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Destruction Force

original title: La banda del trucido


  • International Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Aug 27, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German DVD by Anolis/EMS (International Version / FSK 16) and the Italian Version by Eagle Pictures (Uncut Version / per Tutti)

"Destruction Force" (La banda del trucido) is a mixture of serious cop movie (the scenes with Luc Merenda) and typical Italian comedy (the scenes with Tomas Milian) by Stelvio Massi. This mixture is the biggest problem the movie has because it just can't decide for one genre. As a result of that, some scenes with Milian seem hypocritical. Milian's character Monezza also appeared in Umberto Lenzo's incredibly successful movie "(Free Hand for a) Tough Cop / Il Trucido e lo sbirro" which is why the producers wanted him in particular again. Unfortunately Milian was busy otherwise so that there was just one week to shoot all the scenes. So the script was modified to make the character Monezza as suitable as possible. That's why the result looks like patchwork but the serious scenes, especially the ones with Luc Merenda, are pleasing.
The only available version in Germany, UK, NL and US is the Interntational Version. There's also a German Version on VHS that lacks some more footage than the International Version, but that's irrelevant.

International Version = 84:35 Min
Italian Version = 94:42 Min
08:07 The following is missing after Inspector Ghini (Merenda) had a conversation with the reporter: an elderly couple gets out of their car. They're talking. They intend to get sth. to eat and enter Monezza's honky-tonk. Being inside, the man scrunches up nose while his wife kind of likes it. The man taps the waiter's shoulder to get a table. The waiter is Tracey (Milian) or Monezza in the Original Version. He greets the couple with some vulgar one-liner. When they were just about to leave, Monezza reveals the truth to them. He expains that was his way to attract new customers. He calls another waiter to get a table for them (next to the restroom). Then a few more shots of the events at the restaurant.
140 sec

09:31 Another scene at the restaurant is also missing. Monezza gets his son from his wife Marie and goes to the couple's table (see above). He asks them if the food was okay. The wife replies by asking for the main course. Meanwhile Monezza blows his son's nose witha napkin. He explains in his own unique way what the next course was going to be. Then he goes to the kitchen.
42 sec

55:53 Further missing scene at the restaurant. While Monezza is on the phone with the producer of the movie his wife is supposed to act in, Marie is walking up and down the hallway with his son. The phone conversation is about a thing Marie ought to do in the movie. She's supposed to fart but she refuses to do so. Monezza doesn't get it because she's going to get paid for that. Anyway, he agrees with the producer that he's the one who makes the noise and Marie only has to hold her butt in the camera. Subsequently a shot of the two of them. They're arguing until Monezza grabs his son and starts fooling around with him.
180.5 sec

64:32 Last but not least one more missing scene at the restaurant. While Monezza is sweeping and giving his son a piggyback ride at the same time, he talks to him about Marie's disappearance. He explains they were better off without her and tells him some things from his past.
130.5 sec

83:50 Shot of Monezza arguing with a woman before the final credits begin. He wants to give her the suitcase full of dough so that he can live in peace with his son. Marie doesn't like the idea to leave the kid with him. He slips off and his friends and Marie run after him. Then a freeze frame, the music starts playing, then the final credits.
157 sec

The International Version only contains an "ENDE" (the end) logo. Then a black screen, accompanied by the song.
+ 45 sec