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1.05 The Other Cousin


  • TV Version
  • US DVD
Release: May 17, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV version (MTV) and the uncut US DVD.

In order to be aired on national television, the TV series "Drawn Together" had to be edited every now and then. These edits include censored sexual characteristics, the shortening/deletion of precarious scenes, or the alteration of dialogues.


TV: 21:05 min.
DVD: 21:33 min.

Bleh's breasts wereixelated.

No difference in time.



No difference in time.


The subtitles during the oral sex scene with Bleh and Captain HEro were removed.

No difference in time.


Bleh's breasts and genitals were pixelated.

No difference in time.


Alternative scene:


Cut to Captain Hero.

Clara: "Ich wusste ich kann dir vertrauen."

3 sec


Clara gives Captain Hero the antidote.

Clara: "I knew I can trust you. Here's the antidote."

5 sec


When Ling Ling hugs his father, Xandir adn Toot do the same. Wooldoor tears himself in two pieces who hug each other as well.

9 sec


During the drug trip, the genital areas of Wooldoor, Toot and Xandir are pixelated.

No difference in time.


Alternative scenes:

The TV Version features mentally disabled, but well-built school mates in the bus. In the uncut version, handicapped doppelgangers of the housemates greet her.

TV: 15 sec
DVD: 19 sec


The ending credits are slightly different.

No difference in time.