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Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 12, 2011 - Author: LordAnubis - Translator: Tony Montana
Super Mario Kart was one of the games that used the so-called "Mode-7": the SNES hardware computates a 2D image of the racing track that it looks like 3D when it gets zoomed and turned. Displaying height differences is impossible with this procedure. The module contains an additional processor to support the main frame with displaying the graphics.

Source: Wikipedia

Super Mario Kart was released by Nintendo in 1992. Not only ion Japan but also in Europe and the US. But only the Japanese Version is uncensored. In the international Version (e.g. USA and Europe) a tiny character sequence of someone drinking champagne had to be edited because of (US-) Nintendo's strict rules regarding drugs, religious and sexual content.

Compared are the censored international Version and the uncensored Japanese Version.

Screens on the left: Japanese Original Version
Screens on the right: Censored European / US Version

After finishing the game with the character Bowser, a little vode sequence follows:

Japanese Version: Bowser drinks a bottle pf champagne.
US & EU Version: Bowser simply fidgets with the bottle of champagne.

Besides Bowser, the Princess' video sequence has been censored as well. She's having some champage which makes her tipsy (reddish). In the Censored Version, she throws the bottle up.