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  • US DVD
  • HK Version
Release: Nov 01, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut US version (released by Columbia TriStar) and the uncut original version taken from the German DVD by Splendid.

This is one of the most interesting early Jackie Chan movies while he was working with Lo Wei, who unfortunately constantly cast him for serious roles Jackie didn't really fit in to. Due to the deep stroyline and several well-known actors, this movie works quite well.

The US-DVD that we used for this comparison unfortunately only includes a version that misses out on roughly 20 minutes of footage. Every now and then there are short missing sequences, along with a lot of framecuts that happened because of a bad master; whenever these sequences were shorter than 1 second, we chose not to include them in order not to make this comparison too long. During the middle of the movie, a big part was cut out. Why the studio chose to do this is unknown, after all, the movie now misses out on important parts of the story (Jackie works for the Wai-Clan in order to get the medicine his mother needs), or rather shows it so briefly that it's hard to understand what is going on.
The same version was also released in Czechia, Japan, and Gread Britain. By now, there at least exists an uncut version in Japan and the uK.

The time designations are given as follows:
US DVD [NTSC] / Uncut Version [PAL]

The difference in time was calculated in PAL-speed. Due to the better image quality, the images originate from the French DVD. The quality of the UK DVD released by Hongkong Legends seems to be even a little bit better but said release is hard to get and already out of print.

At the beginning of the German DVD (as well as the French DVD) you also see the Fortune Star logo.

German DVD 35.7 sec longer.

14:47 / 14:49-14:52

This sequence was probably cut out because of a bad master tape: We see the guy inside his hideout.

3.1 sec

20:59 / 20:49-22:01

The guys are shown a little longer: during the same shot they leave the screen. Then they face Jackie and friends for the first time. They want to know what Jackie carries around with the yellow cloth and our hero replies that if they really need that information he needs one of the guys' legs.
Jackie and the two women walk on and the bad guys' boss comes to the conclusion that one of them needs to sacrifice himself.

71.9 sec

21:10 / 22:11-22:15

The long shot goes on a little longer and the bad guys' boss points at one of his colleagues. The latter runs away because he was chosen to sacrifice his leg.

3.4 sec

26:27 / 27:19-27:31

A scene with Quen's daughter was cut out pretty skilfully, because she is in the arms of two bad guys before and after the cut.
Originally, the first shot is a little longer and she is able to hit both guys a few times. Then the guy in the white clothes attacks and during his attack he grabs her breasts several times and also opens her top.

11.8 sec

30:29-30:34 / 31:24-32:15

In the US version you see Jackie standing around his room for five seconds. The first two seconds of the shot that would follow now were probably slowed down or shwon twice in a row (not illustrated below).

In the uncut version the shot starts immediately, however, Nora Miao enters the room after a few seconds and asks if Jackie is allright. He replies that he tracked down Quen. After that, Jackie's master's wife enters the room as well and tells our hero that he would not have to take revenge since he already did enough to help the family. Jackie and Nora insist on taking revenge and agree to start the next morning.

Uncut version 45.3 sec longer.

34:00 / 35:33-38:16

We see Quen again. After that, Jackie arrives at home and wonders about the reasons for Quen to wait for three days. Subssequently, Jackie and Nora run to Jackie's master's wife who suffers from a heavy stomachache after she drank the tee. Jackie asks if someone was in the house and searches for traces of poison on the teacup. He goes to the other room to patch his arm up where James Tien already waits for him. They shortly quarrel over Jackie's motives and his master's weak fight. Then they agree to fight in the garden. The first shot of the garden fight was cut out, too.

In the US version, the cut implies that James Tien followed Jackie from Quen's residence and they immediately start to fight.

163.6 sec

37:21 / 41:29-41:33

Another sequence, that is probably missing because of a bad master tape. We include it because a part of the dialogue was cut out. James Tien says "Count on it!". Additionally, Jackie is shown a little earlier.

4.1 sec

44:56 / 48:51-51:36

Peculiar cut: During the middle of the shot that shows Jackie going to the entrance, the US version dissolves to Jackie in a completely different environment. There's no explanation whatsoever.

At first, Jackie goes to the entracne a little longer. Then follow a few more shots of the servant leading him inside the temple. Master Wai is already waiting for him and during the following conversation he manipulates Jackie in order to work for Wai's clan.
They talk about the medicine which Jackie needs for his master's wife. Wai uses Jackie's needs and proposes to fight against a rival gang (Quen's gang). In return for this favor, Wai could provide them with the medicine whenever it's needed. One of the servants adds, that Quen didn't cut his leg off because of feelings of guilt but rather bcause he feared for his life. Jackie gets mad at Quen.

165.4 sec

45:12 / 51:52-51:53

Another sequence is missing due to the bad master tape. During a fight scene, Jackie fights an enemy off a little earlier.

1.7 sec

45:35 / 52:15-62:57

Just as during the scene that leads to the fight scene, the US version again abruptly dissolves when Jackie puts up his hand and asks them to stop. Originally, the scene goes on, followed by a couple of other scenes. Overall, the US version misses out on almost 11 minutes due to this cut.

One of the other Wai-henchmen scares the enemies away and talks of being lucky that master Jackie didn't go any further. Then follows another scene where Jackie beats up some other bad guys who are in the way of the Wai-Clan. One of the injured bad guys says that he would tell Quen about this - they beat him again.

Subsequently, the US version misses out on a short conversation (plus a little fight) between Jackie and Quen's daughter. She wants to convince Jackie of the fact that Wai and his clan have bad intentions and that Quen actually didn't do anything to Jackie. Then she hits Jackie several times. The latter doesn't fight back but instead just goes away. Then, Chin attacks and Quen's daughter tries to stop the fight. She's able to make Jackie leave which makes Chin complaining about not being able to end the fight as he intended to.

Now we see Jackie with his master's wife. He brings her some medicine and the woman replies that she needs a higher dose and that he should ask Wai to give him the formula for the drug. Jackie says that it is the Wai family's secret, thus he is probably unable to get it. Since there's no solution to the problem right now, Jackie gets up to do some more dirty work for Wai. Wai's bad guys are already waiting for him in the yard to pick him up. The master's wife subsequently talks to Nora Miao about her feeling that something's wrong.

James Tien and Chin leave to storm Wai's camp. A small boy follows them secretly, but on the way a bad guy stops him. They start fighting and in the end, the bad guys just run off.

Again, we see Jackie and the bad guys. He spots the little boy in front of the temple - the boy is dead. James Tien and Chin join them immediately and they think that Jackie killed the boy. Wai's other guys join them as well and ask Jackie to kill James Tien and Chin. Jackie refuses to do it and tells them to let Quen's guys go. The latter leave and take the dead boy with them.

Overall difference in time: 641.4 sec (= 10:41 min)

55:42 / 72:41-72:42

Shortly before we see Nora Miao, a short sequence was cut out.

1.6 sec