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Release: Jun 12, 2011 - Author: Bob - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Farrelly-brothers will probably never reach the quality of their smash hit There's Something About Mary again; if you think about it, the main concept of Hall Pass is actually good and there's lots of room for weird humor, however, the result is not too good. The movie constantly switches back and forth from gross-out-humor to more subtle comedy to humorless self-reflection. The (apparently) gross scenes (a trademark for the Farrelly-brothers) are not too numerous in this movie and therefore appear to be quite misplaced. The more serious scenes constantly slow the humor down and so do those scenes which are meant to be funny but in fact really aren't. There are a few laughs here and there - especially during the first half of the movie, where the 2 protagonists think that it's easy to pick up women. During the second half of the movie there are only very few good ideas and you just seem to run out of the need to laugh - the more serious scenes simply dampen the mood.

Overall, the Extended Cut offers 8 new scenes with a runtime of 6:16 minutes. None of the scenes is really funny or an important addition to the movie so you can easily stick to the regular theatrical version.

The Extended Cut is a Blu-Ray-exclusive version.
Day 1: The guys pick Gary up from his house. Apparently, his wife doesn't know about their plans because he climbs out of the first floor's window. He suddenly falls down and subsequently limps the last few steps to the car.

Day 3: Rick and Fred finally start to put some effort in their pick-up attempts and are standing in front of a hip club. At first, the doorman doesn't want to let them in, however, they bribe him with 50 dollars. Still, he thinks that he might lose his job if he lets them go inside. Cut. Rick, Fred, and the doorman (who just lost his job) eat a hot dog.

The scene with the women at the pool follows a little later in the theatrical version, however, the scenes are completely identical. For this reason, the scene inside the bar (where Fred and Rick try to hit on women by using some humor) is slightly different for both versions. While the extended cut shows the inside of the bar in between two of their chat-up attempts, the theatrical version (which was interrupted by the pool scene) shows a shot of the bar from outside. Overall there's no relevant difference in time.

Day 5: Rick has lunch and leaves a message on his wife's voicemail inbox. He says that he misses her and the kids. Then, the waitress brings him a free dessert made by the cookee. Rick looks around for her but suddenly, the cookee says that the dessert was meant for the other blond guy the cookee apparently has the hots for. Rick looks sad.
Cut to the office. Rick tries some online dating but again doesn't really succeed. Fred thinks that it's not the best idea to use a photo that shows Rick with his wife and family. Suddenly, Fred comes up with an idea that is to backfire later on. Apparently, they can't make strange women like them enough to sleep with them, so they should try to hit on women they already know.
Subsequently he visits one of his old friends - Missy - and brings her some Greek food to break the ice; he does that because he rememered that her last name had a Greek origin. Too bad that it was her ex-husband's name. Fred explains her how his vacation week from his marraige works and hopes to be able to sleep with Missy. However, she's not really satisfied with his clumsy hit on and slams the door in front of him. Fred is frustrated and doesn't understand why she did this.
3:33 min

Day 6: Rick tries to impress Leigh (the hot blonde from the coffee shop) in the club by putting a huge snake around his neck. After a quick cut we see that this wasn't the best idea.

Rick dances on the bar without wearing a shirt. In the extended version he also breaks a glass.

Meanwhile, Rick's bill in the Club adds up to 1400 dollars because the drinks are unbelievably expensive. He tries to skip out on the tab but doesn't succeed.

Rick shouts to the bartender that he shouldn't dare to put a tip on their bill.

During the scene transition the theatrical version instead shows the women's motel.
Theatrical Version + 2s