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Ikari Warriors

original title: Ikari


International Version
Region: Worldwide

Japanese Version
Region: Japan

Release: Mar 20, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
"Ikari Warriors" (originally just called "Ikari") is a Japanese Shoot-em-up eleased in the year 1986 by SNK Electronics. The action game is shown from a bird's-eye-perspective and is mainly about shooting at enemies with an optional 2-player-mode. The gameplay is similar to "Dogs of War" or "Commando". All around the globe tha game was ported to numerous systems, including the Commodore64, the NES, the Atari ST, and the PC. Recently, an Arcade Version of the game was also included as a downloadable game for the Sony Playstation (PS3, PS Portable, and PS Vita). Still, there's censorship throughout all international versions.
The following screenshots all originate from the "Arcade Version", thus the system-dependent alterations of graphics (e.g. the reduction of sprites on the C64) were not regarded. This report solely focuses on censorship and alterations. At first, we want to distance ourselfs from any National Socialist mindset, this report was only intended to give information about the game.

Both versions can be recognized by the lettering: The original Japanese Version has grey letters, while the International Versions all have camouflage letters. Apart from that there are no further alterations than those that are listed below. The game is fairly easy, since the enemies always appear at the exact same spots due to the linear gameplay.

Japanese Original Version 1986:Censored International Arcade Version:

In the Original Version you can see a star on the plane. For the International Version it was changed to a logo that looks like an eagle
on the plane which is shown shortly after beginning the game:

Japanese Original Version 1986:Censored International Arcade Version:

However, as you can see on the following screenshot, the intro was not altered:

Screenshot from the International Version:

On the way to the goal you can see a red carpet. In the Japanese Version it includes swastikas from time to time, explaining the "purpose" of the carpet.
Red Carpet with Swastikas:

Japanese Original Version 1986:Censored International Arcade Version:

At the end there's another noticeable alteration after defeating the final enemy. At the end of the red carpet you see a giant character. In the Japanese Version it is the black haired "General Kawasaki" who is happy to tell the player that he won 1 million points as wall as glory and honor. The International Version instead shows Colonel Cook wearing a green hat. His speech is different, telling the player to continue to fight in order to maintain peace. Also, there's a typo in the text: "rescured". Thus, the Japanese gamers and the International gamers seem to fight for an entirely different purpose and against different enemies.
Altered Mission: Free the Boss

Japanese Original Version 1986:Censored International Arcade Version: