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Mad Bull 34 Part 1: Scandal

original title: Maddo buru sti-f


  • BBFC 18
  • US Version
Release: Jun 04, 2010 - Author: polter - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS (BBFC 18)
and the uncut US version (Not Rated).

The four part anime around the violence loving "Mad Bull" and his partner Diazaburo is rightfully looked down upon and considered Trash. The humor is not of the highest standard, the stories only alibis to jump from one questionable highlight to the next and the violence ends in itself and is often of a sexual nature. Reason enough for the BBFC to demand censorship for the first two episodes in order to be able to give them the BBFC 18 rating.

11 cuts = 42,6 Sec

Time indexes are taken from the cut version.
As the two gangsters are forcing themselves on the naked woman one of them notices Mad Bull on the other side of the door and turns around as the door is kicked open. One of the gangsters opens fire; Mad Bull returns the fire and hits the man in the throat three times, blowing his head clean off. When the woman tries to escape, the British version continues.
11,4 Sec

As one of the robbers threatens a woman after the robbery we see her horrified face before the camera pans down to show that she has peed her pants.
2,8 Sec

After the masked goon had his skullcap blown away he takes two more shots through his mask, blowing his head off completely.
2 Sec

A gangster rips on a woman's dress, revealing her breasts.
2,2 Sec

Blood squirts onto the woman's breasts.
1,9 Sec

Curtis grabs a shower head and scalds the woman with boiling water.
6,9 Sec

After Curtis' shades break due to the headbutt we see shards of the shades stuck in his eyes. Blood gushes out.
2,5 Sec

Curtis eyes bulge as he sees the approaching train.
3,6 Sec

Curtis' head is ripped off by the passing train.
1,8 Sec

Curtis' pal takes more bloody hits.
2,3 Sec

The bullet enters his head, causing it to explode. The man is knocked back and slides down the door while leaving a huge bloodstain on the door and walls.
5,2 Sec