He's a big, bright crimson king. Right? You know what else?"

Unrated 4,8 sec longer


Alternative footage
15:48-15:51 (20:15-20:24)

Alternative line from lance again.
In the Unrated, we first see Lindsay, then Lance, then Lindsay again.
The R-Rated shows Lance, then Lindsay.

TV: "He's fresh meat."
Unrated: "Don't let that deter you from fucking him."

Unrated 6 sec longer


Alternative footage
16:25-16:31 (20:58-21:11)

As Lindsay sucks on Ians fingers he says in the R-Rated: "There, what, you're gonna... Two in there."

In the Unrated he says: "You can just stick with my finger if you want 'cause this feels great, so... You're really good at that. That's really wet. Two..."

Unrated 6,7 sec longer


17:23 (22:04-22:19)

Felicia doesn't tell her secret right away and also yells at a peeping tom.

Ian: "Okay."
Felicia: "But it's like a girl secret, so... Can you handle it? Are you sure? Okay."
Ian: "Yeah."
She turns to a guy and says: "Hey, Dibits, fuck off."
Then one last time, hesitating: "Okay, so I... Oh my God, this is so lame."

16,3 sec

18:51 (23:47-24:46)

As Ian returns to the room, Lindsay is in the middle of a gang bang. Ian is invited to join but Ian refuses. Lance however is all for it.

Lindsay (from the Off): "Well, come on, Ian."
Ian: "You know what? I'm good. I'm just gonna..."
Lindsay: "Ian, come on, baby. Don't be shy."
Ian: "No, thanks. It looks like you got your hands full there, so..."
Mann: "Sure you don't want to get in on this, bro?"
Ian: "No, thanks, man. It looks like you fellows got it all under control. So I'm just gonna skedaddle. You all take care now. Lindsay, say hi to your mom."
Mann: "All right. See you later, buddy."
Er walks out and Lance asks: "Ian. Dude, where you going? Shit."
He opens the door and walks in, saying "Hey, Goldie, scoot over".

59,3 sec

Changed audio
19:00-19:02 (24:55-24:57)

Randy says something different to the girl.

TV: "Do you wanna make out with us?"
Unrated: "You should pee on us."

Alternative footage
19:19-19:20 (25:14-25:20)

Ian walks off longer in the R-Rated whereas in the Unrated we see Randy hitting on a girl.
"Nice hair. It'll look even better in my crotch."

Alternative shot of Ian.

Unrated 4,6 sec longer


Alternative footage
19:22-19:24 (25:22-25:26)

The R-Rated stays with Andy saying: "Dude, come on."
In the Unrated, we see Andy saying "Come on", then Randy asking "What's going on? Something troubling you?".

Unrated 2,2 sec longer


Alternative footage
19:37-19:38 (25:39-25:43)

R-Rated: One take as Andy spits on the floor.

Several takes of him spitting in the Unrated.

Unrated 3,2 sec longer

Alternative footage
19:49-19:50 (25:54-26:03)

Here the subject of the extension is the new material in Unrated Versions not really fitting into the movie.

In the R-rated we see the both a bit longer and the girl days "Fuck off!" from the Off.

In the Unrated we get a close up of Andy saying "Yeah!" followed by several alternative takes of him hitting on her - each time interrupted by the same "Yeah!".
"I'm into you and I'm hard. (Yeah.) Hey, I was born to fertilize. (Yeah.) I'm a firefighter."

Then we hear the "Fuck off!" and Randy clicks his tongue.

Unrated 7,7 sec longer

20:04 (26:17-26:22)

Close up of Randy saying: "We would take that ass and just..."
Then we see Andy who doesn't know how to end that sentence either.

5,4 sec

20:14 (26:32-26:37)

Close up of Randy trying to hit on another girl: "Hey, do you have a phone number? You don't. Okay."

5,1 sec

Alternative footage
20:46-20:54 (27:09-27:22)

As Ians brother Dylan smells his finger when Ian asks whether he has hit the right hole, both versions show alternative footage.

