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  • PG-13
  • Gore Cut
Release: Dec 31, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored PG-13 version and the uncut Gore Cut (both included on the US Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome)

- 80 deviations, thereof 27 pure audio censorships
- Cut duration: 480.9 sec (= 8:01 min)

Censorship history of TAMMY AND THE T-REX

Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park has without question left a huge footprint in film history. Especially in the B-/C-Movie sector there were of course many smaller films in the 90s and a particularly curious one is probably the 1994 flick Tammy and the T-Rex. In front of the camera you can discover the young Denise Richards, who's doing a little striptease dance in her underwear at the end. Also the by that time still unknown Paul Walker plays one of the main roles, respectively the boy whose brain ends up in the dinosaur.

The crude trash movie could probably not be marketed well due to genre overlaps. In America only a censored PG-13 version was released and the German version was longer for some scenes, but despite the FSK 18 rating it wasn't uncut either. In Italy, for example, the uncensored original version was probably available, but only as VHS or on TV. In the US 25 years later there now was an unexpected turn. A well preserved 35mm copy of the original version was discovered, which had never been published in America. It was first presented as "R-Rated Gore Cut" on June 17th 2019 at the Cinepocalypse-Festival in Chicago.

The new restoration is of impeccable quality and now also experienced its worldwide premiere in digital form at the beginning of December 2019. As a "Black Friday" offer, two versions could be ordered exclusively in the online shop of the American license holder Vinegar Syndrome, for the time being. The pleasing curiosity here is that this is the first title that the label is also launching on the market as a 4K Blu-ray. Thus, a UHD/BD combo and a BD/DVD combo are available. From January 28, 2020 both releases will also be available in mass trade via e.g. Amazon.

The changes in the PG-13 version

With pretty much exactly 8 missing minutes the censorship emphasis is already somewhat different than in the German FSK 18 version which is cut in all killing scenes. Here too, of course, several violence cuts are noticeable. In contrast to the German version, however, these are often way shorter or, for example, re-cuts to the spectators are still included. On the other hand, the PG-13 cut is missing several minutes during the operation and so (in contrast to the German version) almost all views of Michael with an open head are gone.

However, the big part of the differences is made up by audio censorships, because all swear words had to give way in favour of the PG-13 rating. Apart from actual cuts of dialoge there are also many adjustments purely on the soundtrack. The foul language bits were often simply muted in the middle of a sentence, the wording was roughly shortened or completely re-recorded. Often this is also very conspicuous or was implemented rather bumpy.

Not surprisingly, there are some interventions in the case of sexual insinuations. Again, the film is still comparatively harmless, but one found enough material to put the scissors on. For example, Billy's quickie on the back seat of the car was shortened a lot or such small things as Michael's joyful grip on a condom were left out. And finally, Denise Richards' little striptease right before the end credits is shortened quite a bit in the PG-13 cut.

All in all, an often astonishingly bumblingly censored version and one can be glad that the film has finally been restored to its original condition by the new 4K restoration.

Running times are arranged according to the
PG-13 Cut on the US Blu-ray / Gore Cut on the US Blu-ray
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The PG-13 version has a logo of Imperial Entertainment to get you started.

+ 10.8 sec

00:17-00:22 / 00:06-00:11

In the PG-13 version, the title was placed over a recycled shot from the end of the movie, with Tammy riding the dino.
In the gore cut (as well as on the German VHS) the title appears in yellow, just like the other credits.

By the way, here as on the German VHS it says "Tanny" instead of "Tammy". In the Gore Cut audio commentary the director only notices this during the end credits where Denise Richards is also credited as Tanny. According to him this is a plain mistake.

PG-13Gore Cut

Audio censorship
05:11 / 05:00

After a "shit head" as well as "ball twist" were also audible in the PG-13 shortly before, a word of Billy's angry comment was muted here: "What are you gonna do now, dickless?

image for classification

06:11 / 06:00-06:03

This time it's a cut, but it was also done with the intention of audio censorship. The policeman asks Michael, "Aint you got no balls?"
Actually Michael then answers onscreen that he wears a protection - this was put on the soundtrack of the PG-13 over Billy's follow-up shot.

