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Lizard in a Woman's Skin, A

original title: Una lucertola con la pelle di donna


  • US Theatrical Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Jan 11, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US Theatrical Version and the Italian Version.
This early Lucio Fulci movie has been cut strongly for the US theatrical release at that time under the name "Schizoid". But the Italian version misses a few scenes as well. Both versions were released as a double feature of the US company "Media Blasters/Shriek Show". The US version shines with bright colors and the original image format. The Italian version though was left in fullscreen and has bad image quality and has a lot of staining. It's a shame no effort was put into getting a better master and no complete version was released.

US Theatrical Version (Shriek Show) = 95:36 Min.

It. Version (Shriek Show) = 97:49 Min.

Length of cut scenes USF = 7:03 Min.
Length of cut scenes IF = 53 Sek.
The rest of the time differences results from the differing runtime speeds (USV = NTSC; ITV = PAL)
Cuts in the US-Version:

02:07 Several slow motion shots of Carol fighting her way through the crowd in her vision are missing.
11,5 Sec.

02:08 Ditto.
8,5 Sec.

03:42 A shot is shown longer in the IV. As the woman takes off Carol's fur coat you can see her naked butt there.
2 Sec.

03:47 Three different shots of the two women sitting down on the pillows are missing.
20,5 Sec.

07:53 The dining scene takes place takes place a little later in the IV.(no time difference).

08:57In the USV some close-ups of the party are missing (naked bodies).
7 Sec.

Then, in the IV, above mentioned dining scene takes place. Then, scenes of the party the USV misses follow. The beginning of the shot with the split screen is a little longer in the IV, too.
22 Sec.

15:55 In the USV, one of Carol's dreams misses dead Joan holding her intestines in her hands (close-ups).
Then, scene's of a "swan" flying toward the camera and chasing Carol take place.
20,5 Sec.

16:23 The woman is shown kneeling before Carol longer.
14 Sec.

16:33 Shot of Carol with the knife in her hand. Blood is dripping from it.
2 Sec.

16:43 As Carol darts at the woman, her fur coat drops in the IV and you see her naked backside.
3 Sec.

16:46 The USV misses bloody close-ups of Carol stabbing the woman with the knife.
7,5 Sec.

16:48 Close-up of the bleeding chest. Then close-up of the woman's face.
8 Sec.

17:19 The scene during which Carol drops down a ductin her dream misses a few short shots in the USV. Her pubic are can be seen here, too.
1,5 Sec.

24:17 The following is competely missing in the USV: You see Carol, Frank, Joan and Deborah having lunch. Carol has no appetite and warily looks from one dinner guest to the next. Sometime she asks where the daily newspaper is. Joan says she must have misplaced it. Carol looks at her doubtingly and asks whether they have a secret before her. Frank tries to calm her and says that she should forget Julia's murder. After a while the telephone rings. The bluter answers it. A woman calling herself Ms. Gordon imperatively wants to talk to Carol. After she has answered, the woman asks whether she has read the newspaper yet. Since this is not the case, Ms. Gordon explains what was written in it about Julia's murder. She was killed with three knife thrusts, namely with a paper knife. Carol's face suddenly turns ashen, she puts down the earpiece and leaves the room. In another room she rummages through drawers, looking for her paper knife, but can't manage to find it. Frank enters and asks wants to know what is wrong with her. Carol starts crying and tells him about her dream.
218 Sec.

24:34 Carol is sitting in the side room with Joan and Deborah. She is pretty nervous and leaves the room after a while.
21 Sec.

25:32 Shot of Carol and Frank, as well as close-ups of the dead's stabbing wounds after that.
7,5 Sec.

47:00 The love scene between Frank and Deborah was deprived of the wildest kisses in the USV.
12 Sec.

51:03 The shot of Carol's frightened face is longer in the IV.
2,5 Sec.

51:19 Fleeing from the alleged killer, Carol opens a door behind which a terrible sight reveals itself. Dogs that were slashed are hanging from hoses on an apparatus. They are still alive (great FX!). Carol slowly loses conciousness.
34 Sec.

Cuts in the Italian version:

00:00 The "American International" logo is only in the USV.
10 Sec.

04:18 A shot of a woman kissing Carol is longer in the USV. She moves her head down Carol's body. The subsequent shot of Carol's excited facial expression is also missing in the IV.
20,5 Sec.

09:46 The IV misses two shots of the playful party.
6 Sec.

09:34 The woman is shown longer kissing the man in the USV.
11,5 Sec.

44:18 Film tear: The beginning of a take is missing in the IV.
3 Sec.

97:49 The USV's credits are longer.
3 Sec.