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  • MA15+
  • R18+
Release: Aug 25, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The scary movie Wolf Creek from 2005 was quite successful in its country of origin Australia and it got a lot of good reviews worldwide. In addition to that, its story is based on true events which makes it even more interesting for some people. The murdering outback killer Mick Taylor made such an impression that the success of the first one justified a sequel. It is a long time coming - 9 years to be exact - but taking a closer look at the result, it was worth waiting for. With no strings attached, there is much more going on in Wolf Creek 2. Mick Taylor goes on a rampage and increases his body count, supported by an adequate budget, the locations and effects are far superior to the first installment. The violence is much more drastic, as well. There is splatter and mean actions, accompanied by Mick's cynical comments. All that creates a very sinister atmosphere.

It was no surprise that the Australian ratings board decided to give the sequel the highest rating "R18+". But for a movie that famous and with so much potential for success in its home country, it was simply too much for the studio so that they decided to make cuts for the theatrical release. More than 2 minutes were removed in order to get the "MA15+" rating. That is why fans needed to be patient and hope for an uncut release for home theaters. But one needs to be on alert in Down Under because the DVD and also one of the Blu-ray releases only contain the cut version while the other Blu-ray release is uncut. The name "Director's Cut" is rather confusing because it is simply the uncut and uncensored original version without the cuts required for the theatrical release but it is not an alternate cut - as the name "Director's Cut" might imply. There are numerous cuts in the theatrical version and the way the cuts were made reminds of different styles of censorship. Sometimes, longer shots are missing while sometimes, there is a difference of just a few frames. All in all, the cut version is absolutely not recommendable.

Compared are the cut Australian Theatrical Version (MA15+) and the uncut R18+ Blu-ray (both released by Roadshow Entertainment).

31 cuts = 126.36 seconds or approx. 2 minutes and 7 seconds
0:07:55: Missing sideways shot of the young cop's bloody neck stump.
0.84 sec

0:08:00: The cop again. His head nothing but a bloody mass shot to pieces.
0.76 sec

0:08:32: Tracking shot down the car wreck to the young cop's body. His head half shot down is bleeding and Mick seems to be impressed by his achievement ("Hohoho, shot!"). Then he notices that the other cop behind him is trying to crawl away so he turns around.
30.88 sec

0:09:55: Missing close-up of Mick stabbing the older cop with the knife.
0.2 sec

0:09:57: Mick twists the knife in the wound.
0.36 sec

0:09:59: Then he pulls it out.
0.56 sec

0:10:04: When Mick puts the cop in the car, one gets to see the dead guy with the messed up head for the first time in the MA15+ Version. The scene is shrter though because the shot of Mick fixating the older cop in the car ends earlier. As a result, one also doesn't get to see / hear Mick's following comment: "Fuck me. You stupid pair of bastards. Look at the fucking mess you made, huh? Now, I gotta clean it up.". The cop looks at his dead partner, then he yells at Mick: "They'll fuckin' find us! They'll find the fuckin' car and then they'll..."
22.04 sec

0:10:33: More missing intercuts to the squad car are missing in order to cut footage of the young cop. Consequently, one doesn't get to see Mick putting the ticket in the other cop's brast pocket. The latter starts weeping and says he wanted to see his kids but Mick comments that with a simple and cynical "Ooh...". Then he turns away.
24.8 sec

0:10:59: The cop also says: "I can make the ticket go away, mate.". The reason for that cut is quite obvious.
2.08 sec

0:11:08:Longer shot of the burning cop.
1.8 sec

0:30:13: The shot of Rutger with his throat slit is missing.
2.28 sec

0:30:24: Mick starts to cut off Rutger's head.
6.72 sec

0:30:32: It is finally done. Then he holds the head in his hand - pretty bloody scene.
4.24 sec

0:30:39: Extended shot of Mick holding Rutger's severed head.
0.6 sec

0:30:41: Katarina looks at Rutger's head, she is shocked.
3.4 sec

0:31:56: Longer shot of Mick cutting up the body but one doesn't get to see any gory details anyway because it has been shot from the distance.
0.92 sec

0:31:58: Only the Uncut Version contains Mick putting a severed arm away while looking at Rutger's torso.
1.04 sec

0:32:02: He is busy playing with guts and looking at them. The versions are back in sync when he puts them away.
1.6 sec

0:32:14: Mick also cuts off Rutger's wiener. Then he holds it in his hand, he seems to be impressed by its size (which also sheds light on the comment that is also audible in the Cut Version).
5.2 sec

0:32:30: Mick keeps cutting Rutger's body into pieces and removes his guts.
2.28 sec

0:32:39: Rutger's head is in the way so he puts it aside in a rough way. Makes it easier for Mick to pick up other pieces of flesh .
3.72 sec

0:33:03: More footage of cutting the torso.
0.72 sec

0:33:09: More bloody pieces of Rutger.
1.76 sec

0:33:12: He hits the body with the hatchet.
0.52 sec

0:33:17: A further organ gets removed ad tossed in the box.
2.6 sec

0:40:15: Longer shot of Katarina's body with the gaping shot wound.
1.32 sec

0:40:17: Same here.
0.88 sec

1:24:55: Short close-up of Paul's finger getting severed.
0.6 sec

1:24:58: Another shot of the bloody hand.
0.6 sec

1:25:03: The beginning of the shot of Paul's hand being set free is slightly shorter.
0.32 sec

1:28:52: Close-up of the finger on the other hand getting severed with a buzz saw as well.
0.72 sec