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5.13 J'ai Obtenu Cette


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 11, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series

In the US Drama series Sons of Anarchy we follow the adventures of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO). Jackson 'Jax' Teller, son of founding member John Teller, is the main character. The core business of SAMCRO is buying and distributing illegal weapons. When Jax's stepfather and President of the club Clarence 'Clay' Morrow intends to expand their business with drugs, the young man begins to question the club and his own values.

Season 3 started to air on 09/03/2008 on FX and the ratings went through the roof. With almost 5 million viewers a week, the show had become more successful than other hit shows such as Nip/Tuck or The Shield.

Creator Kurt Sutter (husband of lead actress Katey Sagal) once explained that he had enough ideas for seven seasons. Well, it looks like he's going to make it because Season 6 has started to air in September 2013 and the final Season 7 has already been confirmed.

Since there's only a limited time window for TV, a few scenes needed to be cut out. In addition to the uncut TV Versions, the Blu-ray/DVD contains a few Extended Versions.

For this report we compared the TV Version of the 13th episode of season 5 titled "J'ai Obtenu Cette" with its Extended Version.

TV: 61:14 min. NTSC (without credits)
Extended: 68:54 min. NTSC (without credits)

The TV Version misses out on 7 minutes and 40 seconds:

4 additional scenes: 5 minutes and 40 seconds
5 extended scenes: 1 minute and 55 seconds
1 extended scene in the Theatrical Version: 5 seconds
Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Clay and Gemma talk inside the workshop. Galen O'Shay reserved a ticket in the cargo plane to Belfast for Clay at 16:30. There, Clay wants to start a new life with Gemma. You don't see him leaving the office and on his way looking at Wayne Unser.

9 sec.

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Clay says goodbye to Wayne Unser. A short conversation was cut out.

1 min. and 40 sec.

Unser: "Hard way to go out."
Clay: "What other way is there?"
Unser: "I wanna thank you, Wayne. Keep your eyes on things around here for me, will you?"
Clay: "Going somewhere?"
Unser: "Yeah. For a little bit. Just to heal up. Anyway. Take care, my friend."
Clay: "Can I ask you one question? Friend. Tell me the truth. The Nomad attacks. Was it you?"
Unser: "I'm sorry."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Just before they can suss Dante (a rival of Nero Padilla who organizes illegal dog fights) out has to settle an outstanding score with one of Nero's crew members. He gives Chibs a sign by nodding.

29 sec.

Nero: "Whoa, whoa, whoa."
Jax: "That's for trying to steal our guns."
Nero: "We're good here?"
Fiasco: "Yeah."
Jax: "Yep."
Nero: "Ride with us. Come on."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Before they take care of Dante, Jax asked Marcus Álvarez and his Mayans for help. For a short while, Dante was given to them, where they took kind care of him: they made him put on a pink dress and sat him down on a rockinghorse. However, they seem to run out of quarters.

56 sec.

Jax: "Thanks for the backup, bro."
Álvarez: "Just embracing your new love for all things brown, ése."
Nero: "Thank you, Marcus."
Álvarez: "It's all good, homes. What are you gonna do with Dante?"
Nero: "Give that vato a ride out of town."
Arcadio: "Hey, mira, we're gonna need more quaters."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Gemma looks for Tara in the St. Thomas Hospital. Instead, she runs into Margaret Murphy.

1 min. and 7 sec.

Gemma: "Hey. I'm looking for Tara."
Margaret: "Oh, she went out for lunch. She has a 1:00. She'll be back a little bit before that."
Gemma: "Oh, okay. Doctors at her new practice were trying to get ahold of her."
Margaret: "What doctors?"
Gemma: "Providence practice. I know she was waiting on their call."
Margaret: "You know about Oregon?"
Gemma: "Of course. I know Jax is struggling with the timing of all of it. I think it's a really good thing for the family."
Margaret: "Well, you should let Jax know if Tara doesn't go now, they're gonna offer it to someone else. It's a wonderful opportunity."
Gemma: "Okay. I'll let him know. Thanks."
Margaret: ""

Alternatives Bildmaterial:
During the conversation between Tara and Jax where she tells him that she will need another operation and then eventually - in roughly 10 months - she will be able to operate again herself. Both versions show different shots as a transition to the next scene. In the Extended Version Chibs knocks at the window and calls for Jax.

No difference in time.

TV VersionExtended Version

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt appears and says that the club is under special observation. Jax takes him to the side and is able to convince him to give him time until the end of the day.

1 min. and 57 sec.

Jax: "Oh, Jesus Christ. What the hell is this?"
Roosevelt: "My promise. County signed off on a special unit. Sons are classified as a gang. Their criminal activity is a threat to the community. So from now on, no cuts, no guns, no congregating outside your place of employment, understand?"
Jax: "Let me talk to you. I thought we have an understanding."
Roosevelt: "That all went away when I found out that the guy responsible for killing my wife is skipping town and I can't do anything about it. So the least I can do is make sure that this doesn't happen again."
Jax: "Who told you about Clay?"
Roosevelt: "Well, that doesn't matter. We both know it's true."
Jax: "Listen to me. You need to give me till the end of today. If you're not happy, keep your army."
Roosevelt: "Why? What's happening today?"
Jax: "Nothing, if they're up my ass. I kept my promise about Juice."
Roosevelt: "End of the day. Wrap it up! Let's go, boys!"

When Roosevelt and his colleague leave the building there's a short argument between Jax and Bobby.

Chibs: "What the hell is going on?"
Bobby: "It's about the goddamn Nomad attacks."
Jax: "It's handled. Now, wait in the clubhouse."
Bobby: "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Huh? Wait inside."

In the following scene where Jax talks to Wayne Unser there is alternate footage as well as some more dialogue.

Unser: "Gang task force. That can't be good."
Jax: "Yeah. Our sheriff's a little upset that one of Rita's killers might be blowing out of town. Now, how would he know all about Clay?"
Unser: "Small town."
Chibs: "Big mouths."

TV VersionExtended Version

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Back in the clubhouse, Chibs takes care of the injured dog that Tig brought with him. Jax comes in and says that through Nero he found a trace of the dog's breeder and that he needs Tig's help to close down the store. A short part of the conversation where Bobby joins the group was cut out.

9 sec.

Bobby: "Where's Happy? We need him."
Jax: "Hold on. Until we know if this gang task force is a bluff, we shouldn't travel more than two at a time."

Extended Scene in the TV Version:
When Jax calls up Lieutenant Roosevelt at the finding place of Damon Pope's corpse, the TV Version makes a connection to their "common goal".

5 sec.

Jax: "Just working towards that common goal."
Roosevelt: "Which one?"

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Club attorney Ally Lowen meets up with Tara in her office. She brought her the documents of the life insurance as well as the guardianship for her sons. She makes Tara aware of the fact that the documents are worth nothing as long as Jax doesn't sign them. In the Extended Version the conversation goes on a little longer.

1 min. and 5 sec.

Tara: "Thank you."
Lowen: "You know you can trust me, right? We'd have confidentiality."
Tara: "I appreciate that. I'm fine."
Lowen: "All right. I will follow up with Stockton tomorrow."
Tara: "Okay."
Lowen: ""
Tara: "Let me know when Jax signs."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
When Lieutenant Roosevelt picks up Tara, parts of the dialogue with Jax were cut out:

3 sec.

Jax: "Are we good?"
Roosevelt: "Yeah. I sent the army home."

TV VersionExtended Version