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Castlevania: The New Generation (aka Bloodlines)

original title: Vampire Killer


Censored Version
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Region: USA

Release: Sep 19, 2011 - Author: Martin Tsang - Translator: Sebbe
The "Castlevania" series is one of the oldest and most successful series in the gothic genre. There's nearly at least one Castlevania game for each system on the market. The Mega Drive game "The New Generation" was only released censored in Europe. The title of the Japanese version is "Vampire Killer", the US version is called "Castlevania: Bloodlines".

Compared was the censored European version with the uncensored US version.

Big thanks to KT for additional information (death animation)!
Title Display
The title display was altered. In the original version you can see a sea of blood which was colored blue in the censored version:

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Splatter Effects
The killed zombies burst in the uncensored version and their blood and guts splatter all over the floor. This happens in the censored version too, but everything was colored green (both the zombies and their remains):

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Mutilated Corpses
Everywhere in the original game you find mutilated corpses, which are missing in the censored version:

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Death Animation of the Character
In the uncensored version the character "Eric Lecarde" has a different death animation. His spear soars, falls down again and spears the character in this version. The spear soars in the censored version too, but it doesn't fall down again:

Uncensored version:Censored version: