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Jet Li's The Enforcer (My Father is a Hero)

original title: Gei ba ba de xin


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 14, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Version from the British DVD by Buena Vista and the uncut Original Version from the HK DVD by Kam & Ronson

- 8 cuts
- Total cut length: 67,1 sec (= 1:07 min)

Differing credits are not included. Small mastering mistakes are under 0,5 sec will not be mentioned as well.

This is yet another HK action movie with Jet Li that had to be cut for its US release. However, at least there are only a few alterations resp. cuts. Besides a short puking scene, only a few short and unimportant shots here and there are missing plus one comedy scene with Anita Mui's character. The rather violent scenes were kept intact except one: there is a little censoring in the scene in which Jet Li's son is attacked.
This cut version was released in the UK as well and was unfortunately also used for the new US release by Dragon Dynasty.

Running time designations are formatted like this
British DVD in PAL / HK DVD in NTSC
Logos / Credits

Both the company logos and the opening credits differ - this also applies to the credits during the shots of the exercising children. However, there is no running time difference in this part.

US Fassung 9,9 sec longer

British DVDHK DVD Kam & Ronson

The HK DVD features several text overlays mentioning the location throughout the movie, which are missing in the US Version.

British DVDHK DVD Kam & Ronson

12:35 / 12:57-13:01

Darkie pulls down his pants and sits down on the toilet.

3,2 sec

13:56 / 14:24-14:29

Another guard dog appears. Kung twists his legs and kicks him to the ground, where he stays without moving.

4,6 sec

19:19 / 20:07-20:09

Darkie has to throw up while on the ground.

2,1 sec

27:36 / 28:46-28:49

A shot of Inspector Fong was cut.

3,1 sec

37:06 / 38:43-39:19

The chat between Inspector Fong and Kung's wife is a lot longer. Fong tries to tell her another untrue story about the alleged business connection to Kung, this time about porn videos. Fong goes into detail about the possibilities to make money, especially for special interest movies, for example involving animals. Kung's wife is confused.

34 sec

65:16 / 68:39-68:41

Ku falls down hard and spits blood.

1,2 sec

66:03 / 69:30-69:47

Another shot of Ku, then Kung closes his eyes and chokes him harder until Ku is unconscious.

17,3 sec

72:04 / 76:03-76:05

A punch in the groin is missing.

1,7 sec


The ending credits were redone as well, the US Version is a lot longer.

US Version 90,6 sec longer than the HK DVD

US VersionOriginal Version