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In My Father's Den


  • BBFC 15
  • German DVD
Release: Mar 21, 2010 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The first feature movie by the New Zealand director Brad McGann, In My Father's Den, is a mixture of drama and intelligent thrill. Although not nominated for the Acadamy Awards, the movie succeeded in winning several movie awards around the world. Every actor in this movie is doing a great job. The most well-known face in the cast is Miranda Otto who played the role of Eowyn in the "Lord of the Rings" series although she only has only a minor role and is outperformed by Matthew Macfadyen and Emily Barclay. The director often uses flashbacks and solves the mystery piece by piece thus making the rather quiet movie very gripping. Unfortunately, this will stay the only film by Brad McGann. At the 2nd May 2007 the talented director died of cancer when he was 43 years old.

Something quite interesting about this movie are the various ratings it received in the different countries. In Germany it was released uncut as FSK 12 whereas it wasn't permitted for anyone under 17 (R-Rated). In Singapur the uncut version isn't available for anyone under 21. In the UK the movie got the BBFC 15 rating in a cut version. A "DVD Times" critic wrote this about the censorship:

"A sex scene involving consensual asphyxiation was cut from the UK cinema release to lower the certificate from an 18 to a 15."

Comparison between the cut UK DVD (BBFC 15) by Optimum Releasing and the uncut German DVD (FSK 12) by Capelight. The cut scene seems to be a bit strange when watching the movie for the first time. Regarding this you should listen to the audio commentary by the director (which is recommendable anyway).
The part that was cut consists of two coherent scenes. At first Paul talks to a stranger, afterwards they are having sex.
1:50 min.

Paul is sitting in a bar and reads a book. A woman enters. She says that she need to get away from "those kiwis" and asks Paul if the book he is reading was any good. Paul doesn't answer but turns around. The woman then says that the book title ("The unknown clown") sounded mysterical and eventually asks Paul where he was from. Paul just says he was from far away. The woman says she also was and asks Paul if he would mind her sitting next to him. He declines and asks her if she wanted to have a drink. She accepts the offer.

New scene: The woman takes a condom out of her purse. Then the two are having sex which takes a quite strange course. Paul takes his girdle off his pants and puts it around his neck. The woman strangulates him what obviously pleases him. He rattles and breathes heavily. Eventually the woman feels uncomfortable and leaves all of a sudden without saying anything. Paul lies on the bed, removes the girdle and turns over.