In the R-Rated, he smells again, smiles and walks away. Then Ian walks off as well.

In the Unrated, he notices having smelled the wrong hand and gives Ian the other one before leaving. Ian comments "Kids..." and we hear the crew laughing.

Unrated 4,5 sec longer


22:54 (29:22-30:09)

Only in the unrated do we get to see Ian buying condoms.

To cover the package he puts a bag of beef jerky over it.
Then the cashier woman walks away and is replaced by some dude who knows Ian: "Dude, weren't you in my gym class? What is it? Egan?"
Ian: "Yeah, yeah. Hey, Jordan."
Clerk: "Right. Whatever, scrotch. You can't get your fist pregnant."
Then he recognizes the condoms, laughs and yells over to another employee: "Russ, man, check it out. Yo, look who's buying jimmys. You want these gift-wrapped, Egan?"
Ian rips them out of his hand and says: "Just ring it up, man."
The other employee has already walked over and made a photo of Ian with his cellphone.

46,7 sec

24:12 (31:27-31:32)

Lance goes on: "This is a fucking written invitation to your dick from the Internet."
Ian only comments: "Oh, Jesus..."

5,3 sec

24:30 (31:50-31:55)

Ian laughs about Lances Chewbacca comment and Lance adds: "But I'm guessing this chick is baby fresh."

4,7 sec

Alternative footage
24:39-24:41 (32:04-32:06)

As Ian shows Lance his profile picture and lance says "I mean, that looks like you", a different picture is shown in both versions: While the R-Rated shows a picture of a football player with Ians head photoshopped in, the Unrated simply shows a close up of a penis.

no time difference


Alternative footage
26:18-26:21 (33:43-34:01)

In the R-Rated, Lance says to Ian: "We're gonna head down there tonight and you're gonna pound on that va-J."

Die Unrated shows more of Lance improvising and both are trying not to laugh:
"We're gonna head down there tonight and you're gonna put a dent in that shit. Ian's gonna treat it like it's meat that needs tenderizing. With his dick instead of a hammer. You can pound it till it bleeds. Yeah, it's just a fucking girl's mess, and then we're gonna be..."
He starts laughing and speaks directly into the camera: "What're you doing?
The camera moves to the garage door where the crew is sitting and one of them says: "Still rolling."

Unrated 15,7 sec longer

Alternative footage
26:49-26:50 (34:29-34:32)

As the garage door moves up, revealing Ian and Lance in oral sex position because of the keys on the ground, the R-Rated only shows a short shot with Ian looking past Lance.
The Unrated treats us to a considerably longer and more explicit version including distinct head movements on Ians part as well as Lance with his pants down.

Unrated 2,4 sec longer


Alternative footage
26:55-26:59 (34:37-34:46)

Different shot of Rex after he has taken the keys.

Unrated 4,3 sec longer


31:26 (39:13-40:56)

Longer shot of Lance talking to Brandy: "You okay in there?"
Then follow two new scenes of Ian getting unwanted company in the bathroom and Felicia arguing with a stressed mother having occupied her gas pump.

The trucker walks in: "God damn! My back teeth are snorkeling. Sweet relief."
He positions himself right next to Ian who is visibly uncomfortable.
The guy notices: "You got the shy bladder?"
Ian: "Yeah."
Trucker: "Damn. Paruresis. That's what they call it. Let me tell you something. I didn't catch your name."
Ian: "It's Ian."
Trucker: "Let me tell you something, Ian. I had it something fierce."
Some of his urine splashes upward as the trucker goes on: "You can do it, Ian. You can do it."

Felicia returns to the gas pump only to find a stressed mother having occupied it and yelling at her bratty children.
Felicia: "Excuse me, ma'am, that was my pump."
Reba: "Yeah? You move your meat, you lose your seat. Hmm." Then she gripes at her son: "Logan, do not eat that. You will fuck up your appetite!"
Felicia: "Listen, Reba. If you value the rest of your teeth, you will shut off that pump."
Reba grimaces but gives in.

