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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones


Censored Version
Region: Europe / Worldwide

Uncensored PC CD-Rom Version
Rating: Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Jan 17, 2012 - Author: miniMaster - Translator: DaxRider123
In 1989, "Prince of Persia" revolutionized 2D games - you could argue that it actually marks the birth of the Jump and Run genre. It was programmed by only one man (Jordan Mechner) and quickly became immensely popular and obtained a huge fanbase. The sequel "Prince of Persia 2" was equally successful.

In 1999, the game was ported to the third dimension - and pretty unsuccessful in doing so. "Prince of Persia 3D" was a commercial bomb and quickly buried in oblivion.

In 2003, UbiSoft tried to do it again. "Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time" was the first part of a trilogy which was praised by both critics and gamers all over the world. The sequel "Prince of Persia - Warrior Within" was espeically successful because of its bloody and more mature setting.

The fanbase was shocked when UbiSoft announced that the third part "Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones" had to be censored for its European release. Only the American version was released uncensored. At least this goes for the US first editions which are the US PC Version on CD-Rom (3 Discs), the US Xbox Version and the US PS2 Version. The later released US DVD-Rom version has the same censorship like the European version and most likely this applies to every worldwide DVD-Rom release of the Game too. Because the PC-Version of the Game was released within Europe on DVD-Rom right from the beginning, it seems like UbiSoft just took this European DVD-Rom version and then used it for the US Re-Release on DVD-Rom.

In the European UbiSoft's message board, all threads which talked or even slightly hinted at this topic were immediately deleted. Until this day, UbiSoft lost a lot of popularity because of this behavior.

There are not too many games where fans extensively rumored about the censorship as with this game - especially because of UbiSoft's weird behavior when it came to this topic. A few of these rumors included:

- the missing ability to cut of body parts or to split enemies vertically
- slightly less blood
- several female looking statues were altered (e.g. no more breasts)

After a detailed comparison we can tell you - the last 2 rumors are complete shenanigans. Enemies do not lose any less blood and the statues all look the same. This report will list all the differences between the 2 versions of the game.

Note: Vertically splitting an enemy can only be done when fighting sand monsters. Human enemies (which only occur towards the beginning of the game) can't be split in half - even in the American version!

Comparison between the censored European version and the uncensored American version (rated ESRB 17+).
Missing Decapitaions
In the uncensored version, certain moves will cut the enemies' heads off (e.g. during a so-called "speed kill"). In the European version, heads can't be cut off.

Example 1: Decapitation of a Sand Guard

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version:

Example 2: Decapitation of a Sand Gunman

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version:

Chopping off the Torso
In the uncensored version you're able to chop the enemies' torsos off above the waistline when you do a certain move. Meanwhile, they slowly dissolve. In the European version, the enemies roll to the side after you hit them - thus, the torso stays where it was.

Example 1: Chopping off a Sand Guard's Torso

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version:

Example 2: Chopping off a Thrall's Torso

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version:

Vertically Splitting an Enemy in Half
In the uncensored version you're able to vertically split your enemies in half. After you hit them they stand still for a short moment, then the two halfs of the body suddenly fall to the side. Meanwhile, they slowly dissolve since they're sand monsters. In the European version, the enemies simply fall to the side and dissolve.

Example 1: Vertically Splitting a Sand Guard in Half

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version:

Example 2: Vertically Splitting a Chameleon in Half

Uncensored US Version:Censored European Version: