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Release: Jun 15, 2011 - Author: NUR DIE RUHE - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The shortage of the UK DVD is not a real cut but rather an intended jump to the next scene. At one point of the shortage the DVD player jumps to a later part on the DVD - you will most likely even hear your DVD player searching for the next segment (most of the DVD players make a loud noise while searching). It's not an authoring error because the cut edits out exactly one song and the transition is quite smooth - if you don't know the uncut version you might mistake the edit for a an artistic time leap within one scene: right in the middle of the first therapy session the movie jumps to a later session. The person's positions as well as the shot itself look the same, therefore the audio error (which you can definitively hear) and Liv Tyler's different clothes are the only indications of the edit.

Probably the reason for the edit is a problem with copyrights.

If you use the DVD on your PC you can see that it actually is included uncensored - you can even watch the missing scene if you select the file "VTS_01_4.VOB" (8:13-11:47). However, in order to be able to do this, you would have to get around the copy protection (not recommended).
After Charlie selected the song "Birds Of St. Marks" by Jackson Browne on his Ipod, the UK DVD skips the whole rest of the first session as well as 2 additional sessions and Charlie renovating his apartment.
215 sec.

Angela: "What do you like to do for fun, Charlie?"
Charlie: "I don't know. I like movies, I like comedies, Mel Brooks movies. I like to play the drums, I like to play Colossus."
Angela: "Go ahead."
Charlie: "I this session over, yet?"
Angela: "Do you want it to be?"
Charlie: "Yeah."
Angela: "Then it's over."
Charlie leaves and says "Thank you."

In the waiting room he comes across Alan who's waiting for him.
Alan: "How did it go?"
Charlie: "It went good, she helped a lot. I think I'm all better."
Charlie walks ouzt and Alan follows him.

After leaving the surgery, you see the first montage which is accompanied by the song "Love, Reign O'er Me" by The Who:
- Charlie starts to renovated his apartment.
- He drives through the streets of New York with his scooter.

The second session was cut out completely.
Angela: "So, Charlie, I wanted to go back to where we were last week. You were telling me that there are some things that you don't like to think about. Do you think you could give me an example of some of those things?"
Charlie: "Not yet, I'm not ready for that."
Angela: "OK. Is there anything you'd like to talk about today?"
Charlie: "You're too young, I told you that. This is just.... too young to do that. I put these [-> headphones] back on."
Angela: "OK."
Charlie: "I can hear you still."
(Man sieht auf dem Display, dass er "Love, Reign O'er Me" von The Who hört und die Lautstärke erhöht.)
Angela: "May I say something? You've obviously put a lot of effort into not thinking about these things."
Charlie: "No, no, I don't remember them, all right? I don't like to remember."
Angela: "But, you said that you wanted help right? I mean you said that you were ready to talk about some of these things and part of the help that I can give you is to help you be okay with thinking about... some of these things."
Charlie: "You wanna know what I think about? You wanna know?"
Angela: "Yes, yes."
Charlie: "These tits."
Angela: "Okay..."
Charlie: "They're round and they're perfect; I think about 'em for that reason. That's what's on my mind."
Angela: "Thank you, Charlie, thank you."
Charlie: "Is the session over, yet?"
Angela: "If you want it to be."
Charlie: "I do."
Angela: "Then it's over."

Again, he leaves the surgery. Then follows the next montage with the same song:
- Alan inside his dental office.
- Charlie moving and installing the oven.

After the second montage you shortly see Charlie and Angela during another session. Then, the UK version continues just as if it still was the very first session. However, you will notice that Angela is wearing different clothes.