Back in the bathroom, the trucker still talks while Ian gets the hell out of there: "So I tells my daddy, "You know what? You're not the boss of me. Not you, not Angie," that's that girl I was telling you about. "And sure as hell not this bladder of mine." Well, he looked at me, and you should have... Ian. Where you going? Don't give up."
As Ian has left he says: "Jesus. I've been pissing for an hour."

103,4 sec

31:57 (41:27-41:47)

Lance talks to Brandy: "It's okay, baby. Just let those tears fall. You know why? 'Cause our love will dry them up. Love will keep us alive. Just like that song. You know that song? That's our song now. That song represents our bond. Don Henley's words represent our love."

19,5 sec

32:26 (42:16-42:45)

Der Hillbilly father talks about his life some more - all the while to a close up of his junk hanging out of his pants.

"See my lady and I here, we've been married forever. And I tell you she was gorgeous. The first day I saw her, I said, "This is gonna be my wife." And you know what? It happened. I tell you, that was a very good year for corn. Made lots of money. I fixed my 4X4 and bought my lady a sexy French lingerie. Boy, those were the best six bucks I ever spent."

Then a shot of Ian and Felicia looking rather disgusted.

29,1 sec

Alternative footage
32:33-32:34 (42:52-42:56)

In the R-Rated he scratches his thigh while in the Unrated he asks "Say, the boys still hanging?" while grabbing his package.

Unrated 2,8 sec longer


Alternative footage
32:42-32:50 (43:04-43:20)

The Unrated contains an alternative and longer shot of the oral sex with the peppermint drop.

R-Rated: "That is curiously strong. I feel like my dick just got bar mitzvahed."
Unrated: "Oh my God. Do you have a degree in this? You know that thing, when runners say they break the wall? You know, and it's all good after that? I feel like that when my dick's in your mouth."

Unrated 8,3 sec longer


Alternative footage
33:57-34:01 (44:27-44:32)

In the R-Rated, Brandy turns around in one single shot while the Unrated shows her from Lances perspective, followed by a closer shot of Lance saying "Oh, you bleach that...".

Unrated 0,8 sec longer


34:16 (44:47-44:49)

Lance whimpering: "I have to go to church..."

2,4 sec

34:48 (45:21-45:32)

Lance runs through the field, intercut by a dangling penis (obviously not his own).

11,2 sec

35:28 (46:12-46:14)

While the R-Rated shows a single shot, the Unrated intercuts to Rick asking "I'm gonna ask you this just one time. Did she give you the nugget?"

2,3 sec

35:35 (46:21-46:32)

Before Rick is run over he talks to Lance a bit longer.

Rick: "She touch your butthole?"
Lance: "No, no. Jesus, no!"
Rick: "Let's see!"
Lance: "I thought she was a man. I'm gay. I'm gay as hell."
At the last sentence he cannot help laughing.

10,2 sec

37:16 (48:13-48:31)
More of the hitchhiker.

"Hey, you got my stuff. Hey, real quick, guys, what's the story of the girl? I'm 25 years old."

18 sec

38:49 (50:04-50:20)

The hitchhiker answers longer to Felicia wanting him to pee.

Hitchhiker: "I'm sorry. I just took a squirt a couple of minutes ago. You want me to shit in it?"
Felicia: "We'll get back to you on that one."
As she walks back to the boys he goes on: "I'm telling you, I could shit right now."
Felicia: "Awesome..."

15,7 sec

38:59 (50:30-51:29)

In the Unrated, Felicia forces herself to pee in the condenser - the hitchhiker has one more performance as well.

Felicia: "No. Guys, come on. I don't have the aim that you do.
Lance: "Every drop helps so much."
The hitchhiker produces a bottle of water: "Hey, look what I found in my bag."
The others are relieved ("Thank God") but then he opens the bottle and drinks the water.
Ian: "What the fuck are you doing?"
The hitchhiker was only thinking about peeing: "You all just wait 20 minutes and I'll top it off for you. Could be ten."
Felicia sacrifices herself: "Fine, fine. Okay. But if any of you pervs peek, I swear to God it will be your last conscious act."
She positions herself over the condenser and lets it rip.

