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Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell

original title: Air terjun pengantin


  • Indonesian Version
  • International Version
Release: Jul 08, 2012 - Author: Jason - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Unimaginative slasher movies with beautiful actors that can't act for crap - in this case models and stars from soap operas - mixed with some nudity and some random killer wearing a mask hunting for... whatever - can there really be enough movies with just that? The best thing that could happen is for the killer to have absolutely no understandable reason to do what he does - which then could be covered up by giving him a funny wooden mask, completet by a Pinnochio-like nose and a neat jelly bag cap.
This seems to be what producers in Indonesia thought, thus they gave us Air Terjun Pengantin (which can be translated to Bride Waterfall) a.k.a. Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell (whatever that might have to do with the original title). The plot revolves around a small group of happy girls and guys on a boat trip to a secluded island where a medicine man / Shaman / whatsoever has killed each and every citizen once upon a time. Of course, he is still alive and willing to kill everyone who dares to enter his woods. After a few (for the genre rather prudish) bathing/shower scene, some nice kills and a lot of bad acting most of the main cast is gone - and so is the killer. Generation "SAWHostel" will be unsatisfied and the movie will be forgotten while the credits still run. It's not a complete failure (for this genre, some people assume this to be a positive aspect), however, far from being anything one would call good.

The German version had no censorship problems and additionally seems to represent somewhat of an "International Version" of the flick: In comparison to the Indonesian version a few rather uninteresting plot scenes were cut out, however, there's more blood and girls in bikinis.
THe reason for this is that in Indonesia, every movie has to be presented to the Film Censorship Board (also known as Lembaga Sensor Film). While the censors apparently didn't seem to appreciate nudity and violence, the imposts still appear to be rather random. After roughly half an hour into the movie there seem to be less and less cuts and towards the end of the movie you still get quite a few gory scenes plus some girls wearing bikinis. Maybe the editors thought that the censors won't watch more than 30 minutes of this flick and thus censored the scenes up to this point by themselves?

22 shortened scenes(Indonesian Version) = 5 min. 30 Sec.
2 shortened scenes(International Version) = 1 min. 40 sec.
The Maxima Pictures Logo at the beginning of the movie is missing.
17 sec.

A shot of Tiara in her bed from a little further away.
4 sec.

Tiara turns and lolls in her bed, then sits up a little earlier to put on her shirt.
27 sec.

Tiara is scared and runs to her window - we see an additional close-up shot of her face. The following shot from further away begins a little earlier.
6.5 sec.

There are several shots of Tiara & Lilo kissing on the bed.
22.5 sec.

The shot of the couple standing next to the car and kissing starts a little earlier.
2 sec.

International Version:
In the Indonesian version, the shot of Mandy is a little longer.
1 sec.

International Version:
While the international version fades from Tiara screaming to the car arriving at the pier, the Indonesian version at first shows Lilo who is sitting in the bedroom. He picks a diamond ring out of his pocket and smiles.
Then we see a part of the travel to the harbor. Mandy collects all the participants' mobile phones because they all agreed to have a calm and secluded vacation. The girls don't really bother, only the two guys in the front do. Kjan apparently is "the funny guy": he gets a phone call that "saves" him from giving his phone away just now, however, his friend next to him eventually puts it in Mandy's bag. The girls constantly yell at Kjang but he doesn't care about their nagging.
99 sec.

Tiara is sunbathing on the boat's foredeck.
15 sec.

Ditto, shown from a different perspective.
4 sec.

While the Indonesian Version already fades to the arrival at the island, the International Version shows some more footage of Tiara's sunbath.
20 sec.

During the beach party the Indonesian Version cuts away when you see some girls only wearing bikinis. They take some pictures, pose in the sand, kiss while playing truth or dare, and so on. In the end they all lie around shoulder to shoulder and agree that thus far the vacation is great.
168 sec.

The camera pans to the girls cheering.
2.5 sec.

Dinar returns to the boat, puts her towel away and then puts on her shirt a little earlier.
18 sec.

There's a close-up shot of the spear's hook hitting Dinar's shoulder blade. A lood of blood splashes out of the wound. Then follow two additional shots of her screaming.
3 sec.

The medicine man cuts Dinar's fingers off with his machete.
0.5 sec.

There's a gory close-up shot of the nail being hammered through the palm.
0.5 sec.

Same here, accompanied by a shot of the medicine man beating the nail with the hammer.
3 sec.

The same thing happens to the other hand. Dinar screams in pain.
2.5 sec.

In this sequence, the medicine man thrusts the hammer down again.
0.5 sec.

You barely see that the bird's head is cut off.
1 sec.

The medicine man cuts Dinar's fingers off - this time without any explicitly gory details.
4.5 sec.

During the sawing off of the fingers, the finger breaks. (In the Indonesian Version, the noise can be heard during the scene after the cut.)
2.5 sec.

Additional shots of the medicine man drinking blood from the severed finger.
4 sec.

The machete is being rammed into Dinar's head.
1 sec.