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Thompsons, The


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 05, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The Thompsons is the sequel to The Hamiltons from 2006 and shows the vampire family now being in Great Britain. Of course, their problems don't go away there either. It was directed by the "Butcher Brothers" whose latest output before this was The Violent Kind. The second film dealing with the vampire family is advertised as a mixture of Tarantino and Twilight although that's a little exaggerated. However, with its short runtime (74 minutes without the credits) it manages to keep the viewer entertained and delivers some bloody scenes. What's more to ask for the target audience.

While the film was passed uncut by the German ratings board FSK (and probably in the US, too), the censorship can be found in the UK this time around. Even though the BBFC initially granted the uncut version its "18" classification, the British DVD will only contain a censored version. Although one can only speculate about the reason why distributor Lions Gate UK made that decision, they also submitted an edited version for a second round. Maybe they didn't like the initial rating description (strong horror, bloody violence, sex and sexualised violence) since the new description reads differently: strong horror, bloody violence and sex. For those who are still puzzled: the sexualized violence is missing.

The BBFC isn't the reason this time despite their dislike for too rough violence in combination with sex where they demand cuts (e.g. Break, I Spit on Your Grave [2010], Neighbor). Maybe Lions Gate wasn't too happy about the remark about sexualized violence when they try to attract a part of the Twilight fan base with their marketing. The result is the removal of one scene that does indeed feel a bit forced into the scenery when you look at the full film. It's pointed out well enough that the brothers are evil so that scene isn't necessarily needed. Still, it's unfortunate for British customers. But they can grab the German releases (which have English audio, too) or wait for the US to put them out.

Comparison between the censored British BBFC 18 DVD (by Lions Gate UK) and the uncut German DVD (by Sunfilm Entertainment).

1 cut = 61.64 sec. or approx. 1 minute 2 seconds
0:05:59: Here's a little repositioning. The scene in which the blonde falls to the ground, sees corpses with their faces torn off and starts screaming comes a little earlier in the uncut version
No time difference

0:06:14: The couple is surrounded by the brothers and begs them not to kill them. The brothers demand that the two proceed with their loveplay and tell them to take their clothes off. As the guy doesn't understand this immediately, he gets a blow to the face. While they are forced to have sex, one of the brothers pushes his foot on the man's rear end. After that things get rough: the other brother starts stabbing the guy in the face and cutting his face off. Blood splatters and as the woman begins to scream the film title is shown.
61.64 sec.