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original title: Schulmaedchen-Report, 7. Teil


  • US VHS
  • German VHS
Release: Sep 04, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German VHS released by VPS and the US VHS released by Private Screenings.

During the seventh part of the Schoolgirl Report series, they reveal a brothel in which schoolgirls work freewillingly. In court, the girls have to talk about their first sexual experiences and how those lead them to prostitution. The judges and lawyers get to know about a lusty iceman, a sexually interested schoolgirl, a thief with a perfidious scam and much more. Outside the court, the parents discuss whether or not they are partially responsible for their daughters' behavoir.

The US VHS by Private Screenings is radically cut - almost all sex scenes were trimmed. Yet, it includes an English dub.


US VHS: 70:30 Min. (NTSC)
dt. VHS: 88:47 Min. (PAL)

The US VHS misses out on 21:33 minutes.

The US VHS includes a new intro, while the German VHS includes the regular "Schoolgirl Report"-intro.

US Version:

German Version:

US Version: 38 sec.
German Version: 1:24 min.


The prostitute pulls her nightgown upwards, so that the trick can observe her "qualities". He wants to get into it right away, yet has to pay first.

German Version: 11 sec.


The sexscene between the schoolgirl and the Swabian was cut out entirely.

The next scene begins a little earlier.

German Version: 24 sec.


The trick and the prostitute are shown a little longer.

German Version: 3 sec.


Again, the naked people are shown longer. They walk back to their rooms.

German Version: 6 sec.


Helga puts her clothes off and goes to the shower.

German Version: 19 sec.


Helga is standing under the shower a little longer and starts to masturbate.

German Version: 24 sec.


A missing cut to Helga while she masturbates.

German Version: 18 sec.


Again, we see Helga under the shower masturbating. However, she is unable to reach her climax and sits down on a stool next to the shower.

German Version: 46 sec.


Unnoticed, Helga's classmate puts his penis into her, which leads to a pretty good orgasm for her.

German Version: 45 sec.


Helga is shown having sex again. She says that she had one orgasm after the other.

German Version: 14 sec.


The sex scene between Helga and the boy continues. The next scene on the stairs begins earlier.

German Version: 50 sec.


A missing sex scene between Helga and Albert. The US Version shows them once they are already finished.

German Version: 1:39 min.


Albert walks to the table and sits down. He asks her if she ever took money for sex. Helga says that no one has ever offered her that.

This scene was probably taken out since Albert's penis is visible.

German Version: 26 sec.


In the US Version, Albert and Helga kiss a little longer.

In the German Version, the scene with the trick begins a little earlier. Helga is unhappy with the amount of 100 Marks.

US Version: 1 sec.
German Version: 7 sec.


Carlos takes a closer look at the girls' private parts.

German Version: 26 sec.


Carlos is shown under the table a little earlier.

German Version: 10 sec.


The camera pans from Carlos upwards.

German Version: 5 sec.


The camera pans back to Carlos who shouts "Bruta Bestia!"

German Version: 4 sec.


The girl lunges at Carlos while the two of them hit for the bathroom with a bottle of champagne.

German Version: 1:05 min.


Carlos and the girl fall onto the bed. She is disappointed by his sexual performance.

German Version: 10 sec.


The blonde girl leaves the bathroom. The two of them are happy about one year of free icecream. The blonde tries to motivate Carlos, yet he simply continues to sleep.

German Version: 26 sec.


The girls are disappointed by Carlo's bragging and think that all that is left is to stick to masturbation.

German Version: 14 sec.


Carlo is shown in front of the elevator a little earlier.

German Version: 1 sec.


Monica is being fumbled by the driver a little longer. He says that she probably looks fantastic down there.

German Version: 10 sec.


The driver slowly pulls his hand back.

German Version: 11 sec.


Film tear: The two are shown a little longer when they walk to the shed.

US Version: 1 sec.


The driver gets on it pretty quickly, and Monica tries to slow him down.

German Version: 18 sec.


Monica is being hassled by the man longer before her friends come out of their hideout.

German Version: 26 sec.


Karla is being fumbled by the man a little longer. In court, she says that all her sexual knowledge comes from books.

German Version: 1:12 min.


Karla uses scientific arguments and explains that her partner has to undress now, too. He is willing to do so and brags about his giant penis.

German Version: 41 sec.


Karla gets closer to the penis.

German Version: 1 sec.


The intercourse between Karla and the man was cut out entirely. In court, she explains what she has felt in the process.

German Version: 2:25 min.


The girl touches her breasts, followed by a cut to the teacher.

German Version: 8 sec.


Additional pupils touch their breasts. The teacher tells them to stop. One of the girls says that the values of a woman lie deeper and a guy tells her to show them. Franz says that she is a pig and gets slapped for this remark.

German Version: 39 sec.


Franz leads the teacher to a butt and then the breasts of each pupil. In shock, the man flees from school. In the next scene, we see him a little earlier.

German Version: 47 sec.


The beginning of the dream sequence of Gaby having intercourse with her teacher Professor Steinbeck was cut out.

German Version: 38 sec.


Gaby lies in bed and masturbates. The lawyer explains that she wishes to sleep with Professor Steinbeck, while Gaby dreams about exactly that. The speaker also talks about Gaby's life which was characterized by the excessive lovelife of her mother.

German Version: 1:24 min.


A missing sex scene between Gaby's mother and Professor Steinbeck.

German Version: 53 sec.


The sex scene of Gaby (who is dressed up) and Professor Steinbeck was taken out, too.

German Version: 55 sec.


Gaby continues to have sex with Professor Steinbeck when the doorbell rings.

German Version: 8 sec.