59,4 sec

40:10 (52:40-53:03)

Hitchhiker: "Uh-oh. That didn't work out like you planned, did it? You know what? Mostly I'm disappointed. It shows zero character."
Ian: "I know, I'm sorry."
He points to every single one and says: "And you're a dick. You're a dick. You know what, ma'am? You're a dick, too."

23,7 sec

Alternative footage
40:23-40:26 (53:16-53:25)

Different lines from Lance.

R-Rated: "It smells like Halloween. Fuck."
Unrated: "It smells like beef jerky. You know? It's just got like that sour sweetness."

Unrated 5,2 sec longer


42:08-42:21 (55:07)

Here the R-Rated is longer: after Felicias shoes have landed in the tree she prompts Ian to do the same and Ian almost gives away the real reason for their road trip. This scene comes later in the Unrated (see next cut).

Felicia: "All right. Now you."
Ian: "No way. Forget it."
Felicia: "Dude, you never do anything crazy. Ever."
Ian: "Hey! I'm driving halfway across the country to go to..."
Felicia: "To visit your grandma? Whoa!"

+ 12,6 sec

43:32 (56:18-58:10)

In the Unrated, Ezekiel elaborates on his fondness for "buttfucking" - an outtake again since at the end we hear laughter and someone yelling "Cut" from the Off.

Ezekiel: "Buttfucking."
Lance: "Wait, are we talking about dudes?"
Ezekiel: "No."
Lance: "Okay. Then yeah."
Ezekiel: "I mean, unless that's what you're into, and then, whatever."
Lance: "It's not."
Ezekiel: "No?"
Lance: "No."
Ezekiel: "Not into dudes..."
Lance: "No, no, no, no, no. How old are you?"
Ezekiel: "Old enough."
- Lance respectively the actor is laughing -
Ezekiel: "How old are you?"
Lance wants to get out but Ezekiel pulls him back "This is gonna happen. It's gonna happen whether you fight it or not. So I kind of want you to fight it."
- Voice from the Off: "Cut."

Right after that follows the scene from the previous cut.

Followed by more dialogue from Lance and Ezekiel.

Lance: "So anyway, we're there and she's like..." (imitates crying)
Ezekiel: "Oh, yeah."
Lance: "Like, she won't stop crying."
Ezekiel: "That's the funniest thing, too."
Lance: "I know."
Ezekiel: "I know, I was with this stripper in Vegas, and I was like, "you want this?" So she's like, "Yeah, I want it, I want it." And I was like, yeah, this gets hotter by the second. "What're you crying about?" She's like, "...wanted to be a doctor." And I'm like, "Yeah, you're a fucking Ph.D. of cock.""
Lance: "Yeah."
Ezekiel: "Yeah, exactly. And then coercing my load out on to the crying face. Vegas in general is just... Good times. You can get a blowjob for $10. Or for free if you meet the right girl and tell her "I'm on Rumspringa." "What is this blowjob that you speak of?" "Your techno music beguiles me. Let me put it in your butt.""

altogether 112,1 sec

Alternative footage
45:43-45:55 (60:21-60:33)

Alternative shots at the Fall Out Boy performance.
Two Amish girls expose their beasts in the crowd.

no time difference


Alternative footage
46:02-46:03 (60:40-60:41)

Now the R-Rated shows the girls revealing their breasts while the Unrated shows alternative shots.

no time difference


Alternative footage
46:11-46:14 (60:49-60:52)

The R-Rated shows the singer a bit longer, then Felicia and Ian a bit longer while in the Unrated the Amish girls are ripping their dresses open again.

no time difference


Changed audio
47:13-47:19 (61:51-61:57)

Different lines from Ezekiel.

