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Die Hard 2 - Die Harder

original title: Die Hard 2


  • R-Rated
  • Workprint
Release: Mar 22, 2008 - Author: Scat - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Regular Version (R-Rated) and the inofficial Workprint (WP).

The Workprint of Die Hard 2 contains some story extensions and a little more violence. In few scenes the sound effects and score differ from the Regular Version (the end credit song "Let It Snow" isn't playing in the Workprint). However this cut report does not cover these differences (expect for one scene).

Scenes in brackets are included in the Regular Version and conduce to orientation.
At some points accurate time specification wasn't possible due to heavy recuts.

The following report abbreviates Regular Version and Workprint with RV and WP.
[McClane loses his gun on the conveyer belt. The Bad Guy loads his gun.]
McClane throws himself on the conveyer belt. A lot of shots are fired at him from the sides. He brachiates downwards, jumps and lands in front of a dog's cage. The dog barks at him instantly. The Bad Guy looks down from where the barking's coming. McClane whispers "Shut the fuck up!"
[McClane looks back to the conveyer belt and spots a few golf clubs.]
Instead of this scene the RV has a shot that is missing in the WP: the Bad Guy reloading his gun.
a total of 32 sec

[The other Bad Guy seeks McClane with his gun drawn.] A medium long shot of the Bad Guy. [McClane jumps at him from above.] He strangles him from behind. Then there's a shot of the other Bad Guy noticing two cops which entered through the door (this scene is also included in the RV but at a later point).
[McClane and the Bad Guy fall down.]
a total of 5 sec

Now the RV shows the shot of the crook noticing the cops.
- Sec

The death of the guy who gets crushed and electrocuted is edited differently in the WP, hence it's shown in different and more shots (including several close up's of the Bad Guy and a long shot of McClane on the transport line.
a total of about 10 sec

The WP (!) misses the very short shot of the bloody face of the dead Bad Guy before the body bag is zipped up. This seems to be a film tear though because the words of the stewardess in the shot before sound cut off and jumps like that occur about six more times in the movie in similar intervals.
- Sec

The head shot one of the SWAT guys receive is distantly shown in the RV. The WP provides a close up of that shot which happens to be a lot bloodier.
- Sec

Another Bad Guy is gunned down. One of the shots is slightly longer.
a few frames

[McClane kicks the grill off the vent. The Bad Guy catches it instinctively. McClane shoots him.]
The WP has another shot of more bloody exit wounds.
1 Sec

[The stewardess calms an old lady down.]
Afterwards she approaches a little girl that holds a doll in its hands. She pulls the doll out of the seatbelt and tells the girl that it's safer now.
Apperantly this scene was cut for either censorship or moral reasons (cause it's the plane that crashes later in the movie). The doll is the exact same doll McClane finds in the wreckage.
12 sec

[Stuart: "We got you."
Shot of a screen that shows a diagram of the plane landing.]
Barnes yells: "See the torches! Come on! See the torches!!"
[Shot of the plane approaching the ground.]
5 sec

[Interior shot of the screaming pilots.]
Interior shot of the screaming passengers.
[Exterior shot of the burning plane.
Stuart: "We got you."]
3 sec

After the plane crash, the following remark of Stuart and the scene in the tower there's an additional shot of the bad guys in the chruch. After that there's the regular shot of the ambulance driving to the crash side.
6,5 sec

[Bad Guy: "Colonel, they've done everything we've far."]
Col. Stuart: "Don't worry about it, captain. If this thing goes in extra innings, we just call on our friends in the other teams locker room."
14 sec

[McClane: "Hey, Trudeau. Things just get better or worse?"]
The shot continues. Trudeau leaves without saying a word. McClane does so as well.
[Shot of the tower.]
12 sec

The WP has three more shots of grenades being thrown into the cockpit by the bad guys. Two of them remained in the RV but they have been set to the point where McClane's already in the ejection seat.
a total of 1 sec

The WP now follows (after McClane discovers the "Eject"-sign on the seat) with the shot of of the bad guys and Stuart yelling "Go!". The RV presents this shot later, when McClane is fiddling with the belts of the seat hectically.
- sec

Now the RV shows the two aforementioned differences. Additionally there's another shot of McClane trying hastily to buckle up in the WP.
2 sec

Two more shots, one of Stuart and one of the General looking at the approaching fire trucks.
4 sec

The fight between MacClane and the sentry is slightly longer in the WP.
3 sec

McClane stabs the eye of the sentry with an icicle. The shot from the side is twice as long in the WP.
0,5 sec

Additional shots of the shoot out in front of the church.
3 sec

When McClane chases the bad guys on a snowmobile some of the shots are placed differently. In addition the WP contains a shot of McClane in the distance.
a total of about 2,5 sec

Two more shots of the bad guys on the snowmobiles.
5 sec

The WP shows a shot of Grant.
2 sec

A longer shot of McClane. He takes off his jacket, crouches over to the spoilers and blocks them with it. Here the WP misses a short shot of the General wondering why the plane isn't taking off.
a total of about 30 sec

Here the RV has two short shots of McClane blocking the spoilers with the jacket which were also in the WP earlier.
- Sec

Extended shot.
2 sec

The fight between McClane and Grant lasts longer. Stuart shouts at the beginning of the fight "How is it going?"
23 sec

Stuart with his gun drawn.
1 sec

Extended shot of the General.
1 sec

The scene of Mj. Grant getting meatgrinded isn't bloodier or by any means longer in the WP, however the sound of the grinding is different and way more audible. In the following shot - after chunks of meat exit the jet engine - McClane screams horrified.
- Sec

Shot of McClane after he opened the fuel door.
1 sec

Two more shots of McClane and Stuart fighting and another shot of the General.
6,5 sec

Shot of the jacket blocking the spoiler. The following shot of Stuart approaching it is a little longer.
2,5 sec

Longer shot of Stuart pulling out the jacket.
1 sec

Shot of Stuart crouching back to the door.
5 sec

The shot that follows Stuart closing the door is a little longer and there are two more shots of the General.
5 sec

In the WP the last shot of the fuel coming out of the wing is three times as long as in the RV.
2 sec

After the wing catches on fire there are more shots of it in the WP, intercut with shots of the General.
9 sec

Additional shots of McClane followed by a long shot of the explosion with McClane in the foreground.
12 sec