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  • Theatrical Version
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Release: Apr 07, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: OG-Kai - external link: IMDB
Tony Scott's action thriller „Enemy of the State” got an r-rating in the USA, which was due to the frequent use of abusive language. In Germany the relatively harmless movie (except for swearing) obtained the FSK 12 approval right away. The dirty language in the German translation does not play an important role anymore, because many phrases cannot be translated correspondingly or at all.
In the meantime, an unrated version was released in the USA because of the general trend of bringing out extended versions. With clever advertisement and a special cover design, film industry tried to raise sales of these versions, which seemingly appeared to be harder, more permissive or more appropriate for adults than the original version. The original cinematic version of “Enemy of the State” did not actually have many scenes which one might consider worth cutting for an r-rating. So it is surprising that there are some changes. The unrated version shows numerous scenes which are typical of censorship. Whether the censorship was caused by requirements of the MPAA or by precautionary self-censorship of the studio remains unknown. Overall, these extended scenes cover some minimal extension of violence e.g. when Will Smith finds the corpse of his ex-girlfriend. Additionally, there are some dingy or erotic moments, as well as some dialogues, in which further nasty language is uttered.

Nonetheless, the unrated edition cannot fully convince, as some of the additional scenes of the plot attract negative attention. Additional scenes of the plot can more or less be rated after three different categories: First of all, scenes which contribute positively to the movie, scenes which are irrelevant for the movie but do not disrupt it either and scenes which add in a negative way to the movie. Normally, the latter is the exception, despite the inflationary wave of unrated movies. But not so in “Enemy of the State”. At least the scenes at 0.42.15 and 1.58.46 are definitively contra-productive. Other scenes can at best be judged as neutral. Real enrichments are rare and the additional action basically just extends the movie.

On the one hand. the extended version of “Enemy of the State” is uncut and grown-up, but on the other hand it is senselessly longer and in places less believable and absurd.
0.17.11 Extended plot scene
At the end of talking to his superior, Jack Black, the agent of telecommunication, receives the assignment to wiretap the natural scientist and says: “Yeah. A training op”.
4,2 Sec.

0.39.29 Extended plot scene
While the agents are investigating the house of Robert Clayton (Will Smith), a short scene is missing. In this scene the ex-marine says to his comrade: “Come on. Let us get out of here”. The reply is: “Shut up. I am enjoying myself“.
1,5 Sec.

0.39.30 Extended plot scene
A fruit bowl is thrown off the table.
0,27 Sec. (8 Frames)

0.42.15 New plot scene
The first new and longer scene after Will Smith was rowing with his lawyer friends:

Smith moves up the stairs in his lawyer’s office and meets a colleague. They greet each other and Smith asks him to figure out, what happened to his friend from high-school, who was run over by a lorry after a chase. Smith’s colleague carefully writes down everything and jokes: “Give me two days”. Smith answers ironically: “You got two hours”. Both leave and there is a change of scene. But first of all the pictures regarding to the latter scene:

(Change of scene)
What follows is a senseless scene which brings up more questions than it answers.
You can see the corrupt agents. Apparently, they are installing further bugging devices in the lawyer’s office. On the toilet they therefore unscrew the cover plate of some cables. The IT specialist is keeping cave while the ex-marine is working on the plate. A staff member of the laywer’s office wants to use the toilet, but the agent tells him not to go in there because they would have a “serious overflow”. He also explains to him where to find another toilet.
Meanwhile, the ex-marine successfully unscrewed the cover plate on the toilet. What comes now is a little bit confusing: he tells the IT specialist that he should be in his place with his head jammed against the cover plate. Then he passes him the plate. When the IT guy takes the cover plate, the ex-marine suddenly starts screaming madly (“Ow! Goddamn it! Ow!). The guy in front of the toilet and the IT specialist yell at him to keep it down.

Note:This additional footage indicates, why some of the scenes are at best suitable for the deleted scenes. They are simply not adequate for the final version of the movie. Despite watching the scene repeatedly, the viewer probably cannot make any sense out of the action, e.g. why the marine starts screaming and consequently risks the whole mission. Did he get an electric shock, did it smell or did something fall on his head? You do not know and there is no explanation upcoming. Also, the IT specialist uses a flashlight even though the room is illuminated sufficiently. To cut a long story short, this scene is needless and one might assume that it was only added to contribute to the total running time, unfortunately in a negative way.

A change of scene takes place, but for starters the pictures of this scene:

< b>(Change of scene)
Will Smith gets to his office. He greets his secretary, goes to his bureau, puts a folder down on his desk and switches on his PC. He logs in by using the password “Mingus”. There follows a tracking shot over the just tapped cable and a cut to the agents who are aware of his password now. It becomes obvious that Smith is filmed from the ceiling. The theatrical version is on par with the extended version, when Smith is reading the newspaper article regarding the FBI investigation on him.
total 72,73 Sec.