R-Rated: "I've never shot a flaming arrow that far, but I was game to try. And the thing is, the second you let it release..."
Unrated: "So at this point, her panties are off, but I'm still apprehensive about her husband being there, 'cause he is just staring at me."

Screenshots for indexing:

48:12 (62:50-62:59)

Ian: "Yeah, witness sucks!"
Ezekiel: "We've got to get that guy laid tonight. Is your sister still a slut?"

9,2 sec

Alternative footage
49:04-49:06 (63:51-64:03)

More dialogue between Ian and the drunk Amish girl.

Ian: "I think you may have had a little too much to drink. Maybe you should..."
Girl: "Maybe you should shut your face hole 'cause I've only had one beer ever."
She grimaces.

Then an alternative shot of Ian asking "First day of Rumspringa?".


Unrated 10,2 sec longer

49:28 (64:25-64:34)
Drunk Amish girl: "I love you guys 'cause you're awesome. 'Cause you're awesome."
Ian: "Let's just find a safe place to sleep it off."

8,9 sec

50:55 (66:01-66:19)

In the Unrated, the camera pans over the party battlefield while the R-Rated cuts directly to Lance and Ian on the car.

18 sec

54:06 (69:30-69:36)

Ezekiel, obviously expecting something in return for his service.

"I mean, we fixed your car for free, and you're leaving. So I'd say that makes us dead square."

5,8 sec

54:30 (70:00-70:33)

Lance elaborates on his love to Mary.

Lance: "You know, I really feel sorry for Mary because her lifestyle is keeping her from being happy. And that's no way to live."
Felicia: "Lance, don't you know your little theory of "People want what they can't get." That's all she is. Ian, gas station."
Lance: "No. Felicia, this is different okay, because she changed me. You know, I'm a butterfly now because of her. Because when I'm with her, I was like a spiritually whole human being. And if you don't believe that, you can suck my dick."

32,3 sec

Alternative footage
54:54-54:56 (70:57-71:07)

Longer shot of Rex in the R-Rated, saying: "That's why. It's here, isn't it?"

The Unrated shows him from behind and from the side: "I'm gonna lift up this door and my big fucking glorious bitchy Judge is gonna be sitting right there gleaming at me, or I'm gonna have the fucking neighborhood squirrels eat your asshole."

Unrated 7,9 sec longer

Alternative footage
54:59-55:02 (71:10-71:13)

Alternative shots of Rex freaking out.

Unrated 0,5 sec lšnger


55:17 (71:29-71:38)

Rex cursing: "He took my fucking baby. Cocksucker!"

8,9 sec

55:29 (71:50-71:53)

Longer shot in the Unrated; a naked woman jogs through the frame.

3,8 sec

55:50 (72:14-72:22)

Guy to Ian: "Sounds like someone's got one in sideways."

8,1 sec

Alternative footage
56:49-56:54 (73:21-73:29)

In the R-Rated, we see a closer shot of the guy in the stall, then the pushed forth toilet paper: "Little buddy? Hello? Hello..."

In the Unrated, we see him from farther away, then the toilet paper, then the shot from before again: "Hello? Little buddy? Hello. Spooner. Spooner. Spooner."

Unrated 3,3 sec longer


Alternative footage
57:37-57:40 (74:12-74:15)

In the Unrated, a naked man juggling has been pasted in.

no time difference


Alternative footage
58:44-58:51 (75:19-75:27)

Different lines from Lance.

R-Rated: "And they all had gorgeous teeth. I'm into that."

Unrated: "And usually they have awesome tits, but not always. Sometimes you get that bronze medal, you know?"

Unrated 1,4 sec longer

60:39 (77:16-77:31)

The guys are standing at the market a bit longer.

Ian: "Really?"
Lance: "Yeah."
Referee: "Hey, Harry Potter, take you and your girlfriends out of here. What are you looking at, Ellen DeGeneres? I will crush you. That's right. I'm not afraid to hit a lady."

