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Release: Jul 10, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated VHS released by Full Moon Entertainment and the uncut DVD released by Laser Paradise (Unrated).

There are 8 missing scenes with an overall runtime of 53.5 seconds.

Besides the uncut Unrated version, the producers also released a shorter R-Rated version of the movie in the United States. It rouhly misses out on 1 minute. The DVD Versions are all uncensored, despite the fact that they were rated R.
32 min
There's another shot of the creature pulling the handcuffs over the hand. The thumb, which is already nearly ripped off, is being wounded even more.
3 sec

32 min
The beginning of this scene was cut out. The R-Rated version continues in the middle of it, when the handcuffs are being pulled all the way over the hand. In the process, the thumb is being ripped off. It falls to the ground.
3 sec

52 min
John pleases Sylvana with his mouth. The creature secretly watches them.
11 sec

59 min
Sylvana has to touch the creature's genitals.
5 sec

60 min
The creature rips a piece of Sylvana's chest out and subsequently takes another bite.
2.5 sec

60 min
It bites her chest again (close-up shot). Sylvana screams in pain.
6 sec

65 min
When the housekeeper arrives in the cellar, you miss out on a tracking shot from Sylvana's shoe to the creature which momentarily is licking Sylvana's crotch.
10 sec

65 min
You see Sylvana and her bloody neck wound. The camera pans down to her wounded chest.
13 sec