0.44.50 Extended plot scene
When Smith comes home, after he was fired by his boss, there was added a very short insert into the DC, when he goes up the stairs in front of his house. In the DC a surveillant appears and says “Oh shit. Here he comes”. He utters this only because he knows that Smith’s wife came to know about the continuing relationship of her husband to Rachel Banks from the newspaper; hence, he assumes Smith is in trouble.
Note: It is possible that this and the scene after the next one were removed because the next fitting scene consists of swearing only. All in all, the three scenes were supposed to be inserted together.
FETT]1,11 Sec.

0.45.07 Censored scene, category: swearword
Again a short insert of the agent who says: “He’s fucked”, when Smith wants to get into his house to see his wife who is still reading in the newspaper.
1,8 Sec.

0.45.47 Extended plot scene
While Smith is arguing with his wife, the agent adds in an further insert: ”God, this is just like my parents, man”.
1,73 Sec.

0.47.16 New plot scene
After Smith tried to check in a luxurious hotel (which did not work due to a cancelled credit card), a scene was added to the DC in which he tried to draw money from an ATM. The ATM informs him that his credit card was cancelled and retains it. So Smith hits the ATM and leaves angrily.
13 Sec.

0.47.45 New plot scene
In the evening Smith drives to a much cheaper hotel to stay there for the night. Exhaustedly he lies down, while on TV a senator is explaining the advantages of the law that allows the state to observe any kind of telecommunication. Depressed Smith takes a look around, grabs an erotic magazine (Penthouse) and starts to thumb through it.
35 Sec.

0.52.43 Extended plot scene
Smith sits down on a bench on the ferry and tries to discover Brill among the passengers. Many people take a strange look at him.
8,73 Sec.

0.52.53 Alternative scene
When Smith disembarks, the DC shows a shot of a harbour policeman (1,53 Sec.). In the theatrical version you can see Smith disembarking in the dawn a little bit longer (1 Sec.). All in all the DC is insignificantly longer:
0,73 Sec.
theatrical version:Director’s Cut:

1.14.04 Alternative scene
In the scene Will Smith drives with the car of his housekeeper to school. The surveillance team thinks of course that it is the housekeeper and not him who is driving the car and so the man wearing glasses says: ”Oh man, let me follow the nanny”. After this scene a blue filter was applied to the DC, when the car is driving on the road. This implies that you see things as they are happening on the screen of the surveillance team. In the theatrical version no filter is applied and it is a normal movie scene.
No time difference
theatrical version:Director’s Cut:

1.14.11 Censored scene, category dingy
You can see the housekeeper and she is driving the car (blue filter applied). This scene is not contained in the theatrical version.
Next is footage that presumably is supposed to justify the unrated denotation. At least from a European point of view, it is not interesting. The surveillant with glasses says another time (but this time more aggressively): “One time, let me follow the nanny”. Furthermore, he tells his colleague, who is drinking something: “You know what that means, don’t you? With them hairy legs…”. Thereupon he whistles like a bird and his fingers are mimicking a chirping bird, as well. His colleague looks aghast at him and continues his explanation with the words “Deep Dish Bush”. His colleague answers: “You are a sick fuck”.
15,3 Sec.

1.18.02 Censored scene, category: violence (alternative shot)
Will Smith finds his former girl friend, whom he had an affair with, on the floor of the bathroom. In the DC he sees through the door gap a puddle of blood on the floor. In the theatrical version he stands a bit longer in the door.
no time difference
theatrical version:Director’s Cut:

1.18.20 Censored scene, category: violence
In the unrated version a further shot shows the corpse.
1,53 Sec.

1.22.09 Extended plot scene
The scene, in which the surveillance team evaluates the satellite photos from Smith and Hackman and argue about that the satellite can be arranged downwards only, was marginally extended in the DC. The guy with glasses says: ”Let me talk to the nanny. Maybe she can help”. His colleague replies: ”That’s a good idea, Fiedler”, and then Fiedler laughs.

Note: Probably the scene was removed because it alludes to the likewise removed scene of the theatrical version at 1.14.11.
6,37 Sec.

1.23.55 Extended plot scene
When the NSA analyses the photos from the gas station’s camera showing Brill, the scene was extended. The perpetrator states: “See you later then” and leaves. One of the other guys remarks: “That’s all we can do at this point?”, and the one with glasses responds aggressively: “Squeeze me at this point. I’m doing the best I can.”
6,03 Sec.