14,4 sec

Alternative footage
62:32-62:38 (79:24-79:40)

The Unrated stays with the naked girls; the next two shots of Ian and the girls again are longer and different as well.



Unrated 10,1 sec longer

62:43 (79:45-79:55)

Die Unrated shows the girls again, this time inspecting their breasts.

10,8 sec

Changed audio
63:48-63:50 (81:00-81:02)

Different line from Sandy.

R-Rated: "I would've blown you, you know."
Unrated: "I would've eaten your asshole, you know."

Screenshot for indexing:

Alternative footage
65:05-65:07 (82:17-82:21)

Longer shot of Felicia shaking her head in the R-Rated.

The Unrated shows Ian, then the doctor says: "Blink twice if you feel you're in danger."

Unrated 2,3 sec longer

Alternative footage
67:01-67:07 (84:15-84:21)

Another naked woman has been pasted in.

no time difference


Alternative footage
70:55-70:56 (88:09-88:10)

Different line from Lance.

R-Rated: "You guys'll probably want to back up. This'll probably stink like shit."
Unrated: "You may want to cover your eyes, sweetheart, there could be some splatter."

Unrated 0,2 sec longer


Alternative footage
72:00-72:16 (89:14-89:40)

As the opossum is finally dead, Lance delivers a different line and in jail we are treated to alternative and longer shots as well.

Lance in the R-Rated: "You guys ever listen to Sonic Youth? I've been on a big Sonic Youth phase lately. You know, their bass player's a woman."
Then the car approaches and we see them both in prison.

Similar shot in the Unrated: "You know, Jamie Lynn Spears' baby has got to be about a year old now. I can't believe she had a fucking baby."
In prison: "How was I supposed to know it was an endangered possum?
Ian: "You know, the vet said there's actually a good chance he might pull through."
Cop: "You better hope so, mister. Get in. Lock up cell B."

Unrated 9,6 sec longer

73:28 (90:52-90:56)

The shot is longer and the woman adds: "The only way you can keep his kind around is to get his babies up in you pronto."

4,1 sec

Alternative footage
73:51-73:54 (91:19-91:31)

In the Unrated, Shathayd adds: "You give your heart to that boy, and you can toss that "friendship" right out the motherfucking window."
Felicia looks shocked.

The R-Rated shows the next shot of the woman earlier.

Unrated 8,4 sec longer

Changed audio
73:55-74:52 (91:32-92:29)

During the womans character moment, the Unrated contains numerous fart noises - not that unusual, since she is sitting on the toilet all the while.

Screenshot for indexing:

Alternative footage
75:11-76:05 (92:48-93:51)

Longer scene with alternative footage in which Lance talks longer and with different dialogue to Duane.
The Unrated shows one single shot all the while while the R.Rated uses several angles.

The bold parts are only heard in the Unrated:
"Dude. You stole a car, ran over a hillbilly, you got arrested, you got in a prison fight. See Duane, he was there. And I mean, you really beat an endangered species to death today. That's got to count for something. And now you're in here in jail pissing like a big dog in front of all the perverts."

Then, after their bail has been paid:

R-Rated: "All right, Duane, I'm gonna go to your MySpace page and listen to your album. And I hope to see you soon in better circumstances."
Unrated: "All right, this is it for us, Duane, but, you know, back to what we were talking about earlier, I don't give a shit what Denise says, I think there's still room for somebody to write the great American novel. So take that for whatever it's worth, buddy."

Unrated 10,1 sec longer


76:10-76:12 (93:56)

Longer shot of the guys coming in in the R-Rated.

+ 2,4 sec

Alternative footage
76:15-76:16 (93:59-94:05)

Alternative shot of Lance uttering Marys name. In the Unrated, he and the crew in the Off laugh about his overacting.

Unrated 4,6 sec longer


Alternative footage
76:44-76:58 (94:33-94:49)

Different lines from Lance.


