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  • Original Version
  • Italian VHS
Release: Jun 14, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD from Laser Paradise, which features the original version and the Italian VHS.

David comes to a new school where he meets his old friend Marc, who is a member of Bruce's band. The band bullies other schoolmates and stops at nothing, not even rape. They want David to join, but he refuses, so they beat him up and cripple him for life. After discharge from the hospital, David is hellbent on vengeance...
What sounds like exploitation turns out to be a lot more critical of society. Topics such as abuse of power, oppression and the change between the roles of the offender and the victim are being dealt with. Unfortunately, these issues get lost somewhat in the rather simple plot of revenge. Besides, David's change from the helper to a psychopathic killer really streches credibility.

The Italian version of the film was extended by some erotic scenes. Those scenes were re-shot with different actors and are consistently soft (by the standards of the 70ies).

Both versions have some short film tears which are not listed here.


The scene with the two girls being raped was expanded.

57 sec.


Here, one can see Bruce and Theresa a little earlier.

4 sec.



At the roll change, the Italian version is missing a cut on the school.

5 sec.



Right from the start, the love scene between Marc and Theresa was expanded.

1:49 min.


In the German version, there is a cross-fade.

3 sec.



The Italian version does not contain the scene in which Arthur is killed.

Arthur is being teased by his classmates. When switching on his hearing aid, suddenly there is blood running out of his ear and he collapses.

1:05 min.



One can see Spoony's and Jane's love play in the tent.

48 sec.



People are running onto the street.

34 sec.