2,7 sec

08:02 / 07:54-07:55

The beginning of the shot has been removed and thus another cussword from Bobby; "The bastard looks like you."

1.3 sec

Audio censorship
09:31 / 09:24

Part of Bobby's comment has been muted: "What a crock of shit."

image for classification

11:12 / 11:05-11:16

At the door Michael turns around once more and rummages in in the bedside cabinet. He finds a condom, kisses the packaging and goes back to the door.
(By the way, this causes a small continuity error in the PG-13 cut, because Michael's arm position when leaving the room again differs a little bit from the moment before the cut) .

11.1 sec

Audio censorship
14:40 / 14:44

A part of Bobby's father's comment was muted: "I'll handle this myself- Goddammit."

image for classification

Audio censorship
14:57 / 15:01

When the two notice Billy and his gang, a "Shit!" from Michael was muted.

image for classification

Audio censorship
15:24 / 15:28

When Weasel discovers Michael's jacket, he actually says "Son of a bitch!"

image for classification

Audio censorship
15:26 / 15:30

Not noted in the subtitles of the Blu-ray, but apparently a "Fucker!" by Billy was muted when walking to the window.

image for classification

Audio censorship
15:30 / 15:34

Billy's threat at the window was chopped off at the end while cutting to Michael below; "I'ma get you asshole!"

image for classification

Audio censorship
15:51 / 15:55

When the gang storms out, a part of Billy's announcement is missing on the soundtrack: "Get that son of a bitch!"

image for classification

Audio censorship
16:44 / 16:48

The hit with the baseball bat while driving by covers up the rest of Billy's insult in the PG-13 version: "Take this, you son of a bitch!"

image for classification

Audio censorship
16:49 / 16:53

A little while later, it's actually, "Hey, asshole!"

image for classification

16:59-17:01 / 17:03-17:07

Part of Billy's commentary was cut out at the end/beginning of three takes: "What would you do if someone screwed your old lady and you had the power to do whatever you want to that fucker, huh?"

Gore cut 2 seconds longer

17:07 / 17:13-17:19

Billy threatens further and instructs Weasel: "You wanna bet, asshole? Put him in the trunk, I'll teach this fucker a lesson you'll never forget, you fucking asshole."

5.9 sec

Audio censorship
18:36 / 18:48

Weasel comments in more detail when he gets out, "This place gives me the fuckin' creeps."

image for classification

18:59-19:02 / 19:11-19:17

After "I'm gonna let you go" the "asshole", which was actually still said onscreen, was removed the end in the middle of the shot.
To hide this, the beginning of the follow-up shot of Michael (see 2nd picture) was moved forward a bit and then we cut back to Billy, who still asks "So what do you say?

Gore Cut 3.3 sec longer

19:17 / 19:33-19:36

Billy says in close-up as well as in the follow-up shot, which starts a little earlier: "I'll fucking kill you, man! I'll fucking kill ya."
In the PG-13 cut, the rest of the shot is shortened to "I'll kill ya."

2.7 sec

Audio censorship
20:32 / 20:51

When he runs away, Michael actually says, "Oh, shit."

image for classification

21:14 / 21:33-21:39

The lion attacks Michael in three further shots.

6.7 sec

Audio censorship
23:08 / 23:33

When Weasel pushes Byron aside, his comment was shortened a little: "You little shit."

image for classification

23:22 / 23:47-23:49

Weasel's still says at the end the take: "You bitch!"

2 sec

Audio censorship
23:24 / 23:51

Byron's threat was shortened: "I'll scratch your fucking eyes out."

image for classification

23:27 / 23:54-23:58

Weasel starts the take with, "You okay boss?" and Billy replies, "I'll get you for this, bitch."

4.4 sec

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