Lance: "Teddy, Carol."
Teddy: "Lance, my man."
Lance: "You guys got my stuff?"
Teddy: "It's gonna be a few minutes."
Lance: "All right. I gotta put up with a lot here. I was raped last night. I'm just fucking with you. Oh, man. But one guy did get raped."


Lance: "Teddy."
Teddy: "Lance, my man."
Lance: "You guys got my stuff?"
Teddy: "It's gonna be a few minutes."
Lance: "All right. Your daughter still selling those cookies?"
Teddy: "Yes."
Lance: "You find me that wallet, I'll buy one.
Teddy: "That'd be nice of you."
Lance: "How is she now? I'm just fucking with you. I don't need one more charge brought."

Unrated 2,8 sec longer


Changed audio
78:27-78:29 (96:18-96:20)

Felicia dares Ian in a more direct way.

R-Rated: "Then do it with me."
Unrated: "Then, sport, fuck me."

Screenshot for indexing:

Changed audio
78:33-78:35 (96:24-96:26)

As she repeats it, the audio has been changed as well.

R-Rated: "Do it with me..."
Unrated: "Sport, fuck me..."

Screenshot for indexing:

Alternative footage
80:34-80:40 (98:25-98:32)

Different shots of Rex entering.

In the R-Rated, Rex takes his helmet off right away and says: "Check out time, dick-cheese" - the next shot starts earlier than in the Unrated.

In the Unrated, Ian turns to the camera and says "Cyclops!", then Rex takes off his helmet and grimaces.

Unrated 0,6 sec longer


Changed audio
82:29-82:37 (100:21-100:29)

Different lines from Rex in both versions.

KF: "Not up the butt."
Unrated: "Fill up the tank, would you, buddy? Tank is at a little low."

Screenshots for indexing:

Alternative footage
85:38-85:51 (103:30-104:05)

Both versions differ considerably as Ms. Tasty takes her top off.

The R-Rated stays at the back shot before we see her face as she asks "What do you think?".
Ian answers: "Ample."
Ms. Tasty: "I think we should take your clothes off now."

The Unrated shows a close up of her breasts right away.
Cut to Ian and back to the breasts with the question "What do you think?".
Ian: "Thank you. That is one of the better sets that I've seen today."
Close up as Ms. Tasty replies: "I appreciate your honesty."
Ian: "They're nice."
Ms. Tasty: "Really?"
Ian: "You're fit."
Mrs. Tasty: "You're so sweet."
Ian: "Yeah."
Back to her breasts as she proposes to take off Ians clothes.

Unrated 22 sec longer

Alternative footage
87:25-87:28 (105:39-105:44)

Different lines from Bobby.

KF: "You heard the lady. Strip."
Unrated: "What's up with the bandana, dude? Huh? What're you, a Gap model?"

Unrated 1,8 sec longer


88:03 (106:19-106:22)

Longer shot of Ian standing naked on the street as Ms. Tasty and Bobby drove away, yelling: "Fuckface!"

3 sec

Alternative footage
88:10-88:11 (106:29-106:46)

Earlier shot with more dialogue of Bobby and Ms. Tasty in the car.

Ms. Tasty: "Oh, Bobby, you were so awesome back there. Love you so much."
Bobby: "Cool. Hey, you know, I was thinking, do you always have to flash them the twins? You know, I mean, I do got a gun."
Ms. Tasty: "Oh, baby, you know they're only for you."
Bobby: "Okay, cool."

The R-Rated shows the following shot a bit earlier.

Unrated 16,7 sec longer

Alternative footage
88:31-88:33 (107:06-107:39)

Different shot of Felicia - also, the Unrated is darker and longer.


After that more dialogue between Ms. Tasty and Bobby.

Ms. Tasty: "And if you do good, momma's gonna take real good care of you."
Bobby: "Really? You mean the thing I like well?"
She nods and he says: "Yeah, just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing here. The pepper grinder."
She nods again and after a shot of Felicia he yells out of the car: "Pepper grinder!"