1.30.37 Extended plot scene
The car chase on the railway property was extended in the DC.
6,13 Sec.

1.31.37 Extended plot scene
After Will Smith gets rid of his burning coat, another short shot of Smith in front of the flames was added to the DC. And he picks up the shotgun again.
2,27 Sec.

1.38.20 New plot scene
Smith and Hackman are driving on the motorway, after they finally decided to strike back. In the theatrical version you can just see the van driving on the street, followed by the next scene. Contrary, another talk was inserted into the DC:
Smith asks Hackman whether he would like a pretzel, an apple or a cookie. Hackman goes for the cookie. Smith does apparently not want to give the cookie away, takes another look into the bag and pretends not to have heard Hackman’s answer and asks again. But this time he only gives the choice of apple and pretzel. Hackman is no fool and insists on the cookie. Smith passes the bag and Hackman asks whether he had any children. He learns that Smith has an eight year old son.
Hackman changes the topic and wants to know what Smith knows about hacking cell phones. Smith responds that he normally just pushes the send button. A little bit confused Hackman tells him: “Great. You will be a great help”. Smith looks at him und wonders where the cookie is. “It is really good”, expresses Hackman.
32,13 Sec.

1.40.28 Extended plot scene
While Smith and Hackman are monitoring the delegate, another scene was inserted.
Smith wonders how one stumbles into such a line of work. Hackman explains that when he was 12 his father had a grocery store. He thought one of his partners would steal from him. As a result of this, the young Hackman found a way to tap the telephone of his father’s partner. He goes on by saying that he enjoyed listening to the man without being recognized. “And did he steal”, Smith wants to know and Hackman’s answer is simply “Yeah”.
In the theatrical version Hackman is typing on his notebook. This scene is not contained in the DC. (0,68 Sec.)
15,17 Sec.

1.40.48 Censored scene, category: erotic
In the DC there was a short shot added in which you can see the secretary, dressed in underwear, with whom the congressman is cheating on his wife.
1,47 Sec.

1.40.54 Censored scene, category: erotic
After the secretary took off the congressmans’ shirt, new footage was inserted:
Smith is looking a bit puzzled. He remarks: “There’s our hard-earned tax dollars at work”. Hackman nods. This is followed by a cut that reveals the goings in the room of the congressman. The secretary is slowly licking over the congressman’s chest. Smith’s comment: “God bless America”. Then she unties his trousers.
11,63 Sec.

1.40.59 Censored scene, category: erotic
The congressman leans back and his secretary continues kissing his belly while she is heavily breathing.
3,2 Sec.

1.41.01 Extended plot scene
After the “show” in the congressman’s apartment, Smith is still looking stunned, sights and sinks on the bed. Hackman asks him what the matter was. Smith says that he just considered how he would have felt, if someone was watching him doing things like that. Hereupon Hackman: “Now you now how Pintero felt.
14,2 Sec.

1.41.59 Extended plot scene
The DC scene was extended after Hackman, who was let in by the Spanish housekeeper, is bugging Reynolds’ house. She continues speaking Spanish while Hackman enters and puts down his stuff. He begins looking for things which are appropriate for bugging. He discovers the girl on the sofa and greets her. Shyly she welcomes him. Hereupon, Hackman goes on searching the living room. He takes a look at the telephone and unplugs the receiver. He looks through his stuff and replaces the receiver by an identical one.
54,53 Sec.

1.42.42 Censored scene, category: swearword
When the technician explains to Reynolds that all bugs were custom made by them, Raynolds angrily says: „You think this is fucking amusing?“. The technician lowers his head.
3,17 Sec.

1.58.44 Alternative scene
In the DC there is a slight alternation of the shot in which the wounded technician Jack Black is driven to hospital after the final massacre.
Theatrical version: 2,2 Sec.
Director’s Cut: 3,21 Sec.
The alternative shot was only used, because a new scene is following in the DC (see below).
Theatrical version:Director’s Cut:

1.58.46 New plot scene
After the shot-out Smith goes to the surveillance van of the NSA, which is being examined by the FBI. Smith asks them: “Excuse me, there was a guy in here with a cop uniform. An agent responds: “The guy with the bloody hand?”. Smith approves this and she continues: “Yeah, we have him on surveillance tape”. The agent asks her colleague to rewind the tape. On the screen you can see how Hackman disappears. She takes a closer look at the screen and wonders if he had a cat under his arm. Smith is eased, laughs and thanks the agent.

Note: This scene cannot persuade. Even though the FBI agent should know from newspapers and their observation that Smith is not an agent himself but still a suspect, she readily and smilingly gives him information and lets him watch the surveillance tape.
33,62 Sec.