Unrated 30,6 sec longer

Alternative footage
89:05-89:10 (108:11-108:38)

The R-Rated shows a shot of Bobby, then Felicia sending a text message to Lance.

The Unrated first shows more of Andy, Randy and Ms. Tasty.
Andy: "It's not a marathon."
Randy: "It's a sprint."
Andy: "Bang."
Randy: "In chicks."
Andy: "Yeah."

Brighter shot of Felicia - the text message was sent to Ians cellphone also. Bobby retrieves the phone from Ians pants that are still in the car, turns around and says: "You Felicia? I'm Bobby Jo."
She smiles fearfully: "Hi."

Unrated 22,4 sec longer

Alternative footage
91:21-91:23 (110:49-111:00)

Since Bobby and Felicia only got to know each other in the Unrated, the R-Rated only offers a short shot of Bobby after Ms. Tasty has asked about her.

In the Unrated, he walks up to Ms. Tasty and says: "That's Felicia. She was hiding in the back seat, no biggie."
Ms. Tasty: "Fuck! She heard everything then. Hello!"
Bobby: "Damn, you're right."

Unrated 8,6 sec longer

Changed audio
91:46-91:50 (111:23-111:27)

Different lines from Randy and Andy.

R-Rated: "Holy loud! People are in the vehicle."
Unrated: "Stop shooting our car. Inconsiderate."

Screenshot for indexing:

92:39 (112:16-112:25)

Ian orders Bobby around: "Tasty and you..."
Bobby: "Bobby Jo."
Ian: "Over there. Slowly."

8,6 sec

Alternative footage
93:30-93:31 (113:16-113:20)

Rex cheers for Ian differently.

R-Rated: "Smoke that cock, Ian!"
Unrated: "Suck his cock, Ian!"


After that more dialogue between Bobby and Ian in the Unrated.

Bobby: "You serious?"
Ian (still in his donut suit): "Do I look serious?"

Unrated 3,2 sec longer

Changed audio
94:12 (114:01)

The last word from Felicias "Where do you think you're going, ..." has been changed from "bitch" to "cunt" in the Unrated.

Screenshot for indexing:

Alternative footage
95:46-95:50 (115:35-115:39)

Once again a naked woman has been pasted into the scene.

no time difference


Alternative footage
100:54-101:15 (120:43-120:57)

Different shot, as Ian throws his shoes into the tree.

In the R-Rated, he runs into Felicias arms and they stay like this for a while.
In the Unrated, he managed to miss the tree and curses: "Oh, shit! What the fuck! Give me that fucking shoe..."

R-Rated 7,4 sec longer


Alternative footage
102:13-102:33 (121:55-122:30)

The Unrated shows what happened to four of the other characters.

Ians old boss next to Becca in the donut suit: "Dylan knocked up Becca and had to take my old job."
Andy and Randy with a girl from the Abstinence-X-Treme-group: "Oh, Andy and Randy finally got a girlfriend."

Then an alternative shot of Ian and Felicia under the blanket.

In the R-Rated, Ian answers to Felicias "Again?" with "Really?" gets back down to her.
In the Unrated, Felicia herself answers "Damn yes!", then turns around and affirms Ians "Felicia, you want to do this?"
In both versions, Rex lights some fireworks and rejoices in similar shots.


Unrated 14,9 sec longer

109:04 (129:01-129:32)

The actress who played Felicia talks to the audience: "Hi. I'm Amanda Crew, professional actor. You know in all the teen unrated DVDs, you never really get to see the star's naughty parts. Well, that is gonna change today. That's right. Take a seat, maybe close the door so mom doesn't come in. Get all ready. Looks good. Here we go."
As she unbuttons her shirt we are treated once again to the package of Brandys father - filling the whole screen.
Felicia appears at the bottom of the screen and gives us the finger: "Suckers!"

31,9 sec

Alternative footage
109:18-109:23 (129:46-129:57)

Only the Unrated adds to the text "...and his fabulous balls" followed by credits for the Unrated-exclusive characters.

Unrated 5,8 sec longer